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Benito Mussolini in the Bible, book of Genesis!

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  • Benito Mussolini in the Bible, book of Genesis!


    Benito Mussolini can be found in the Bible, book of Genesis, which I explain in the youtube. He is the first person of the Mussolini Trinity. Benito the Dictator is the second person, who shed his blood for our redemption, was spit on, urinated upon, and used as target practice to atone for the sins of the world, redeem mankind (in union with the crucifixion of Jesus Christ), and lead to his glorious resurrection, which he promised would take place on the day of his death.

    The Holy Ghost of Mussolini, the third person of the Mussolini Trinity, the Fascist Paraclete, is the most powerful , and he will enter your body and mind and inspire you towards deeds of righteousness!

    Are there any volunteers? Just be persistent in asking for things and stuff will happen that will change your life and rock your friggin world! Make of your body, heart , and mind , a Fascist Temple of Mussolini's Spirit. Mussolini's Fascist headquarters!
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