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I got a job in real life, haters! And the Queens of Heaven got red on them!

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  • I got a job in real life, haters! And the Queens of Heaven got red on them!

    So, I just got a text from some Vietnamese guy named Thy Nguyen, it's a for sure deal I'm gonna be remodeling this Saturday and Sunday. I thought it was a girl texting me at first, so I responded with smileys + corny flirtatious words and those gay things girls are into, (so that's kinda embarrasing when I found out it was a guy ?)

    See, on all of my signs I always leave my telephone number and volunteer to work so these punk ass bitches will stop telling me to get a job. And if they do, I respond "So, you're gonna hire me then? Well then quit bitching!"

    And if they keep bitching I charge the vehicle and get on top of it.

    Well, this guy actually hired me last year. The work is hell but it pays over ten bucks an hour. Literally I've worked for him for three and a half hours and got 50 dollars. I even did a shitty job so told him he doesn't have to pay me even minimum wage, but he was nice about it.

    Earlier today I left this post at a thread about a (I think she's Vietnamese) vocalist by the name of "Rose":
    with a bunch of signs and wonders:

    Posted about the female Vatican in the world of the dead. Their hierarchy has Cardinals I declared with this image on a different thread: image_14369.jpg
    as I would envision some of the Queens of Heaven Church hierarchy dressing around this Easter time of year (Easter has it's roots in the Babylonian Goddess of war and sexual love : Ishhtar. Her sacred animal is the Bunny, symbol of sexual libido and fertility. It's where the easter bunny comes from as well as the term "Fuckin like rabbits do"!

    Pete's Draggun responded how good red looked with the thread.

    I responded with this song that includes as it's thumbnail "You've got red on you" and is "Shaun of the dead", and the Bishops of this hierarchy are dead people.

    I then proceeded to go to capitol Hill and find the women's suffrage garden has all the names on the wall. It ends with "Harriet Bishop".

    Cardinals are Bishops, and I swear, right before that on Capitol Hill I saw a Cardinal bird , also known as a "Red Bird".

    and I make a point to buy red things to match Nafisa Joseph's red Bikini:

    IMG_20210401_154329.jpg IMG_20210401_154455.jpg IMG_20210401_154346.jpg IMG_20210401_154317.jpg

    In my Kamidana behind Saint Nafisa Joseph is where I keep my Giant Red leg Turantula, but I have red pots, red dishes, red silverware, red towels, red microwave, red couch, and call my red legged Spider the archetype of the Hierarchy of the Church of Mussoliniology, red stocking Cardinals (Arachnid Bishops).

    Then see the memorial to women's suffrage ends with Harriet Bishop, and it was at that memorial garden that I got the inspiration for the order of the Arachnid because spiders symbolize Divine Femininity and are the most female dominant animal in the world, and the most feared, where the female can grow 15 times larger than the male, and eat the male during sex.

    So, I figure since the Vatican on earth was all male and the Bible was written by guys, in the Spirit world there should be an all-female Vatican, and I'm pretty sure none of that was my idea.

    Stay tuned for more on my hotrod and Jesus and the Goddess Ishtar.....Comin right up....It's a love affair....and for newcomers who aren't familiar with my former threads of righteousness:

    Also, fun fact, it's April fools, the one year anniversary of when Minneapolis cops first yanked my arm out of socket. My attorney called while I was getting an injection from my nurse. It was my nurses birthday and my nurse needed to be there to look up the dates and hospitals I've been to each time the arm got yanked out of socket.

    My attorney said she never knew it was the anniversary of the incident and was horrified. LOL! Only it wasn't an April fools joke. None of this is a joke with the exception of the ministry song.

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    But yeah! I got a job haters. I don't just hold a sign begging for change. I offer to work as well and sometimes get a job out of the deal. No one at this forum can accuse me of being an unproductive member of society now!

    I pay for my meth with the sweat of my brow now! I'd make mamma proud!


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      Congrats Matty
      Proud of you.

      Thanks for the increases with red in yer posts.


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        Originally posted by ill Duce

        I pay for my meth with the sweat of my brow now! I'd make mamma proud!


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          Also, April fools day dates back to the 1708 edition of British Apollo magazine. And today , April fools , I got coupons. At the bottom was a recently murdered attractive girl who I'm going to be blessing but will need one more sign or miracle before adding her to the Capitol Hill Queens:


          Since it came in my world to be a reality that Mussolini was replacing the Egyptian Sun Divinity Ra, his Greek Equivalent would be Apollo, the God of Light, Sunshine, wisdom, poetry, music, and beauty.

          apollo_by_yunaxd_ddho1yr-250t.png Milek-jakubiec-ra-show.jpg Hero_Products_Apollo.png IMG_20210125_093115.jpg

          Don't tell my boss what I do for leisure on my free time for fun! ??
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            lol They're always named Nguyen. Anyway, congrats on the job Matt, and don't let Vanilla Gorilla see that you called Rose Vietnamese


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                This guy is funny when he gets mad cuz he has very pronounced Vietnamese accent and He'll say "Aaah! You sweep fo fou hou (You've been sweeping for four hours!) lol. Like It's very tough to understand him.

