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Happy birthday Rachel Mussolini ("saiko" 最高)

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    Happy birthday Rachel Mussolini ("saiko" 最高)

    Birthdays are gay! I'd rather not today be recognized as my birthday, and rather celebrate the birthday of someone who is worth celebrating.

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    Rachel Mussolini was the most brilliant woman I actually have ever read about , and her writings are a buried treasure, and are the only reason I defend Benito or have a Fascist bone in my body.

    She was Il Duce's friend since she was seven years old, knew him better than anyone to be commenting on him, and most importantly did she emphasize that she didn't want to whitewash him and mislead people.

    So, her books aren't Fascist Propaganda by any stretch whatsoever. She was just sick of all the bullshit about Il Duce. The man made some extremely bad choices but deserved what Napoleon Bonaparte got , which was exile (if that. Napoleon was actually a war criminal and Dictator who fucked up a lot of countries, then rode out of exile to illegally seize power and kill countless thousands in his largest single battle, only to get exiled again.)

    Rachel's book begins with her warning Mussolini his fate would be terrible like Napoleon's if he kept admiring Napoleon (whom the Duce drew much inspiration from, as well as one of the deceased heroes he prayed to.

    Il Duce and Fascism is big on veneration of dead people, found right in the Doctrine of Fascism , so much that prisons where Fascists were kept and died had to be destroyed and prisoners relocated to a new structure built, due to the amount of pilgrims who went to the prisons to pray to the spirits of the dead war criminals believed to still be present there.

    Mussolini decorated graves with words like "As long as Italy exists, you shall live", invoked the Caesars, buried messages and coins of himself to be found after his death beneath an obelisk, written in Biblical language about his role as "A New Kind of Emperor, Messianic Savior of Rome, whose primary accomplishments shall be posthumous, after his death where he travels to the world of the dead to be Caesar".

    After getting shot in the face and surviving , he believed Caesar Augustus to be his Spiritual Father, had the same dream as Charlemagne which is what the European Union seeks, and so they distribute "Charlemagne awards" and named their main building in Brussels "Charlemagne building". They might as well give out "Sawdust Caesar" awards, because Mussolini sought the same thing, just Charlemagne was per capita more violent.)

    Rachel should have been Il Duce!

    Rachel preferred a humble peasant, not a politician or Dictator, so she turned down Il Duce's marriage proposals repeatedly. She tried to get with other guys and keep the young budding politician as in friendship zone, and Il Duce allowed her no freedom to do so, snatching the 17 year old from the hands of her partner during a dance, daring the man to fight him, and dragging her to a cab, and to her parents home against her will.

    Her Mother said she would get police involved. Il Duce said "Right"! Returned with a loaded revolver pointed at her mother and said "Six bullets in this revolver, I'm putting five in myself and one into Rachel if she doesn't agree to marry me right now!"

    Rachel replied "Mother, I have loved Benito since I was 7. I guess this was what was needed to push me to the brink. He has proven himself and has shown that he is indifferent to and above the law."

    In less than two minutes they were engaged at gun point without a wedding ring, flowers, him getting on a knee, or anything other than him threatening to take her to the underworld with him.

    Rachel was the name of Jacob's 2nd wife as well, where the name Mussolini comes from (for Newbies who haven't heard me say that.)

    Now, Mussolini didn't marry Rachel for her looks as she wasn't renowned for her beauty,

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    She was also known as "Donna Rachel" which is interesting because I just got a letter from someone named Don, which is another name for Donald, which is another name for "Il Duce" (Leader).

    I think she's smokin but​​​​​ she was so poor in spirit that when people raided his house, they saw her in poor apron with eggs and mistook her for the maid.

    Few actually knew who Rachel was, who never would be seen in public with Benito, never be seen with him or appear in newspapers.

    Apparently because she wished to be a Fascist spy when she went out, to see what the general opinion of Benito was, but more importantly because she was so humble she wanted no attention, no jewlery or fur coat, and preferred to be plain and modest, something she urged her husband to strive for.

    In fact, when she found Communists preparing to surrender Mussolini's men to the Greeks as a plot to finally get Il Duce executed, she told Mussolini to have them court-martialed at the bare minimum. Il Duce said it couldn't be proven and didn't do it. Even America would have court martialed them.

    One of the men that ordered the execution of Il Duce was one of the many political prisoners Il Duce let run free to provide for their families, as Mussolini believed all men needed a Father figure to be affirmed in their masculinity.

    Il Duce actually had plenty of attractive women screaming over him, with great loyalty. Even the woman who died shielding him from bullets shouting "NO!" was better looking externally then Rachel, so it's obvious Mussolini was determined to marry Rachel for reasons other than her external looks.

    Rachel guarenteed is the most beautiful in my opinion, and marriage to Rachel shall prove to be some day the best thing Mussolini ever pulled off. Usually women aren't as intelligent as neonspectraltoast, but Rachel is an exception to that rule so that compensates for her plain looks.

    Rachel wouldn't want to be objectified, therefore wouldn't want to be externally attractive anyways.

    Rachel's writings inspired in me a fervor, spirituality, zeal, mysticism, and anointing of Biblical Pentecostal proportians, changed my life more than anything, that no other writings ever did. I would call them "Fascist Scriptures" and she's a better writer than God, because the Bible contradicts itself and is hateful, oppressive, narcissistic, sadistic in some places, where her writings are not guilty of any of that.

