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Vanquished Greek Vagina Goddess! Justice for Baubo!

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  • Vanquished Greek Vagina Goddess! Justice for Baubo!

    Found in 1896 in the remains of a 5th-century BCE temple at the ancient Greek city of Priene, each figurine is different, but all feature a woman’s face, bedecked with an elaborate hairdo, situated directly atop a pair of chubby, childlike legs. In place of a chin, there is the well-defined cleft of a hairless vulva.

    I call her Spartacus because Spartacus had a cleft in his chin (as Kirk douglass) as well and he was the slave who rebelled and became the mightiest of all slave rebels against the Roman Empire. God sanctioned sex slavery of captured virgins after putting them through the trauma of killing the family members who aren't virgins, so I figure "Spartacus slave revolt" is a good term.

    Only this military and Empire is in the world of the dead thus far. The world of the Kami is more than 10 billion people, and they are more enlightened, so it's there I'm interested in anyway. I have made a few material converts but you can count them on one hand I think.

    ​​ ​​

    Since My Religion as well as Shinto traditionally places it's highest Kami as being female, I'm assuming a pussy Goddess is right up our alley.

    I would never know about the Vagina Goddess actually, but I bought some grapes in honor of Denise (Dionysus), Dionysus/Denise being the "Greek God of grapes" and the grape harvest.

    I knew the name on the grapes was significant to the 4th Reich (Joker's Reich) and our Rebellion. I even thought it had something to do with Baucus, who is another name for Dionysus, the "Grape God".

    These were the grapes I bought:

    Well, in searching for definitions of that name, Bauza, "Baubo" and "Vagina" show up in the same sentence, and of course both those words arouse my curiousity.

    I'm leading a rebellion against Yahweh nicknamed the "Grapes of wrath" in honor of female Dionysus (who we actually know existed, Goddess of grape harvest and wine ) being the one who introduced me to "Queens Fascism" and "Shinto". Her middle name "Marie" actually has multiple definitions, and one is "rebel". So, for that video of Spartacus to say "War of the damned" might not be coincidence, because fighting with God as we are, is kind of like being damned.

    Olivia Lua is our Queen of the underworld, supplanting and replacing the Babylonian Goddess Irkalla who was the woman in the underworld that made executive decisions

    but I'm hesitant to elect the great Vagina Goddess at this time. There needs to be signs and I haven't received any others. But this is an interesting one though. Bau was the Mesopotamian/Babylonian Dog Goddess of healing. It sounds like "Bow" and is where the term "Bow wow wow"! comes from.

    Earlier today at work (yes, I still have a job guys) my boss and I were trying to figure out if the big dog in front of us was a great Dane, after getting into the car to head home. In his thick Vietnamese accent he said "German Shepherd" but I don't know. (it definitely wasn't a German Shepherd), but I identify Nafisa Joseph (Saint Joseph) with a German Shepherd because they are most loyal war animals who parachute out of planes and alert when enemies are near, as well as they are Alsatian wolves , who protect sheep from wolves, earning them the name "Shepherd".

    However, I made a wish upon the Sirius Dog star the day that I purchased the grapes. I call it the wolf star in honor of Denise's Mother's maiden name being "Deeb" (Arabic for wolf) and Amaterasu being a "Wolf" and it was a Wolf's breastmilk that nourished the legendary Twins who started the Roman Empire, making the Capitoline Wolf the symbol of the Roman Empire and the Fascist state.

    The day of my first wish upon the dog star was when Audiogen shared a song that had "Sirius" on it , which I knew was a sign.

    I had just posted a picture of Eleanor Rose Wolf (Deeb) holding the dog her daughter had with her when she got abducted from lake Sammamish moments prior to that. The Sirius Dog Star is the brightest star in the sky, so I decided to ascend Jacob's ladder at Capitol Hill and make a wish after panhandling.

    While panhandling, a lady gives me money and apparently likes my smile or something, because she grabs more money. I reach in a second time and a dog bites me and it draws blood. What are the odds a dog bites me to the point it draws blood (for the first time in my life from what I recall. It was a little scratch but still) right before I make a wish upon the "Dog Star".