                Even his text wasn't comprehensible. That was the text where I started a thread asking for an interpretation of "Wanna joint with me".

                He's obviously a Saint and I'd say he wasn't mad , just frusterated with my work ethic. But partially it's because I didn't understand his instructions.

                Like, I soap scrubbed and vaccumed an entire floor that was too stained in the first place , so it just got ripped up and thrown away. I didn all the stairs as well just to share the same fate. I dunno, it was a major mess, but he still paid me over minimum wage when I told him he didn't have to.

                And he gave me a free bike cuz mine got stolen. Definitely a good person.


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                  Originally posted by everything bagel
                  lol They're always named Nguyen. Anyway, congrats on the job Matt, and don't let Vanilla Gorilla see that you called Rose Vietnamese
                  Why thank you!

                  And we'll keep that a secret from Vanilla Gorilla. I checked. My Geography was a bit off yes. I mistook her from coming from a Communist country that dealt America her worst crown of thorns and humiliation.

                  They are however the only two countries in Asia where I know of America losing tens of thousands fighting Communism, so I was close in that respect.


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                    Anyway, the Cardinals for women's suffrage on Capitol Hill get to be anointed and equipped to be Bishops of the Holy Roman Empire, Cardinals of the all Female Vatican, but more importantly, versions of the Babylonian Goddess Ishtar (Easter) also known as the "Mother of Harlots" because of how sexual a goddess she was, and she made prostitution sacred.

                    Our "Whore of Babylon, Babylon the Great, Mother of Harlots" is not the Fascist state of the Antichrist , from the Book of Revelation, but the Fascist State of the Anti-antichrist, who seeks to steal one-world government, one-world Religion, and all that the Antichrist has planned, with his destiny, as Jacob stole the destiny that was in store for Esau.

                    The Anti-antichrist steals, twists, and perverts everything the Antichrist does , to make it compatible with Christianity, amusing to Christ, or at least non-offensive. So his "Whore of Babylon" resembles the Antichrist's "Whore of Babylon" but is in complete mockery of it as well, for Jesus was a friend of sluts and whores.

                    His whore of Babylon uses the money she makes whoring herself out to the nations to buy Jesus new shoes, a new car, smoke him out when he's fiending, give him some sensual delights, give him shelter, food, clothing, ever keeping in mind Christ's words "Come receive your eternal reward, I was hungry and you gave me to eat, thirsty and you gave me to drink...what you did for the least of my people , you did for me." Matthew 25
                    • Ishtar (Easter) was the goddess of love and war and sex,
                    • be46fbc050aa19d40824b4dc248983bc.jpg cc3d36b5211a2d407bf7504185a1ad7a.jpg
                    • as well as protection, fate, childbirth, marriage, and storms—there's some fertility in there, but as with Aphrodite, there is also an element of power. Her cult practiced sacred prostitution, where women waited at a temple and had sex with a stranger in exchange for a divine blessing (and money to feed hungry children or pay a debt).
                    • Ishtar's symbols were the the lion, the morning star, and eight or sixteen pointed stars—again, symbols of power.
                    • file-20170621-30161-1d0jpuh.jpg

                    And if I'm not mistaken, a color commonly associated with her is red (of all colors). It used to be in Easter Orthodox branches of Christianity that all Easter eggs were painted red. It could be that is still the case I'm just too lazy to google.

                    Well, it turns out Easter actually began as a pagan festival celebrating spring in the Northern Hemisphere, long before the advent of Christianity.

                    I'm not bashing Easter or anything. I celebrate Christ's resurrection and attend Mass on Easter and receive Holy Eucharist. But I think the Mother God in all her myriad forms (Not to be confused with the "Mother of God") is making a comeback , and should be represented as well.

                    It was originally her celebration and festival long before Christ. Just sayin....

                    Also, Lady Libertatis (The statue of liberty) is in fact a statue of Ishtar.

                    That's our Catechism lesson for today children! ?

                    It's a love affair!
                    Mainly Jesus and my hotrod!
                    I want to love ya!???
                    Why why why it'll Ticky ticky ticky ticky son of a gun Ding ding dong a bong bong bing bong Ticky ticky thought of a gun Bing bing bang a bang a bang bing bong bing a bing bang a bong ? Binga bing a bang a bong bong?? bing bong bing banga bong Bing bing bang a bong bong bing bing binga binga banga bong Bing bing bang a bang bang bing bong...??

                    ....All of a sudden, I found myself in love with the world So there was only one thing that I could do Was ding a ding dang my dang a long ling long....???
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                    "As the Virgin Mary had to obey Saint Joseph, I actually prayed today that the Virgin Mary obey Nafisa Joseph and dress as she does. Who knows? Can't hurt to ask!"

