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A treatise on my first day of work and Japanese preeminence!

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    A treatise on my first day of work and Japanese preeminence!

    As with all of my posts, the bold and the colored words are so people don't have to read my entire rants and get what's important , and the Egyptian techno at the beginning is just because I'm addicted to listening to that track when I proofread the post after submission.

    Anyway, my boss whom I can barely understand vented his frustration going through life where no one who doesn't speak Vietnamese can really understand him, but he thought I did an awesome job (all things considered).

    I told him, "That has to be real rough when you speak and people don't understand you. I know how that is". (like at TF ) . It totally changes my views on immigration though (my views were never like Trumps exactly, but Twin Cities runs rampant with immigrants and I'd say they deserve a warm welcome escaping the shell shock or Communist regimes.)

    I don't think the man is Religious, wouldn't be surprised if he's got commie sympathies ( from a Communist country and he has the surname of the man most responsible or given most credit for the Communist takeover of South Vietnam), because he wants to know what I'm doing with my time and I bring up prayer and meditation and there is always an awkward silence.

    I think if that was a part of his life he would comment about it, but one thing is for certain , is that he is a Saint. No Christian (with the exception of a rare Saint) is going to buy me Subway, hire a panhandler who looks like a walking, talking, bundle of Crystal Meth Incarnate, and pay me this for working from 1:00 to 6:00 pm today:

    And on top of it, because my arm was knocked out of socket March 23rd, he ordered not to carry anything heavy, and gave me a ride to work which was 15 miles away in Saint Paul Park.

    But yeah, I consecrated the Minnesota's worker's wall at Capitol Hill to Matsuri Takahashi who died of overwork.
    ​ (The Japanese have a reputation for overworking and over-educating their people). I kid you not, I prayed to her that I would find work, less than a month before this job simply found me (without really applying and unless you want to count a cardboard sign applying for work). I'm sure she's aware that I'm a dishonorable douchebag by traditional Japanese Bushido standards, but other people aren't treating her like Catholics treat their Saints, Polytheists treat their Deities, or enshrining her as Kami, so she's probably getting something out of our partnership.

    I asked her to be patron Saint of my work ethic at this job or any job, and it was way better than I thought it would be. This all brings a closer union between us and a covenant like the binding of souls between King David and Jonathan in Scripture.

    One thing that helped me work better was Meth though too which I smoke Sacramentally as Rastafarians smoke their refer or Catholics drink their consecrated wine at Mass. I bless it, sanctify it in the blood of Christ, and pray it be transubstantiated into Holy Communion with Holy Mother Amaterasu and rightful ruler of Earth, Queen who shines in the Heavens!

    (Quick fact, on Meth the Japanese Samurai , secured all of Vietnam in a week with 10,000 men and outdated planes, tanks, and weapons. America, with the greatest bombs, planes , tanks, and automobiles of the time, with over two million deployed troops couldn't secure half of Vietnam in 10 years. The Japanese troops in Vietnam actually never technically surrendered or disbanded when Hirohito ordered.

    They insisted that it's better to return home as ghosts to be enshrined at Yasukuni as Divinities than as defeated dishonorable failures (Bushido teaches surrender is shameful), so became Ronin hired Samurai, either hired by the French to fight Communists or hired by Communists to fight the French.

    It's one of the reasons they were able to defeat America was the North Vietnamese were actually trained by Japanese soldiers in the art of Bushido: "The Way of The Warrior", which produced soldiers so incredible that the small Asian Island Archipelago was able to fight the largest contemporary Empire on earth (Russian Empire) in the early 20th Century Russo-Japanese war, and Russia had more men deployed with better weapons, yet got their asses handed to them and surrendered in less than two years.

    The first war Japan fought with China (first Sino-Japanese War), the soldiers of the rising Sun, aflame with zeal to die for the Emperor, actually won every battle against the Quing dynasty (last Chinese Empire), which was was
    the fourth largest empire in world history in terms of territorial size. They also had far superior numbers to the Empire of the Sun and lost the war in less than a year, with Japan having miraculously small casualties in comparison.

    Amaterasu has always created the greatest soldiers and greatest military victories I know of in History (like Andrew Jackson's battle of New Orleans) but couldn't do it in World War 2 because it wasn't a just war, (and too many atrocities. Plus the little island Archipeligo was up against the Soviet Union, Britain, France, America, Korea, Vietnam, Philipines, and China.

    Those are impossible odds as their weapons were inferior as well, but they still did miraculously well against those odds), but the Mongolian Horde had the largest land Empire in History and with 100,000 men conquered 40% of the World and governed millions of more advanced Civilizations than their own. Multiple attempts at an invasion of Japan ended in disaster for the unstoppable Mongolian Horde.

    100,000 Mongolians , the same number that conquered 40% of the earth, who were thought of as the best soldiers in History , were annihilated in a single battle with the Samurai. Some historians estimate 140,000 Mongolian soldiers were invading Japan by sea (with the largest fleet ever assembled in history by that time )when the Kamikaze (Divine Wind) struck their fleet, bringing about the greatest military victory in the History of the World, even greater than Old Testament victories in Scripture!

    One of my wet dreams ? is Radio Pony writing a song about it or a song about Holy Mother Amaterasu's mighty Warrior Samurai interventions and Divine Feminine abilities. It would be my favorite Patriotic song.

    Amaterasu and her dynasty still managed to miraculously bring Japan from being demoralized, mass suicides, poverty, blown to smithereens, nuked twice, to quickly becoming a greater economy than any European economy, greater economy than China and the Soviet Union, by the time Hirohito died in 1989. (Emperor Showa Hirohito descended from her and never actually renounced his Divine status).

