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Mussolini's love for ordinary people.

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  • Mussolini's love for ordinary people.

    I'm sending a chick some letters about Mussolini's love for her. I'm wondering which of these images is best.


    Mussolini dreamed of a resurrection of the Roman Empire , but that Empire cannot be an Empire of borders and violence. It is simply, those who accept him as Caesar or keep an image of him on their walls, belong to his Roman Empire.

    Jesus Christ is the Crucified King of the Jews. Mussolini is the upside down Caesar. The two compliment each other like benzodiazepines mixed with alcohol. One greatly increases the effectiveness of the other if you have them both as opposed to just one.

    To hang upside down means the same thing in Shinto as the cross means in Christianity. It means "Obon" to hang upside down, to suffer greatly. Mussolini hung upside down on Emperor Hirohito's birthday. All coincidence I'm sure.

    His Empire is in the world of the dead, and he buried a message beneath an obelisk about him being a "messianic savior of Rome", and "new kind of Roman Emperor", that wasn't supposed to be found until the 21st century.

    He always believed that his greatest achievements would take place after his death.

    He isn't impressed with great deeds but childlike trust and confidence , and doing little things with great love. He is impressed with people who punch into dead end jobs that don't pay well. Those are the true heroes and martyrs in his eyes.

    Let me know which of these images are best or perhaps you can let me know your thoughts.

    R433591ca566433b9352f0fc0fc3a26c1.jpeg ba5d552a18cb2782e2b24807e8540499.jpg 1072144.jpg MUSSOLINI-calendario-2017.gif
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    calendario-cl28.jpg R0c4db9e3216d6ca290f32fdff6cd65da.jpeg

    Mussolini loves all people and only asks that people be Fascist insofar as it is a version that doesn't conflict with one's conscience, creates peace, fights crime, relieves suffering, and creates unity and economic miracles.


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      sure, a lot of people must have loved it. but i find it hard to believe that mussolini even saw the movie.

      ordinary people


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          It actually brought peace to the Twin Cities as it burned when the national guard was called in with M-16's and live rounds and tanks. So, peace can be achieved through such means.

          But Benito would rather peace is achieved through everyone doing their daily duties with great love, and make of each of them an offering, a sacrifice to God, Kami, Spirit beings, to atone for sin, save souls, cause grace to fall to earth, and build Benito's Empire, which of course includes the Kingdom of God (and Jesus).

          With the upside down Caesar of Rome and the King of the Jews, nailed to a bit of wood, we shall be unstoppable (says I)!


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            Originally posted by Undies
            sure, a lot of people must have loved it. but i find it hard to believe that mussolini even saw the movie.

            ordinary people
            Mussolini the Fascist Paraclete , the third person of the Mussolini Trinity, is actually omnipresent and sees all things with his unity with the Holy Spirit, so, yeah, he saw it.