                    Was the post I submitted earlier, then mentioned less than 40 minutes after that, I found this beneath a statue of Saint Joseph at Saint Joseph's hospital near Capitol Hill. Asian Mama Noodles:

                    In fact, my boss is named "Thy" and those noodles it says are made in Thailand. As if that isn't a sign from the gods! Not to mention "Thy" is a word used in the Lord's prayer "Thy will be done!"

                    I mean, everything they ask me to do ends in failure, but at least I'm still getting signs of where to begin failing at. Failure is a stepping stone to success. Crucifixion was a failure that lead to a glorious resurrection and our redemption. We celebrate it tomorrow as a matter of fact.

                    But anyway, some more foretastes of the Bishops (Cardinals) of the Island of Lesbos. Increasingly I'm having hunches that some of these signs are coming from the Devil.:

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                      Matthew Mussolini Big congrats Matt!! BTW, I totally dig your red microwave - mine is one of those ugly stainless steel things :-)


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                        Right! First time I saw a red 'nuker... that's badass

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                      Originally posted by PacificDude
                      Matthew Mussolini Big congrats Matt!! BTW, I totally dig your red microwave - mine is one of those ugly stainless steel things :-)
                      That's cool you commented about mircrowaves

                      Earlier today, right after listening to the Electro song, the next one I saw for first time was girls in bikinis putting things in microwaves, a track from the same movie "Shaun of the Dead" called "Zombie Nation".

                      Speaking of Zombie. I like this song:

                      And speaking of microwaves, I got some Thai noodles to microwave. Hell Yes!!!

                      But yeah...I'm enjoying the little things in life. I hope I'll learn how to do that Mother Teresa work some day, but it's a miracle just for me to stay out of jail or institutions, much less hold a job or do Saint work.

                      God and Mother Teresa bless you!?


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                        I grew up with KernKraft

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                        By the way, great video

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                      Originally posted by Zoolander
                      Red Sox season opener at Fenway postponed due to inclement weather. What a disappointment. Ah well, gotta deal with the hand we've been dealt. No point grizzling about it.
                      Red Sox, you don't say? Speaking of a thread about Cardinals of an all female Vatican in the world of the dead. Today as I said , I saw a cardinal bird after multiple red coincidences like seeing the girl in red trench coat, after post about "You've got red on you", and the school bus has flashing red lights, and a girl gets off the school bus in red shirt and red shoes...

                      Well, at Vatican City state, the Cardinals (Top Bishops under the Pope) all wear "Red Sox"

                      971538a450a34cdead72094e5ce98adf.jpg cardinal-red-socks.jpg

                      The female Vatican of the Capitoline Queens, and their red socks , are more like:

                      la-chemise-blanche-de-clergyman.jpg CO_1706_red_PS01192018.jpg

                      And my only Spider I've bought that I couldn't get to bite me (even when I tried), is a Giant Red leg (only still a child) named after Georgann Hawkins (Spiderwoman) who referred to herself as "George"


                      She referred to herself as George, and she was from Washington State. Our first President was called "George Washington". Washington is the only state to be named after a President. I called her "Queen of America" long before making that connection.

                      My first shrine to her was "Columbia Heights":

                      Columbia is the female personification of the United States, and originally Columbia was a bare-breasted native American (in images, statues, or paintings of her). The Capitol of the United States is Washington, District of Columbia.

                      George Hawkins was George from Washington, first female President of the USA in the Spirit Realm.

                      I declare that infallibly as Pope Franco, Fascist Bishop of the Island of Lesbos, excathedra from my Chair of Saint Peter Parker (Spiderman)!

                      Long Live Saint George From Washington!!!

                      Also, earlier today I mentioned Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia. His Wife's baptismal name was the feminine version of George, "Giyorgis" , and Saint George is the Patron Saint of Ethiopia and on some Ethiopian flags.

                      I kid you not , that I wrote Georgann Hawkins was also Spouse of Emperor Haile Selassie, before knowing his wife's baptismal name was George. It was almost like a confirmation.

                      Saint George slaying the dragon is on some of the Ethiopian flags, and he is given credit for the Ethiopian Victory at Adwa, and the first Italo-Ethiopian conflict, greatest military victory of Native Africans over a European power in History.

                      Ya never know!


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                        Nice shrine to your Queen of America Matty

                      • Matthew Mussolini
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                        Your support is always appreciated. I'm glad my work doesn't fall upon only deaf ears. But I make my many mistakes along the way. Glad you can see the redeemable good fruit, despite my flaws as a broken sinful creature. :-)

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                      Oh Cool! I think I got a confirmation I'm to add Halee Dodd, the girl at the bottom of the "Call Apollo" coupon to the "Capitol Hill Queens". The second confirmation was there was a paper about Apollo sitting next to the couch from before the Apollo coincidence coupon.

                      More importantly though, I just posted about Emperor Haile Selassie. "Haile" and Halee are two very similar names. Two very different meanings. But still, they look very similar. I'll take that as a sign.