    But I don't know if Nafisa is okay with me calling her "Vagina Goddess". She did star as India's Charlie's Angels as a "Cat" (aka pussy). I mean it in a totally respectful endearing way, but certainly if her friends or relatives found out about it, they might not take it well.

    I discovered "Holy Roman Empire of the Sun" is a Religious Society that began in 4300 BC with devotion to Inanna, the Mesopotamian "Queen of Heaven" that Yahweh tried to destroy all devotion to (and oppress). For thousands of years, Yahweh was just one of many Cannanite Gods worshipped with the rest.

    It wasn't till Moses 1300ish that Yahweh started pissing and moaning like a greedy bigot and bully that needed the rest of the gods destroyed, ethnicities he didn't like exterminated, and an entire gender oppressed ( and treated like possessions and pieces of meat).

    So, we need a strong valiant pussy more than ever in these times we're living in! "Justice for vanquished Vaginas!"
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    No in all seriousness though, justice to the mother Goddess who Yahweh pwned and destroyed devotion to is something I seek to restore. 55552_7b7f26cce3888edc45122f5b57b944f0.png


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      If by vanquishing vagina you mean killing pussy, I'm all for it... Hah Hah haa

      The concept of kami and shinto in general remain a bit abstract to me. Can you elaborate on how Denise becomes female Dionysus, or more generally how do you incorporate other myths, in this instance Greek myths, into the Shintoism paradigm?


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        Originally posted by Audiogen
        If by vanquishing vagina you mean killing pussy, I'm all for it... Hah Hah haa

        The concept of kami and shinto in general remain a bit abstract to me. Can you elaborate on how Denise becomes female Dionysus, or more generally how do you incorporate other myths, in this instance Greek myths, into the Shintoism paradigm?
        Well, the stories about Shinto Gods strike me as dumb just like the story of Noah's Ark or the Pagan stories strike me as dumb, but the wonderful thing about Shinto, is Shinto declares that those ancient Shinto writings most likely contain error , and that people should follow their conscience. If anything in an ancient text goes against conscience, don't listen to it.

        Also, there's a common saying in Shinto "Shinto is not about what you believe. It's about what you do".

        The only thing you have to believe to be in good standing with the Shinto faith is: Kami exist and the dead become Kami (/Spirits/Heavenly beings/Saints/ghosts/divinities/God/Tulpas/Angels/Demons....All would qualify as Kami).

        I read an entire summary on what Shinto teaches, and it was literally one short sentence "Belief in the Kami".

        It's actually a fact that most Shinto adherents are at the same time members of another faith. It's completely compatible with Christianity. Most Shinto adherents are Buddhist for example and there is even a Shinto tomb for Jesus in Japan.

        Kami actually doesn't translate into any actual English word, because Kami aren't always Sentient beings but Holy forces and powers as well. Like, planets would qualify as Kami if I'm not mistaken. An Extraordinarily holy person can even become an Incarnate Kami, or possessed by Kami (possession can be good or bad).

        Typically Kami are intelligent sentient beings though , believed to be "hidden" from this world, and inhabit a complementary existence that mirrors our own: shinkai . Most of them are people that left their bodies behind.

        But those beliefs about the Kami don't have to be believed either. As long as you believe that invisible entities with intelligence exist, and make a practice of praying to them, that is the essence, intrinsic nature, and extent of Shinto Doctrine. There are no other Doctrines or Scriptures, so nothing to argue about. Just follow your conscience.

        In Shinto, Spirit homes are sometimes built outside for wandering Spirits to rest and incense burned to them also to receive their blessing, as well as prevent bad spirits from mischief, and help them attain greater perfection. But that isn't required.

        Kami in Shinto it is believed can go from being bad to good, or can have swings of both. ( There are actually shrines in Shinto where no one is allowed to get very close to the Shrine because it is believed that angry destructive Spirits dwell there. I've always found that interesting. ) .

        I believe Denise Marie Naslund to be Dionysus , because Denise means Dionysus equivalent, and he is God of wine, intoxication, and party, and she liked to party, was intoxicated, and was on three drugs when she was killed.

