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Happy Feast of Saint Mussolini

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  • Happy Feast of Saint Mussolini

    Today is the anniversary of the martyrdom of Saint Mussolini without trial. Had he been captured by Americans , he would have been tried, found innocent, done a little time in jail, been released under house arrest or exiled like Napoleon.

    Most likely , he would have been released and gone and lived in Spain with his pupil Franco. Communists knew he was innocent and had already survived six assasination attempts and been shot in the face point blank and laughed about it, then escaped from prison thanks to German commandos, so the Commies just said "Fuck it, kill him"!

    One of the men who ordered Benito's execution was a Communist who Benito received a letter from begging to be released so he could provide for his children and wife. Benito responded by releasing him.

    Looks like the Dictator's kindness did him in. He also wasn't a Dictator because he never once had Dictatorial powers to override everyone in government. It's why the King could have Benito arrested and soldiers owed their allegiance to the King above Benito.

    It's one of the reasons Italian soldiers performed so poorly in the invasion of Greece.

    Prayer to saint Mussolini, Blessed of Amaterasu:

    Almighty God, no lust have I for Benito's possessions, for his knife that he purchased in Switzerland, I have no desire. I think it is his eye, the eye of Ra,
    Rfdaef78f1be5a758ef1afee0a7f8f43d.jpeg 93-939310_golden-eye-of-horus-png-transparent-png.png istockphoto-1125574348-170667a.jpg R89c7a6e71f1699585aed79ec5259273c.jpeg gettyimages-514869846-1024x1024.jpg a Separate collection of entities, female entities who fight all his battles. In ancient Egypt, Sun God Ra was the Primary Deity that was greater than the rest. His eyeball was more than one seperate female entity. Yes , it is this all seeing Fascist eye that I desire above all. May they crush the enemies of Righteousness, guard children from these rapists and weirdos who are communist in their deeds , even if not in name.

    May Amun-Ra Tengri-Mussolini be given authority to unite Heaven and Hell, all Kami, all Spirits under one Fascist banner, to recreate and perfect the Fascist state as a female entity with twin fawn breasts, comforting milk to drink from her abuntant boobs, auburn bush, garden enclosed, ravishingly beautiful vagina that smells of lillies and Roses, her belly a heap of wheat surrounded by lillies, first degree of beauty , power glory, perfection, and may her presence bring euphoria to all, with beauty that grows each day for eternity, who has a mind and will of her own, who lasts for eternity and never ceases to resurrect and triumph. May stupidity stop triumphing and noble mindedness rise above the swine.

    May Genghis Kahn and his horde, with the soldiers of Yasukuni shrine, and all war dead , the Capitol Hill Queens, and the victims of rape, torture, and murder, haunt all government buildings, possess and inspire all leaders, meddle in all elections, that the candidate that will best serve Benito and Emperor Hirohito get elected without exception in ever nation. In the name of Jesus and Amaterasu I pray. Amen!

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    Surprised you're not celebrating Showa Day


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      Originally posted by everything bagel
      Surprised you're not celebrating Showa Day
      I actually am at Capitol hill celebrating Hirohito's birthday, but I won't make a YouTube about him till later tonight.

      I'm also celebrating Mussolini hanging upside down on Hirohito's birthday. In Shinto, hanging upside down is referred to as "Obon" and there is a festival to help ease the suffering of the dead in honor of the visionary and his relative hanging upside down. As you already know.

      Mussolini hanging upside down in Shinto tradition essentially means the same thing as the cross in Christianity.

      But I don't think they hung Mussolini like that on Herohito's birthday by coincidence alone.

      He was executed the day before, then hung upside down and used as target practice , and his brain stolen from his blown apart skull, on April 29.

      Both are solemn solemnities in my book because they atone for sin and suffering redeems the world.

      And the birthday of the God Emperor is sacred celebration.


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        Did you know this feast requires the ritual sacrifice of an admirer? Lets inventarize how many admirers of Mussolini we have on here