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Who/what is to blame when someone becomes a monster?

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  • Who/what is to blame when someone becomes a monster?

    If you are someone like Pete's Draggun , (possibly my favorite poster since I've discovered the Internet ) , I believe him when he says he's happy, and I'm sure he and countless people can have many sexual partners and find a way to be responsible about it , watch horror movies, play violent video games, watch the psycho shower scene, listen to music and watching movies glorifying pride, lust, anger , covetousness, envy , laziness, gluttony, and hate, and you can entertain yourself responsibly that way.

    I'm happy for you and don't want your liberties taken. But a lot of people just can't handle the same poison. What is toxic to one person can be just fine for another.

    I love dark humor,
    e583bd33678abf80c3c1bb482f50c6f2.jpg Monsters-Scary-Silly-Featured-Social-Media-Image.jpg dark spirituality, darkness in general, but I don't think that is good. Were it up to me, every man that wants to rape and beat the shit out of women would be guided to the perfect woman who finds it delightful, orgasmic, and euphoric , getting raped, beaten, handcuffed, and strangled, and everyone could enjoy wild sexual orgies for all eternity, and every drug junkie could get high off their ass all the time, and the whole world be nonstop euphoric and pissing themselves with laughter all the time, entertained, excited, shocked, and creaming their pants with glee....

    There would be no such thing as covetousness because everyone would have the glory, possessions, looks, and partner they desire.

    That's how Mussolini wants it if I'm hearing him correctly. But we have not succeeded at overthrowing God and distributing his omnipotence to make it possible for eternal orgasms and humor that grows more funny each day to keep people pissing themselves with belly laughter, and erotic dancing girls in abundance.

    61h5qeOZHjL._AC_UX679_.jpg joy__15__leopard_bikini_by_ninz_the_wonderer_ddc6scz-350t.jpg lada-lyumos-nude-cosplay-1024x687.png

    Drugs , sex, and rock n roll constantly for those who desire it would be granted. And it wouldn't cause people misery.

    But it simply doesn't work that way. Certain things do on average , as a general rule harm civilization, with some exceptions. That lifestyle can and often does cause misery.

    I would have to say I have seen evidence that I am a monster who is learning virtue and be a monster who at least fights for what is right and acts in a way that is noble minded. A huge work in progress.

    Even a lion, tiger, or bear can and have been taught to be friendly with and obey and play with people. I think a serial killer or someone who has those tendancies can become completely harmless through similar means of change in habit and the right influences.

    I have known many monsters, and I don't mean selfish children who bully on the playground and torture animals. I'm talking about people that are guilty of torturing people to death, often children.

    I'm just curious what your take is on why someone turns out that way?

    I would say in my case it was too many factors. One problem is I am the problem. Another problem is exposure to pornography at age 8 did damage. A mom cheating on my Dad did damage with her having multiple partners, one of them who was a convicted sexual offender, wasn't helpful. Being unsupervised contributed.

    I'm not one of these guys that feels strongly violent video games can cause school shootings, but I loved them and am open to the possibility, and video games that included stuff traditionally associated with being Satanic potentially played a role. I don't know. An obsession with horror films and watching the shower scene of psycho, watching stuff like silence of the lambs and hell raiser before the age of ten, didn't do me any favors.

    Listening to music that glorified being stupid, killing people, being irresponsible, horrorcore rap, heavy metal, it definitely did send my young mind the message that it is cool being a selfish idiot, and being a good person is bad.

    I admit, I was so stupid I believed that. I hope most youngsters are not that stupid but I'm seeing evidence of a culture and media and entertainment industry that glorifies being stupid and worthless, and the people as a general rule seem to be buying it on average from the people I have met and meet.

    That will create stupid worthless people and sociopaths when chronically bombarded with filth and trash and affirmation that being sick is great! It weakens and destroys civilizations.


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