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Robin Williams is a Fascist Comrade Now!

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  • Robin Williams is a Fascist Comrade Now!

    I am convinced he is.

    What I mean is he's about "Love your neighbor" a direct quote from "Doctrine of Fascism", and he is now Spiritually enlightened.

    Fascists didn't always love their neighbor. But that has nothing to do with the Doctrine, definition, or nature of Fascism, and sometimes killing Communists is the best thing for the world at that time, and is the loving thing to do.

    But no, I'm not saying Robin Williams would approve of all of what Mussolini did. The new and improved Mussolini, the innocent child whom Il Duce has evolved into, yes, Robin would approve of the Enlightened, purified being of light.

    Regarding Religion, while alive Robin would say "I have that idea of Chicago protestant, Episcopal—Catholic light: half the religion, half the guilt." Sounds good to me.

    I was praying before the Obelisks (Obelisks are dedicated to the Egyptian Sun God Ra, and Ancient Egypt was Fascist Theocracy in all but name, where Pharoah was intermediary between God and man). Then a robin visited:

    IMG_20210416_132612.jpg IMG_20210416_132943.jpg
    The county of live in "Ramsey" comes from Ramses, a name meaning "Begotten of Ra", and at the collection of Obelisks which have a wall of doors where I can place my letters to the Kami, I was praying in front of an Obelisk before a fence, where I put my hand on it and pray in Japanese the "Angelic Salutation" for Hirohito.

    A robin immediately flew between two Oblelisks in front of me and it wasn't like a bird normally in front of me. We made eye contact for the longest time I've ever made eye contact with a wild animal, and his head was cocked to the side like He thought I was more weird than the average person he sees.

    A robin was recently acting strange at a Vietnam memorial just days prior , and neonspectraltoast told me about Robin Williams being close to him.

    I shared the story before, but I renamed Smith bridge after a girl from Rome that got gang raped by African migrants and tortured to death, and renamed the river that runs beneath it the "River Tiber".

    She is the "Tiberium Wolf" after the river Tiber where the wolf breastfed the legendary Twins, and the Caesar Tiberius, because on the other side of the river is the bridges reconstruction date of 2018, year she was murdered, and the name "Orlando".

    Orlando is a Variant of "Roland" my Mother's last husband was "Roland" that my other brother called "Romulus" and that stuck with me whenever I think of the name "Roland " I think Romulus.

    I found the name "Orlando" "Roland" on the sidewalk less than a minute after I said "I don't know if Amaterasu is the Capitoline She-wolf whose milk Romulus and his Twin drank from, but this is the Twin Cities, and Amaterasu shall always be my Capitol Hill Wolf, and anyone who desires her milk for their souls gets to be Romulus."

    Then I saw the name which of course means Romulus, whenever I think of it's variant, and Romulus founded Rome. The Capitol building here is modeled after Saint Peter's basilica in Rome, and I called it "Saint Peter Parker's" not knowing until the next day that the day I said that was the "Feast of Saint Peter's".

    At any rate, after dedicating the bridge to Desiree Deeb I found 2018 coin as well as paper that says "God's bridge" on it. (Her real last name isn't Deeb, but Deeb means wolf, and I call her the new Capitoline wolf, Amaterasu in training. I'm less fond of her original last name as there is no meaning, but it does contain the name Mario, which is another version of "Mary". Deeb was Eleanor Rose's maiden name.

    She's my favorite mother of all time, who turned her house into a collection of relics , and a Shrine to her murdered daughter, burying a corpseless casket because her remains were lost, and keeping the house as a Shrine to her murdered daughter and a collection of her daughter's relics , praying frequently and fervently for her daughter's happiness in the next life. It's what got me started.)

    So Desiree Deeb it is, and in fact oddly enough, every pic I have of Desiree where you can see below the waist, she's wearing cut off jean shorts , which Eleanor Rose's daughter was wearing when she was abducted with her dog.

    Well, on the back of the "God's bridge" paper I was handed recently, (which I never knew said "God's bridge" until after consecrating the bridge), is the last name of the man who handed it to me "Williams", the day Neon told me he's close to Robin Williams. Robin Williams is a suicide, and I sort of am, because I jumped off a three story building not expecting to survive. We both are bipolar as well.

