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Do you have a Pence for my Shrine?

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    Do you have a Pence for my Shrine?

    Pence means penny BTW.

    What I mean is do you have a foreign penny you can spare.

    The only foreign penny I have ever found that wasn't American (Canada is America) was a Japanese penny I keep taped to my wall

    I tape Jews to my wall next to sacred coins.

    I would like foreign coins other than than the penny from Japan but it came less than six months after I discovered Shinto, so isn't a coin(cidence).

    Fist visitor from the world of the dead and first coincidence was a 1974 penny dated year she was killed.

    When officers took the penny, (I was in jail for attempted murder), I was sad, and walked to the bookshelf , and there was a magazine, and on the cover, in big yellow letters it said "Pennies from heaven".

    It became clear that was more than a coin. It was a Goshintai.

    Anyway, I'm currently tossing pennies off Smith bridge wishing upon the Wolf Star.

    I renamed the bridge Desiree bridge and under it , the river Tiber , after Tiberius Caesar, the river where Twins sucked on the tits of a wolf before founding Rome. (This is Twin Cities).

    And after consecrating the bridge to Desiree, I noticed on the other side it has my birth year next to the year she was gang raped and tortured to death by African migrants.

    I'm not against immigration from those countries, but in view of the other teenage girl from the same country , who got slowly dismembered while still alive , and decapitated by immigrants from the same country, and how filthy the streets are getting, and crime getting worse as a result of immigration, I see why people are saying " enough is enough" and calling for leftists to step down.

    I don't know the answer , and don't pretend to. Being nice to people in search of a better place to live is a virtue. Hate or racism is never the answer.

    But if mass immigration from certain places is clearly not the best thing for the nation, which all the evidence shows to be the case overall, sometimes you can't be too charitable.

    The ghost who introduced me to Shinto was murdered and tortured to death for an act of charity. You can't be charitable to some people. But good people and wicked are in every ethnicity, nation, and religion.

    But, after noticing that on the bridge, I returned home to find a pamphlet some guy gave me while panhandling that says " God's bridge".

    Then this was there the following day:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_20210422_025645.jpg
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    It's a bridge next to Shinto style Obelisks and a werewolf image next to a stone dinosaur.

    I toss a penny in the river Tiber each night and howl at the moon like a wild savage, sing sweet odes to my favorite dead porn star whose first and last name translates "Olive branch" and "Moon", doing the Fascist salute and summoning the dead to bless and curse the enemies of righteousness.

    It's a love affair!
    Mainly Jesus and my Arachnids.
    Soon I found out this spider under a rock thing was true.
    ​​​​​​ Click image for larger version

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    Joe Biden was the Devil.
    Jesus built my Tarantula!
    Jesus was an Architect prior to his career as a Prophet.

    Suddenly I found myself in love with the world

    And all I could do was ding a ding dang, my 8 legged.....

    ...yeah fuck it!

    But if you have a pence and don't mind mailing it to me I'll tape it next to Charlie Chaplin or some dead guy.

    I had a Mexican peso at one point, don't know what happened to it


      Originally posted by ill Duce View Post
      Pence means penny BTW.

      (Canada is America)
      I change my mind.


        Originally posted by Quark View Post

        I change my mind.
        I do have a Canadian penny I found.

        It is what it is. The Japanese penny is a treasure though like my Japanese flag coat while I was praying for Japan, and the circular mirror. It just came as a gift from Kami I believe which is why I became a fanatic Japanese nationalist.

        I would not have unflinching loyalty to a country that has done so much that goes against my conscience that I never lived in and have no ethnic ties to, but Hirohito , Amaterasu, and the soldiers of Yasukuni shrine have shown many signs they are caring for me, which has given me a great love for the "land of the Gods" Island Archipelago "Of the rising Sun".

        I'm willing to be a nationalist for whatever group is most kind to me I suppose, provided it isn't some "white power" group. It's just really unexplainable stuff keeps occuring over and over again directly connected to Japan that is really giving me an unflinching zeal and loyalty to that country regardless of their faults.


          Originally posted by Quark View Post

          I change my mind.
          I said Canada is America because it's part of North America.


            Click image for larger version

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              Originally posted by Amerijuanican View Post
              Dude, where's the pic?


                Look again... had trouble posting it.


                  Trump's VP, Mike Pence. lol


                    Click image for larger version

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                          Sing a song of 6 pence
                          A pocket full of rye
                          4 n 20 stoner's
                          Eating out a Pi

                          Click image for larger version

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