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Thousand + murdered Native women enshrined at Capitol Hill

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  • Thousand + murdered Native women enshrined at Capitol Hill

    I'm actually really glad the native Americans put up thousands of markers on Capitol Hill in honor of their women that got murdered. But it's only Native Americans that are receiving honors. Why not murdered women of every ethnic background?

    I was praying to "Capitol Hill Queens" before I knew there was a "Capitol Hill" in the state and I pray to murdered women there (and men but I actually chant the female names every time I go.)

    Thousands of cardboard markers , each in honor of a murdered Native.

    The first I noticed was "Rose Downwind" who was one of the original Capitol Hill Queens that I prayed to in jail.

    I told a Native American inmate that name, and he looked surprised and said "that's my cousin".

    But anyway, it would be scandalous to only put markers in honor of murdered white women on Capitol Hill.

    Trust me, here in the Twin Cities there would be big uproar over something like that.

    Do you think the double standard is good?

    IMG_20210506_075104.jpg IMG_20210506_075221.jpg IMG_20210506_075253.jpg

    I think it's great because I love memorials to people that got violently murdered, especially women, to them belongs the Holy Roman Empire of the Rising Sun.

    I'm just wondering what your opinion is regarding double standards is all. I mean, a statue of Davy Crocket or Christopher Columbus makes people get violent over here.

    But anyway, gives me a more sacred place to pray, meditate, and summon spirits. Native American Shamanism is sort of a primitive Shinto in it's essence, and I respect that.
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