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You can tell a mark of supreme leader by the size of their penis!

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  • You can tell a mark of supreme leader by the size of their penis!

    Guarenteed I'm the biggest at this forum. Is it gay if we have a contest? I took second place at Pine Hills Youth correctional facility where all the inmates showered together.

    A native American girl asked to see it when I was in the chapel of Rocky Mountain treatment center in Montana as a teenager , so I wiped out and she could see the bulge before hand whenever she was near me, because when around her it grew and dripped a little (much to my embarrasment) and told me she hadn't seen one that size before. She spread the news and I began to have a reputation in that facility.

    The problem is, it isn't socially acceptable to be showing your ding dong to people, and actually comes accross as being a sexual predator and creep. But it was like the only positive quality I really had going for me, and some people gave positive affirmation to encourage the behavior.

    Seriously, I handed a book to someone about true devotion to the Virgin Mary. He responded, "I hope this gives me a dick as big as yours Matt." Someone else shook my hand in prison and said
    "You have my word. I just shook the hand of a man whose dick is bigger than mine".

    So, I don't know, neonspectraltoast says it's really bad for me to be proud of my cock or talk about it, but I've also occasionally had people worship it too. And someone accused me of having a little penis at an Atheist forum because I said "Size really doesn't matter because it has little to do with causing an orgasm in your partner.

    Many women need attention focused on the outer third of the vaginal canal, where the G-spot, the clitoris, and the PS-spot (opposite the G-spot) can be reached,” and dick size plays a small role.

    “With one hand, pull up her clitoral hood, “Then lick from side to side across its base, just above her clitoris.” Place one finger of the other hand on the area directly below the opening of her vagina. When you can feel her pre-orgasmic contractions, you’ll know you’re in the right place.

    She should begin to moan and wimper at that point. Lick her clit ever so lightly and give her vagina some smootches." Singing a hymn to the virgin Mary in Latin got a girl off once because she thought I was singing to her. That happened a second time in Minneapolis Detox center with someone.

    So, I was telling this dude that his little penis really doesn't matter because you can get women off most quickly with your tongue and fingers and correct foreplay.

    Then everyone at the forum seemed to say, "We understand Matthew. You have a little penis".

    So, I proved to them other wise and asked someone to show they have a bigger Phallus if they wanna talk shit. The dude responded, "You have a nice weiner."

    But I'm against porn and I don't ever get sexually aroused by a guy. In fact, I wouldn't even be proud of something that really doesn't matter much all things considered. But in George of the Jungle, the lady said it was the size of his dick that made him "King of the jungle".

    Guys seem to think it's extremely important and those who don't have it feel ashamed of having a little dick.

    When I went to Komo zoo, there was a Lion sleeping on it's back and people saw his dick and said "No wonder he's the King of the jungle".

    So ya, it's stupid, but since guys and the culture have flooded my mind with the idea that having a big dick is like being divine or the mark of Supreme Leader (King), as a human with flaws, I feel the need to show and prove myself.

    I don't actually buy it that it is true, but that is what people drill into people's heads.

    Then again, I grew up in bizzare environments. Maybe that isn't normal.

    But if anyone wants to see who has the mark of a Divine Caesar or Pharoah or Shinto Emperor at this forum. I'm down. One larger than mine is an extremely rare quality so I have confidence.

    Pardon me for being an attention whore. Can't resist.

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    I know it's stupid,
    But last time I was in jail, there was a guy who didn't like me until he saw my dick and he said "Holy Shit". And kept talking about it and exaggerating it size with his hands as if it was a trophy or trout he just caught.

    If I keep getting positive affirmation in real life, it reinforces the behavior, because Christ said let your light shine to all . Do not put it under a bushel.

    This site doesn't care obviously because I ruined my reputation here. It hasn't been like that in real life though.

    It goes to show what kind of mentality a lot of people actually have though that they will get bent out of shape over their little penis. I mean, when people react like that, I start feeling the need to get the word out that I have a noble mark of a statesman and King, despite all the bad qualities.

    In Scripture a Penis represented a high priest, and the Holy of Holies in the Temple, represented a Vagina. The high priest would die if he entered the Holy of Holies unworthily. The Scriptures refer to breasts as twin fawns and Vaginas are sometimes "Garden enclosed".

    My high priest is "Beasty the Bishop" who makes many of my noble decisions for me and sometimes has been the only quality that people admire in me. 2021 shall be a year of not entering the Holy of Holies.

    No more paying women for sex because I just found out it was a friends wife and he wants to kill me. She kept inviting herself in, opening my door without asking. It wasn't really sex either though. We just played with each other's private parts like school children.

    He might actually kill me. ?
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      I don't know, am I allowed to talk about how mistresses described Benito's penis as a chisel of Michael Angelo, just larger, in the book "Body of Il Duce" in this subforum. If not, I'll erase this post as well.


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        But no, supposedly my friend was knocking on the door and his wife was in my apartment that day. I didn't know it was his wife until afterwards. He was very angry and yelling at me and pounding on my door shouting "MATTHEW"!

        He said, I know my wife was in the shower with you. I just looked him in the eyes and kept telling him, "If I had heard you knocking and shouting, I would have responded. I wasn't home."

        And I wasn't in the shower with his wife either.

        It's actually totally fucked up my relationship with my second best friend and actually the guy I get the best deals from. We've never even gotten into an argument before, and now this.

        Celibacy is best because things get complicated and dangerous when you start fornication.

        Sex can wait

        I have gotten sexually transmitted diseases. I've screwd someone else's girl before and an Irts facility.

        I had a Latina girl invite me into her boyfriends apartment after taking me out to Subway and not even giving me her name. I started to give her a back rub on his bed and he walks in and is like "WHAT THE FUCK!"

        We weren't having sex but we were in his room and bed late at night. I told him I felt like shit about being in his apartment without his permission. I said, "feel free to hit me. And here bro, you can have what change I have because this is kind of a fucked up situation I know. But I didn't sleep with your girl".

        He said "It's okay man. Whatever."


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          Yeah, Matt. Totally.

          Okay, whenever I see an oversexed dude (or woman, doesn't matter) with a donkey penis, I automatically get jealous, because I know how brilliant they are. But I just can't deny that you're my hero.

          I mean, no homo, but you showed us all your special area, and it's SO BEAUTIFUL. It's SO BIG! I hope you will be my friend, because I would be so proud to be friends with someone with such a big, beautiful penis. I want for us, me and you, to do everything together.