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All are welcome to my Japanese party. Can you interpret this Character?

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  • All are welcome to my Japanese party. Can you interpret this Character?

    All are welcome to my Japanese party, but if you can't use chopsticks, FUCK YOU!

    Well, I wish I could say I found this miraculous , like my Hirohito coat , or my Japanese China yesterday, but I just got done buying this at a thrift store (still an interesting find because I almost never shop at thrifts, and I've never seen anything related to a Japanese flag at one.

    So, how weird to find a Japanese plate at a thrift store, the day after finding a 1984 "Happy Mother's day" plate made in Japan, in front of Hubert H Humphrey statue (who I nicknamed Hubert Hirohito Humphrey earlier because of how anti-communist he was).

    A most interesting find in view of the plate found yesterday being made in Japan.
    But after making the purchasing the plate, (it was bizzare because I also saw a 666 license plate prior to that. The red bag I found on the ground, that shall be my first Benito bag, and it was a target bag. My last purchase at target left me with a balance of $6.66, the day of which I mentioned Brenda Ball's tombtone ID beginning in 666) I returned home with the plate to discover before the "Mamma Amaterasu" statue (of what appears to be an Asian female Buddha or Deity of some sort) a blue ninja toy.

    I'm certain it is a sign , because I just enshrined "Junko Furuta" this morning (third image down), and in my Honden found tucked away a message to a lady (second image) who used to train and recruit female Shinobi's (ninjas). Anyway, maybe somebody can tell me that Character on the blue item in first image, because I'm certain the item itself is a sign.


    ​​ ​​
    Then a girl by the name of Andreanna visited my place yesterday, and showed me a pot she found with a Caterpillar. Earlier that yesterday, I was reading about Japanese pottery and how they hold their vessels differently while eating than neighboring Korea or virtually anywhere else.

    The Pot looked similar to the pictures of Japanese pottery in the article.

    Mussolini, I identified as a caterpillar, before he hung upside down like a caterpillar hangs upside down dead to evolve and transform into something new. He hung upside down April 29, Hirohito's birthday. The girl with the caterpillar pottery had Mussolini's middle name "Andrea" just a longer version.

    What does all this mean? Nothing really. But it means something to me. So, if you can interpret the Character in the blue thing within the lap of the Buddha or Goddess, please do and if you aren't full of shit, she might reward you!❤

    Oddly enough, the primary divinity I pray to is Mother Amaterasu, a Divinity of the Orient, and there is apparently what could be a statue of a Divinity of the Orient in front of my apartment, and there isn't one in front of any other apartment in the complex but mine.

    If you could tell me who that Goddess or statue is of , that would be great as well.

    It was there before I got here. So, kind of strange it is before my apartment and nothing like it in front of the others. Less than 15 minutes away is a collection of Obelisks with a strange gate (in front of Smith bridge) in front of them. The gate has no walls. In Shinto, gates without walls are called "Torri" and you pass through them symbolic of the soul's entry from the material to the Spiritual world.

    The Obelisks don't resemble Egyptian Obelisks but Shinto Obelisks oddly enough.

    And if Mussolini didn't marry Rachel, I wouldn't live here because I live here as a direct result of pursuing Lia (only because Mussolini and Jacob married Rachel). Then I got here just in time for the guy who lives in apartment 6 to receive my help when his brother got gunned down Mussolini's last birthday , July 29, 2020.

    Also, all I'm sure happened by chance.

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