        I believe Denise is with me because of dreams I had involving her, EXTREMELY strong conviction of her presence to the point I was falling on the ground at one point, and in jail I found a 1974 penny dated the year she was murdered. I asked my Dad to look up her last name, and he said "it's Swedish, did you know you have Swedish on your Mom's side".

        I didn't know that , so through her I know. The football team here is the Vikings, and Swedes were Vikings. I didn't know I lived in the city of Ted Bundy's first victim , and that is who killed her. She told me she and the Victim's of Bundy were "Capitol Hill Queens" and I thought they meant Washington DC, and called them that for years before knowing there was a "Capitol Hill" in Minnesota, or that I would live right next to it.

        Capitol Hill has more dead people enshrined than any other place I have been to, well over a thousand names carved into granite and many statues I visit regularly. I found a military jacket dated 1969 May 26 , beginning of a memorial weekend. The victim of Ted from this city was killed 1969. That following memorial day I stumbled upon three war memorials when I wasn't looking for war memorials.

        I visited a shrine to Elizabeth perry (The 1969 victim) and prayed before a plaque to her at golden valley humane society where she and her Father used to work. While there, a guy shoots me a text of a murdered Saint Maria Gorretti, stabbed to death like Elizabeth Perry, patron Saint of rape and murder victims and teenage girls. Elizabeth was a rape and murder victim and teenage girl. What are the odds?

        No one as ever texted me about a murdered anyone since I've lived here (2014), so what are the odds I get that text while I'm making a pilgrimage to and at a public shrine to a murdered girl.

        Anyway, I say all this because stuff like that happens to me regularly. It happens more in a Shinto context than any other Religion. The jacket I wear has a Japanese flag on it and I found it after praying all night for Japan and writing letters to Hirohito, writting H instead of Hirohito. The Jacket has a big H beneath the Japanese flag.

        I found it after receiving Holy Communion for Japan and Hirohito, and was in the middle of praying for them and offering up the treasures of Holy Eucharist to them. No way that is coincidence.

        So, because Shinto is so compatible with other Religions, I have a brand of Shinto I call "Queens Shinto" and believe I discovered a Spirit Society and brotherhood that goes by many names, a "Queen of Heaven confraternity" , now a "Holy Roman Empire of the Rising Sun" that dates back to Ancient Assyria in 4300 BC when people began burning incense to Inanna "The Queen of Heaven".


        I also refer to the Religion of replacing the Pagan Deities with people I know really existed as: "Esoteric Mussoliniology". Because Mussolini means "Jacob", which means "to remove from power and replace. To Supplant." It also means "Israel, contender with God".

        Jacob fought with God all night and won in the book of Genesis (at the expense of a broken dislocated hip, and permanent limp).

        So, I believe the Fascist party in the world of the dead marches on Pagan Divinities and domains that won't submit to the call for unity ( and who cause misery and confusion in our world). Mussolini, Jacob, and the Fascist forces either supplant the Deity or get the Deity baptized and confirmed, then enter into communion to become fused with the Heavenly being.


        The goal of Fascism is unity. That's what the symbol is all about. Many rods bound together to form an ax that's really hard to break.


        The goal is to bind all gods/goddesses and Kami together, get all Deities and Spirits working together to be one mind and heart, then institute a "New World Order, Holy Roman Empire" on earth in the material realm (as it is in the spirit-realm), where Supernatural beings (Kami) create and inspire government and all affairs related to politics and Religion.

        The community of Kami that assist with this, I refer to as "The Church of Mussoliniology".

        Greek, Egyptian, and Roman Gods and Goddesses, Allah, Yahweh, and Jesus can be invoked and prayed to in Shinto. There really aren't any rules.

        And all that stuff about overthrowing Deities, getting them baptized, converting them, redeeming them in the blood of Christ, sanctifying, and binding them all together in an axis (alliance/Fasces) is private revelation.

        Shinto doesn't condemn it and is not incompatible with it. Neither does Shinto declare any revelations are without error. So, I also remind people that I'm probably crazy and some of it is delusion. But the coincidences happen extremely frequently. Shinto has people that speak as prophets and Shamans, but the Shinto tradition has always been that none of them is inerrant (without error).

        Let me know if you have any other questions.