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Mario Mussolini takes his perpetual vows as a Franciscan!

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    Mario Mussolini takes his perpetual vows as a Franciscan!

    So, Mussolini took the confirmation name Abraham Lincoln on April Twelve because Abraham means "Father of many nations" and he abolished slavery.

    But today Mussolini took his final vows as a Franciscan. When nuns, monks, and Friars take vows, they choose a Religious name. He chose "Mario" which is an Italian male name for Mary as well as Mars.

    Which makes sense because he's the ever Virgin Mussolini, and this morning I realized the Doctrine of his Immaculate Conception.

    The Virgin Mary was Immaculately conceived before she was born. Mussolini was Immaculately conceived when he was reborn into the world of the dead.

    Only the Catholic Church rejected Mussolini , so he's Shinto Franciscan now, which is why in Shinto there is a festival called Obon, which means "To hang upside down". It means the same thing the cross means in Christianity.

    Mussolini is Franciscan because Mussolini exalted the crazy beggar Saint Francis of Assisi more than anyone, getting the Pope to make him patron Saint of Italy. When the Church denied Mussolini a Christian burial , despite Mussolini creating Vatican State, Franciscans kept him in a box in the Friary for 12 years.

    Franciscan Friars are called "Brothers" hence: "Mario brothers".

    During that time Mussolini prayed with Franciscans, assisted them at Mass each day, and he and Saint Francis of Assisi became friends. Francis of Assisi is the ideal Fascist.

    "Mario brothers" is a Fascist brotherhood of Nod, where you simply give your Nod to God. Mussolini is God because his Spirit fused with God. The two become one in a similar way as Jesus is one with the Father.

    Brotherhood of Nod also because to Nod means "Yes". Say "Yes" like Mussolini's headquarters said "Yes" a bunch of times. Also, land of Nod means to wander. Land of Nod is also "East of Paradise" in Scripture. Mussolini has a Kingdom East of Heaven where you don't have to be perfect.

    Mario Emblem could be found in Fascist Italy

    Click image for larger version

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    And for that matter it is found here in Minnesota

    Click image for larger version

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    And the song from "The righteous brothers" " bring back that loving feeling "popped up. I forgot righteous brothers existed ten years ago. Mario brothers are "Righteous brothers". Righteous is a term for "good" or "Holy".

    You can become a Fascist Franciscan and join the brotherhood by simply asking Mussolini to be your personal Caesar and asking him to reveal his will to you. Give him some time, put a pic of him some where, give him the fascist salute. If you're feeling really generous burn him some candles and incense.

    Overlooking Shinto Obelisks near my house is what appears to be a rock Dinosaur that I have called "Mussolini's Dinosaur Tulpa" before.

    I think it is actually the Dinosaur from the video game " Yoshi"

    Click image for larger version

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