    I remember him first from "Patch Adams". Adams means red. I found this (the dog I found yesterday. The dog blanket today:
    today next to Saint Joseph's hospital. It has butterflies on it and I identify the Holy Ghost of Mussolini as "Benito the Butterfly, the Fascist Paraclete " or "The Ever Blessed Virgin Mussolini".

    So, it's going to be my first "Benito Bag, (Duce bag)" which will have Il Duce Fascist Propaganda on it.

    Also, Saint Joseph's Hospital I consecrated to Nafisa Joseph , who was the Indian Supermodel whose bikini is always red, and she has 6 connections to Mussolini, and one was she committed suicide on his birthday (and was immediate relative of Mussolini's favorite author, whose first name means "Sun" and the Sun represents Mussolini in Scripture).

    I call the Hospital on a Spiritual level, Saint Nafisa Joseph's Hospital for suicides. A place where suicides go after death for healing , or in the material realm they go for physical healing as well.

    So, it was a trip finding a red Duce bag right before Capitol Hill, then the Robin visit.

    Inside the Duce bag was a Dog wearing what appeared to be a congretional medal of honor, and yesterday I found a fake weiner dog that I shared from a looted building.

    There was also a picture of a Cheetah in the bag, which Cheetah's are my favorite pussy , because they represent Rachel Mussolini's (and my) Zodiac Spirit animal (if you google April 11 Spirit animal, it's a Cheetah) fastest pussy in the world.

    Before the wall I pray to those whose lives were hell at work and named the wall after a young lady who worked over 140 hours a week, was sexually harassed, bullied, then committed suicide.

    The plaque is the name of a man whose name translates "Red Hair". IMG_20210415_124923.jpg
    "They are not gone, we just do not see them " it says. That's crazy I never noticed that, because it's possibly my favorite of the many quotes on Capitol Hill.

    I just noticed that plaque yesterday. Earlier this morning I was thinking about how Lia Kossett's hair is reddish, and I may never know if she has a red fire bush between her legs, and lamented . In the next life she will. My prayers shall earn her the perfect bush.

    She's the one I call "Capitol Hill Queen Incarnate". Meaning she's still alive in the flesh, where the rest are Spirit beings.

    But in Robin William's movie "patch Adams" I remember a pussy being a door.​

    Patch Adams could translate into "Red Bush, or red field", because Adam means red.

    Perhaps, and my neighbor's cat (pussy) is named "Patches", and Saint Nafisa Joseph stared in CATS as a Charlie's Angel. So I feel Robin Williams is telling me something about Lia's patch.

    They call it " fire crotch" and my Chinese Zodiac is "firebunny" and the Church bulletin last Sunday advertised a restaurant called "Red Rabbit".

    He's " Saint Robin Williams" now, and inviting people into the Temple of Fascism through the Scarlet door.

    Lia is the name of Holy Mother the state as well, name of Mussolini's first and most important wife in Scripture.

    The Messiah and all the important Prophets, with the exception of Joseph , descended from Lia.

    So she is the Fascist State entity, and pretty sure she has a red burning bush (fire bush).

    This is the intrinsic nature and essence of Fascism and what Fascist Theologians discuss.

    I asked what a feminine Obelisk would look like in a former thread and I think the answer is an Adam's patch.

    ​​​​​​Or maybe it's:
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    He's dead, dickhead


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      Originally posted by Sooz
      He's dead, dickhead
      The Doctrine of Fascism opens with death achieving a more purified state of existence as a purely Spiritual being.

      So, for Fascists and for the majority of people, there is belief in life after death.


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        He was a master of comedy


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          Originally posted by Sooz
          He was a master of comedy
          So is Mussolini. A book was written about him called "The Emperor and the Clown". He wasn't the funniest clown, but ahead of his time. He's a lot funnier now.


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            I wouldn't say I'm particularly close to Robin, just had a moment with him. Oddly, the next day he was everywhere on the 80s groups I belong to.


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              Originally posted by neonspectraltoast
              I wouldn't say I'm particularly close to Robin, just had a moment with him. Oddly, the next day he was everywhere on the 80s groups I belong to.

              Well, he's my new friend and you played a large role in orchestrating that.

              It also brought the "God's bridge" coincidence that sanctified and blessed a near by bridge.


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                I think Robin is everybody's friend. It's a shame, and goes to show just how callous this society can be beneath the veneer.