    The only reason Japan isn't still the 2nd greatest economy on earth is because leftist influence has taught the people of the blessed Island Archipelago of the gods to despise Holy Mother Amaterasu, pushed to disband her dynasty (the oldest dynasty surviving on earth), and taught her people to massively abort and contracept to the point Japan is in a crisis from low fertility and will go extinct in 1,750 years approx if things keep going as is.

    Japanese culture was so much better before Anime too.

    I Seriously think though, if they are going to work and educate people as hard as they do, they might as well sanction Crystal Meth again.

    For newcomers who haven't heard me say, Crystal Meth was originally discovered in Japan 1919 and was called "Philipon" which means "Love for Work", because it made the Japanese people love work.

    I would not have had a good work ethic today had I not swallowed almost half a gram this morning.

    (I think I'm just going to ingest dope from hence forth, because smoking it is very time-consuming and you have to always go through great pains to keep the bowl clean and purchase new Pipes. Ingesting it lasts longer as well, and I'm done using needles and will never try an enema as that would be sacrilegious use of taking a holy sacred sacrament up the ass! Maybe I'll mix it with my instant coffee crystals.

    This was going to be in the Psychedelic section because Meth does actually cause visual hallucinations when abused. Ever heard of "Meth Mice" or "Meth Mites"? But that is from abusing it. I don't advise abusing it or getting high from it. I advise using it to the point of giving you more improved concentration, ambition, improved zeal for studying, and a love for work.

    Work should never be loveable if it's remodeling a home or as paper delivery boy, but I found on Meth, both jobs were actually loveable.

    Since it's in the occult section, I would like to invoke the faithfully departed Shinto Shrine Maidens

    Click image for larger version  Name:	yuichi-ito-20180305.jpg Views:	2 Size:	429.2 KB ID:	119211
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    Click image for larger version  Name:	2018-mar14-jib-miko-01.jpg Views:	0 Size:	243.6 KB ID:	119217 Make of my body, (dear Shaman daughters of Amaterasu), A Temple, a Shrine , a Home (dwelling place) to the Kami, a shrine and dwelling place for the Spirit of Amaterasu, and please show me how to convince others that it is a noble, worthwhile, and honorable deed to do so.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	9d43d5471526531bc420e02175a580a1_original.jpg
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    Rid me of the dishonorable behaviors and vices that I keep falling into. Give me some of your purity of heart. I offer you every prayer, suffering, sacrifice, action, deed, mass attendance, and reception of Holy Communion, for your glory, exaltation, perfection, beauty, power, wisdom, might, and that you would dominate Heaven.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	$_3.jpeg
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    Let it be that when I invoke the Shinto Shrine Maidens, that is all Japanese Female Kami and entities willing to invest in my growth into Spiritual, mental, emotional maturity. May they all be versions of Amaterasu. Let's turn the world into Samurai warriors of virtue with fearlessness, courage, and unflinching fervent zeal for righteousness and love for Amaterasu, her Shrine Maidens, and her little island nation that could.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	flat,750x,075,f-pad,750x1000,f8f8f8.jpg
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    Unite all Kami under one banner of the "Holy Roman Empire of The Rising Sun", and bring all nations and people's under her wing, authority, Queenship, rule, and reign. May all the virtues and holiness of the Blessed Virgin Mary be given Amaterasu. Let it be that Amaterasu and the Virgin Mary become one in mind, heart, will, and Spirit, and that the two have a romantic love affair.

    In every Holy Name I pray, Amen!

    (Amaterasu got baptized on March 21st 2021 , and gets confirmed today 04/04/21 Heath Ledger [the dead Joker's] birthday. I said "Amaterasu gets confirmed on the Joker's birthday", because that's an important Shinto celebration for myself, then remembered that Catholics receive the sacrament of confirmation on Easter.

    I googled when Easter is , and was surprised to see that it falls on 04/04. It was the confirmation that is a confirmation that Amaterasu really is getting confirmed so that way Catholics can have devotion to her without it bothering their conscience.)

    Click image for larger version

Name:	japan-kobe-ikuta-shrine-portrait-of-a-miko-a-shrine-maiden-wearing-KW8YF4.jpg
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      Click image for larger version  Name:	png-clipart-Ōkamiden-amaterasu-gray-wolf-issun-bōshi-amaterasu-horse-mammal.png Views:	4 Size:	71.4 KB ID:	119247
      Everyone's prayers can add to the glory and beauty of Amaterasu. She is God's creation but also a Tulpa as well, meaning we can all add additions to her glory, beauty, power, majesty, might, abilities, and perfection, making her the creation of the people devoted to her as well as God's.

      Click image for larger version  Name:	original_character___miko_shrine_maiden_by_medeaagapishvili_deas2l1-fullview.jpg Views:	4 Size:	34.2 KB ID:	119246 Click image for larger version  Name:	b598aa3f353eb7a5ce7d9995320863733a53ebe6r1-2048-2007v2_uhq.jpg Views:	4 Size:	419.7 KB ID:	119248 Click image for larger version  Name:	shrine-maiden-2.jpg Views:	4 Size:	299.9 KB ID:	119249

      Don't let me have all the fun! She sometimes appears as a wolf. A wolf breastfed the Legendary Twins who founded Rome. Scripture refers to boobs as Twins. Jacob (Mussolini) was a Twin, our baseball team here is called "The Twins", and Amaterasu I believe was the She-wolf who breastfed Romulus and Remus.

      She likes it when her devotees suck nourishing liquid (teaming with righteouss nourishment for the soul) from her glorious bosom (milkers). In Scripture, there is a Paradise known as Abraham's bosom.

      I declare that there is a greater Paradise where people don't have to be perfect, and can enjoy the more sensual erotic delights and consolations, known as "Amaterasu's bosom" (much nicer than Abraham's bosom).

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