    Were I to go on to ever earn an award for anything. All my awards go to Rachel and I'll put her books back into print as well as promote them. Either way, she's in the book I'm writing as the most influential person (there ever was) in it.

    She wasn't as strong physically obviously or as talented as her husband , who was more successful during his life than Jesus Christ (Jesus didn't get big until centuries after his death), and didn't have as interesting of a life, but she was a better person, better writer, and had greater virtue.

    Rachel was a Fascist, and proves Fascism doesn't have to be oppression or aggression. I just wish she had worn the uniform and eagle hat and been the Duce. She was against all wars of aggression chronically fighting Benito and telling him to retire and not ally himself with Hitler or institute antisemitic laws to please the Nazis. Originally, the best Fascists in the original Fascist party were the writers, artists, comedians, and people in the media, many of them Jewish.


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    Napoleon was actually a dangerous man and a threat to European security, as well as bloodthirsty narcissist who rose to power killing large amounts of people, which Benito rose to power peacefully like Gandhi in a bloodless march on Rome, and bloodless trasition of Democracy to Fascism where it was Mussolini getting shot point blank in the face, not the other way around, and five assasination attempts that made people believe him to be a descendent of Caesar Augustus and Immortal, and another via poisoning by a Communist mistress.

    Only the seventh assasination attempt succeded after his escape from prison and what could have been an easy escape of death to Fascist Spain via plane , which he declined unless all Fascists could first fly to Spain. That was actually Mussolini's 8th assasination attempt if you count the people who wounded him on the battle field in World War 1. Kinda hard to survive a firing squad though, but he promised he'd be back to head a greater nation (not Italy) on the day of his death. His final words were "Aim for the heart".

    Il Duce was tried after his death so Allies could put his name on the list of war criminals, and found innocent. He was urinated on, his brains stolen from his blown apart skull, his innocent female friend was executed shielding him from bullets (and hung with him), both of them used as target practice, denied a Christian burial, and kept in a box hidden for over twelve years (from communists pissing on his grave literally and with their falsehoods), so his wife figured his remains were gone forever.

    The people who did that wrote history about him as well as what we are told about Fascism. Rachel, in 1974, final birthday (01/01) of Denise Naslund who introduced me to "Queens Fascism", came out with her two books to set the record straight. Nobody cares and the books are out of print.

    I keep my copy in it's own Honden as a Sacred Goshintai, item where the presence of Kami is attached and charged next to flowers , which I shall purchase some new ones today for a flower offering and incense to "Empress Saiko".

    Saiko is a Japanese name that sounds identical to "Psycho". In JAPAN HOWEVER when people say "saiko" 最高 , which sounds exactly the same as our English 'psycho', people mean "the best", "highest", or "supreme"!!!

    Why was Il Duce treated so badly compared to Napoleon who was given his own island with servants, escaped to kill more people and rise to power, exiled to an island with servants again , and then buried in a Mausoleum for an Emperor?

    I'll get to Rachel's explanation of that later......

    Happy birthday Rachel! Let's get married shall we!


      lol, Rachel was...haha (I can't stop laughing...) not as smart as me.

      Happy birthday to you both, though.


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        Hey Pete's Draggun
        On Rachel's birthday I decided to listen to this in honor of last Sunday being Easter Sun day, Heath Ledger's birthday.

        At the end of the video, the Joker says "you will complete me" and it gives the year of the Joker's birth as 1979. I didn't know that before today.

        Rachel Mussolini died 1979, a little over four years after her book was finished, and Heath (born a week before her birthday) wasn't yet a year old.

        "You shall complete me" felt like Heath's or Mussolini's or Rachel's, or all of the above's message to me.

        Dark night in theology refers to feeling foresaken by God and doubting his existence. It's what Christ felt when he said "My God, why have you forsaken me".

        It's kinda the theme of my life, so Ledger died before Dark Knight was released, and now is my personal Dark Knight.

        He locked himself in his hotel and decided to "become the Joker" not just play the Joker.

        I called Benito the Joker based on a book where Benito was identified as a clown and a Joke, but also because the Joker is my favorite fictional supervillain, Benito is my favorite real supervillain, and Scripture says the Antichrist will come from "the city of seven Hills", and Mussolini's headquarters was located in " The City of 7 Hills", and he did make a lot of funny faces like a Joker or clown might.

        But he's a lot better of a Joker now that he did his purgatory time on Mars , becoming a Martian God of war as well as developing Alien reptilian powers and becoming perfected in the art of dark humor (to win the forces of Hell) to raise up a Fascist party to overthrow and replace the Devil as "God of this world".

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          Benito the butterfly is the ever Blessed Virgin Mussolini the Holy ghost of the Fascist party, the Paraclete, perpetually chaste and child-like as a lily!

          Jacob is the Fascist God-Father.

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          Mussolini is Jesus Christ who was publicly humiliated and murdered to pay our ransom.

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          The third is Benito the butterfly! The ever Virgin child who smiles regardless of what the news is.

          He is the most powerful!

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            I had to text it in RED


              Originally posted by Pete's Draggun View Post
              HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mrs. MUSSO

              I had to text it in RED
              Blue used to be my favorite color because red is associated with Communism.

              But this year that changed.


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                Yer birthday salute is in the Lounge Chat dressed with Italian flag colors ??