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Gospel of Mussolini, the Abraham Lincoln! Fascist Scriptures beneath the Obelisk!

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    Gospel of Mussolini, the Abraham Lincoln! Fascist Scriptures beneath the Obelisk!

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    Beneath the above Obelisk, Fascist Scriptures were hidden and no one told they existed. They weren't found until the 21st Century, using Biblical language to describe Mussolini as Messiah and Savior of Rome and a "New kind of Emperor."

    Beneath that Obelisk I shall leave more buried treasure and Scriptures, even though it may just be an online picture of an Obelisk, still the same idea.

    Today it's become quite obvious Mussolini wants the sacrament of Shinto confirmation where he takes a new Religious name. He asked if he could be "Abraham Lincoln", because Abraham means "Father of many nations" and Lincoln means "Town by a pool", and he showed me a pool where the Miko Shrine maidens of Amaterasu bathe in healing spring water next to a Shinto sanctuary and Heavenly Shrine city of the dead. Shinto Zion!
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    Also, Mussolini was a slave abolitionist like Abraham Lincoln, and doesn't get recognition for the fact that the areas where he abolished slavery, would probably be still practicing barbaric slavery, were it not for Mussolini's intervention.

    Get this. After writing that he got the religious name "Abraham Lincoln" , I find out that today "April 12" is the anniversary of when Abraham Lincoln declared war, and the Civil War to set the slaves free began in 1861.

    Well, I call our Religion of "Queens Shinto" and "Holy Roman Empire", a confraternity and brotherhood dating back to Mesopotamia in 4300 BC, when Inanna (Queen of Heaven) was first worshipped, and Shinto is the Religion to unite all Religions (Because roughly 85% of the world already practices Shinto.

    Shinto is just "Belief in the Kami".
    That means "belief in God or Angels or Supernatural entities/ghosts that can be contacted and influence us". Roughly 85% of the world already believes that.)

    Then I called our faith the Religion of "The Ur Fasces" first time today. Well, come to find out, "Ur" was the hometown of Abraham in Scripture. I just called the Religion Ur because "U" stands for "United", "R" stands for "Religions", and Fasces is the Fascist symbol for binding a bunch of rods together to form one weapon, hard to break.

    Ur also stands for "Ancient, primordial, original", and dating back to 4300 BC it would be the original Religion involving devotion to the "Queen of Heaven" under the title "Inanna" which means "Lady of Heaven".

    The city of Ur worshipped the Moon Deity. The Fascist state is named Lia. Lia was represented in Scripture as the Moon.

    So, Mussolini is indeed Abraham, Father of many nations. And he has a Lincoln "Town with a pool" where the Shrine maidens play in healing waters and bathe, and the town is called "Ur".

    Not to mention I'm doing paper work for my attorney named Sarah (some releases of info). Sarah was the name of Abraham's wife.

    Some day, perhaps long after I'm dead, the writings beneath this Obelisk shall bear their fruit. The way I know is I reached in my Honden after this, and the top prayer asked if I could be the Abe of the orient.

    Abe is the name of the Old , Patriotic, devoutly Shinto, Prime minister of Japan. Well , Abraham Lincoln is often called "Abe Lincoln". When I asked to be Abe in the prayer I was asking to Father a multitude of dragons, Kami, and Tulpa.

    Whether that is granted, I doubt it. But no way I just hear Mussolini say he wants to be Abraham Lincoln, I give him the name and title, that prayer is on top, and I find out it's the anniversary of the beginning of the Civil War, plus Ur being the city Abraham first lived in.
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    the Washington monument is an obelisk and was built by slaves