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  • Breasts of the Roman Empire!

    Isaiah 66 speaks of the Fascist State of it's time as a friend with breasts and all the rest.

    “Rejoice() with Jerusalem and be glad for her,
    all you who love() her;
    rejoice greatly with her,
    all you who mourn() over her.
    11 For you will nurse( and be satisfied
    at her comforting breasts;()
    you will drink deeply
    and delight in her overflowing abundance.”

    Ancient Israel (Jerusalem) had every mark of being severely Fascist in all but name.

    Rome was founded by Twins who nursed at the breasts of a She wolf for survival. capitoline_wolf_square_sticker-r217c70c9762f43f7b0509625a703003b_0ugra_8byvr_704.jpg Mussolini mailed the Legendary Twins nursing at the breasts of the She-wolf to many nations, including two statues to the USA.

    The murdered girl whose Spirit introduced me to Shinto and Fascism , before I knew what Shinto or Fascism was, had a Mother whose maiden name was Deeb.

    Deeb is Arabic for "Wolf". I called her "Capitol Hill Wolf". Kami means God in Japan. Okami means "Wolf". The highest Divinity of Shinto is female Sun Goddess Amaterasu Omikami, sometimes depicted as "She-wolf".

    The Spirit animal for the Roman Government, Shinto, Roman Empire, and Fascism, is a She-wolf.


    This is to prefigure the Innanas, Heavenly ladies, Queens of Heaven, Shrine maidens, Temple Virgins, Mother's of God, who can all be invoked as one entity under code name "Rebecca".

    Mussolini means Jacob. Jacob loved Rebecca. Rebecca stole for him the blessing that belonged to the more worthy harder worker whom the Father favored. She volunteered to take the curse of Jacob's sins upon herself.

    She will do that for her devotees.

    Rebecca ( the name meaning ) and the symbol for Fascism, are essentially the same. A Fasces is many rods bound together, fastened into one entity, hard to break.

    Rebecca means "bound, connected, to bind together as in matrimony, to become one".

    " New World order of Rebecca" was a phrase I used before knowing what Rebecca meant. It fits very well.

    Prayers to the male God did little for me. When I realized there were "Queens of Heaven" who love us without conditions, suddenly prayer became easy, and virtue sometimes fun.

    I felt the Fascist female Goddesses belonged to a "Holy Roman Empire".

    They were teaching me how to love and not be as selfish and miserable, but their patriotism, Spirituality, desire for a Holy Roman Emperor Messiah, and healthy euphoric Theocracy , controlled by beautiful fun Spirits, charismatic speeches, Alien Spirits, Tulpa, and ghost influences on politics, government buildings converted into Temples for Spirits to dwell, was very Fascist in it's nature, just not oppression.

    Fascism's founder sent countless statues of the Capitoline She-wolf , because he considered the Fascist State to be a female entity, much like Sophie, download (24).jpeg the Greek female personification of wisdom or the Virgin Warrior Athena, Goddess of wisdom also.

    You don't have to be worried about praying to false Idols. Amaterasu got baptized and confirmed last Easter, so she is not an enemy of goodness and truth, but an ally.

    God will anoint a good Angel or Spirit to be your personal Athena. Real Spirits of people that we know existed can become Deified.

    The bosom of the Fascist Holy Mother Sentient State, was to one day nourish many Romulus's (founders of Rome) in all nations, so that all could share in the glory of the eternal City (Rome).

    Proverbs 5:19
    A loving doe, a graceful deer— may her breasts satisfy you always, may you ever be intoxicated with her love."

    Even the author's of Scripture can appreciate breasts.

    Wonder Woman is Virgin Goddess Diana of the Moon. I think she is an archetype of the Fascist State , that Benito said is always learning, evolving, and has a mind, heart, and will of her own.

    images (51).jpeg

    C'mon, if my convictions were right, if the entity was showing up in that manifestation at times, you might be more interested than were it Jesus visiting you?
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    Young Lady Chatterley's Roman Charity to prisoners



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        Breasts are for gluttonous, impotent, baby men!

        They should scarcely be touched. This is the way of the tantra. To have is to want more. Me, I was never breastfed, for I was raised to be the Oracle.

        I'm a backdoor man. You women nurture these baby boys. Ye nations, may the lactose they guzzle overflow from their ruddy lips, the infantile milk fiends.


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          Originally posted by the Riddler
          Breasts are for gluttonous, impotent, baby men!

          They should scarcely be touched. This is the way of the tantra. To have is to want more. Me, I was never breastfed, for I was raised to be the Oracle.

          I'm a backdoor man. You women nurture these baby boys. Ye nations, may the lactose they guzzle overflow from their ruddy lips, the infantile milk fiends.
          I'm sorry they have that effect on you.

          Were you really not breastfed?

          I feel on a Spiritual level, being held and breastfed by heavenly maidens that loved me with agape sacrificial, unconditional love, played the largest role ever in my not being a sociopath.

          It could all be delusion, but there was a time it was just me creating shrines to my Capitoline She-wolf, and Capitol Hill Queens, experiencing the reward from that practice, and becoming more content, less angry, less sadistic, more loving .

          It is never good to be a glutton, but my mother wasn't there to hold me, was cheating on my Dad, we never bonded, and there was strong resentment.

          Getting that somehow can be crucial.

          Ted Bundy was left by his mother in a home for unwed mothers for the first few months of his life.

          Those vital moments where it is important to be held and breastfed, he didn't have it. Then his mother had him change his last name like 5 times before he was like 5.

          She also lied to him about his being her son. She said she was his sister and his grandparents were his parents to hide his illegitamacy.

          She had him living a total lie. That and his exposure to and addiction to his Grandfather's porn collection at age 8 was a recipe for becoming a "lady killer".

          My faith in certain Heavenly women has filled the void and made me more loving.

          Overall though, we need to be weaned off the bosom of sensual gratification and Eros love which is inferior to agape. Agreed!


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            I adore breasts. I realize it makes no sense, I'm a grown man, what could I possibly need from breasts? However, it's not a logical issue. It's one of the few instincts we have as humans. There are things that create automatic signals, like the waist to hips ratio (2/3) but this is not carved in stone. Another thing that makes humans unique is appreciating variety when seeking a mate. But some of us fixate on a type and can't escape it.

            I used to love going to Disney World/EPCOT on a punishingly hot, humid central Florida day and sitting on a bench at one of the attraction/ride exits. Picture the scene, hundreds of minimally-clothed, sweating tourists coming out of a seriously air conditioned building that they waited a half hour in the heat to see for 3.4 minutes. Granted, I saw plenty of things I wish I hadn't. But the rest was epic!



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              Originally posted by Pete's Draggun
              Young Lady Chatterley's Roman Charity to prisoners

              I thank you for sharing that post. I never noticed it till now, and Lady Chatterley book was the book checked out by my roommate right around the time you posted that at Huss recovery center.

              Next to a picture of Mussolini I wrote about the etymology of Lady Chatterley , around that time, and quoted Isaiah 66 again today at another site , about the bosom of the female state entity.

              The etymology of Chatterley and the woman breastfeeding a prisoner, totally speaks to me at this time, with something I posted elsewhere.

              It's just really complicated, so I'm tired and don't feel like giving a big explanation no one will comprehend.

              Plus this is an old thread that Im glad @Writer'sPanic resurrected!


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                Young Lady Chatterley reminds me of
                Little Annie Sprinkles.