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A caution to you about antagonizing people. Something to consider.

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  • A caution to you about antagonizing people. Something to consider.

    It depends on how you are making fun of them. Ask yourself, "would I be hurt if that was me"?

    Myself personally, I don't usually mind people laughing at me. I don't think a lot of clowns mind people laughing at them.

    However, you do have to be careful because sometimes the roles can be switched.

    I used to make fun of Fascists and Dictators and think they were not human and first time I heard about one being hung upside down and stoned and spit on, and used as target practice, I remember I was in roughly third grade, and thought that was great. Now I talk about the guy like I want to be his reincarnation.

    I also thought all the Japanese deserved to get bombed to smithereens and nuked, Hideki Tojo deserved to be tortured to death, Hirohito must have been just as guilty of course, totally unaware that I would later convert to the state Religion of Japan, pray to all those soldiers enshrined at Yasukuni, and consider Hirohito a descendant of Sun Goddess Amaterasu..... and every Fascist deserved to eternally get fucked by a rhinoceros in hell, their skin burned off , regrafted back on, and burned off again forever.

    (Okay , I'm using hyperbole, exaggerating to make a point about where I was at before the fifth grade).

    (And in my ignorance I thought Nazis were Fascist, so of course them too, which anyone who has read the Doctrine of Fascism knows Nazism isn't Fascism).

    But my point remains. The people who I thought were less than human and deserved eternal torture, were precisely what I would become as an adult.

    (A lot of this however isn't an accurate picture. It has more to do with my disgust with the ignorance of antifa that made me study Fascism, which lead me to read the writings of Rachel Mussolini, and I discovered a lot of the values Fascists were defending in Italy and Spain are the very things I cherish , as being that which would have prevented me from going down the road I went.

    I don't think it is ever okay to bully anyone unless you are bullying wolves to protect your flock.)

    I can actually think of a lot of ways I see things get switched. I used to make fun of perverts. Then I became one. I used to make fun of junkies. I became one. I used to talk shit about black people, then my best friend in the country became black. I made fun of gays as being sick and spiritually dead, and ironically my most helpful mental health professional just happens to be gay.

    I used to make fun of my Dad's pot belly and say "when is the baby going to be do?", and if I didn't use meth, ya never know.

    Earlier on this site I referred to mentally handicapped people as retards. Maybe my behavior qualifies or maybe I'll give birth to my first child severely mentally handicapped. What goes around doesn't always come around, but in my experience it really has in many ways in some form.

    I find if I treat people like shit, I tend to feel like shit. If I'm good to people and forgiving, I'm more happy.

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    I used to make fun of homeless people. I wound up homeless. The list goes on. Not sure I believe in Karma, but have seen lots of evidence for it in my life. Whatever it is. It's a bitch!