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A Hawk Shat on me. Was it a sign from Ra or Horus?

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  • A Hawk Shat on me. Was it a sign from Ra or Horus?

    I pray to the Egyptian Pharoah's when I visit the Pyramids at Capitol Hill, especially the Pharoah who gave the Hebrew Joseph, first son of Rachel and Jacob, possession of his Kingdom and all his possessions and house.

    This is quite something because Pharoah was considered God Incarnate, reincarnation of Horus, which I find to be my type of thirst for authentic politics. I prayed my typical prayer to be a Pharoah some day (I live in Ramsey county. Ramses was a common Egyptian Pharaoh name which means "Begotten of Ra").

    Went to the Library to print some more propaganda and tape some more dead people to my wall (including ancient Egyptian stuff) and George Latimir Library is closed today, indirectly leading me on my bike to get struck by something wet on my knee. At first I assumed it was someone spitting on me from on top of a building.

    I looked up and all I saw was a Hawk/falcon. The wet feces on my knee I noticed was too white to be spittle. I took it as a sign from Ra or Horus or possibly Isis that my prayer was answered. Or it could have been a sign of their displeasure.

    Anyway, Ra:



    Isis doesn't have the head of a Hawk but has the wings of a one. Egypt has a few other Falcon Deities.


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    Sounds like a sign that hawk has a healthy digestive system. So if you were praying for that, then yeah, totally.


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      I still have bird fecal material on my knee.