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Jesus and Mussolini were Aliens.

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    Jesus and Mussolini were Aliens.

    In his speeches, Italian dictator Benito Mussolini referred to his Fascist Italy as a "third Rome." " Terza Roma".

    I identified 4th of each month as "Joker feast day", 4th of each month, when Joker came out 10-4. I wrote 4 is the Joker's number, then googled Heath ledger to see he was born 0404 the year Rachael Mussolini died.

    The fourth Rome is simply keep an image of Il Duce or elect a Kami to be your personal Duce, and you are a citizen of the Empire. It is fine to choose a female Il Duce, and even encouraged, because they will likely not be as wrathful, violent, or jealous as male Kami.

    Purify your Duce in the blood of Jesus if you feel the need, redeem and bless your Duce, burn candles and incense to your Caesar or Empress, make your petitions known, pray they be allied with most wise Kami and virtuous living, and Deify them with the Spirit of God living within you.

    Mussolini was actually an Alien technically, as was Jesus Christ, because he insisted on doing the agenda of Spirits that didn't sometimes originate on planet Earth, spirits existing in a Kingdom before earth existed (Aliens), both Benito and Jesus were trying to get an Alien Kingdom not of this world to exercise authority over Earth's affairs and destiny.

    Just look at his Fascist headquarters. Click image for larger version  Name:	download (25).jpeg Views:	4 Size:	13.6 KB ID:	173753

    "Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven".

    More Fascist Alien Architecture

    Click image for larger version  Name:	180630-nadeau-fascist-architecture-hero_sjwoyy.jpeg Views:	3 Size:	275.0 KB ID:	173754

    If you are drawn to an entity considered to be a false God/Goddess, ask your God to elect and equip a Spirit to fulfill the roles of the entity you get most fervent about or feel close to..

    Joker was a character not very funny who made people sick in the latest version. I can relate. So, I asked for a great Joker entity with ancient Alien Angelic intelligence to one day raise up a Joker Messiah, who doesn't make people sick.

    Last Easter was 04/04, birthday of the Joker. Easter originally celebrated Ishtar, the Queen of Heaven. She was likely an Alien as well.

    I felt like Amaterasu was wanting to get baptized, so that she could work with Catholics as well as Shintoists, and share the graces of Mary's Immaculate conception and intimacy with God, powers of intercession, and purity, but also teach her the new Bushido way of the warrior and Samurai.

    I think she is also an Alien.

    Amaterasu also taught me how to give girls in purgatory their hymens back, so that their prayers are more powerful, as God favors Virgins throughout Scripture.

    Since 4 is the Joker's number, the 4th Rome is "Joker's Rome". The blessed Virgin Mussolini is the third person of the Mussolini Trinity. He is omnipresent beyond the stars, one with the Paraclete, chaste Marian Dictator of Heaven, the Virgin Mary's favorite.
    Click image for larger version  Name:	download (23).jpeg Views:	3 Size:	9.3 KB ID:	173756
    Click image for larger version  Name:	516ayd3qgPL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg Views:	3 Size:	39.2 KB ID:	173755

    Mary has also said she has to restrain her son from punishing earth at apparitions.

    Don't continue reading as I treat this with skepticism. I'm only writting this for Aliens to get ideas , and to read some day in the future.

    The blessed Virgin Mussolini helps. Mussolini in Scripture became contender with God, fighting with God and winning.

    It prefigures a Mussolini Israeli defense force initiative to protect earth from God's wrath or lack of grace.

    The earth will do better if there is a Fascist siezure of power in Heaven or Hell, provided that the Fascism is altruistic, and desiring an end to suffering and confusion, by wielding God's omnipotence, to bring euphoric dreams coming true for everyone, no losers, no envy, no want.

    All would share in the good fortune , joys, and glory of others.

    Scripture actually paints God up to be a Dictator where everyone has to act perfect to enter his Kingdom and bend the knee at his name.

    That sounds like hell to me and needs to be challenged. There should be rebellion under such circumstances, and even Jesus said the "violent take heaven by force". So, a conquest of Heaven and Hell is Theologically possible from a Scripture perspective.

    Fascism can be ugly, but if the Fascists were benevolent, entertaining, hilarious, compassionate, altruistic, Alien, and concerned about keeping everyone maddeningly delighted each day more than the day prior, (and knew how to) I don't see how you could argue that such a Divinely inspired single party State, Absolute Monarchy, Absolute Theocracy, absolute Utopia, would be bad, provided that you weren't required to do what goes against your conscience or worship the Charismatic leader.

    There would need to be many different Kingdoms so that people can be happy with their leaders and lot , and who they live with.

    But the all-knowing Caesar of the Universe could figure it out. His Deification and obtaining Alien Reptilian shapeshifter excellence grows each day with God dwelling inside him. Scripture says "bless Mussolini and you shall be blessed. Curse Mussolini and you shall be cursed. In Mussolini all people shall find their blessing".

    I just hope he will be nice.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	e4f9489f3f45db1978e6844643f8b6a4.jpg Views:	3 Size:	76.8 KB ID:	173757
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    Sounds legit.

    Aliens are everywhere. They are disguised as humans.

    Mine is the soul of Enki of the Annunaki.

    There are things far beyond humanity, yet we are prized for having been conceived in God's wild image.

    Reptilians ingest our adrenochrome to mock us.


      Jesus was also an Alien because he was born of a Virgin, and his Father was around before earth began allegedly, making him an Alien.

      Mussolini promised he would return to head a far greater nation in need of a leader (on the day of his execution).

      Jesus talked like that as well. Benito also hid artifacts and messages about what Fascism was to be in our world, designed to be found hundreds of years after his death. He wrote in Biblical language.

      He also claimed to be a descendant of Caesar Augustus, just not by blood. And surviving a gun shot to the face, five assassination attempts, and poison not affecting him, plus wounds in battle during World War 1, and wounds from his sword duelling addiction, it made people believe in his immortality.

      That and being totally unqualified, receiving no votes in a Democracy cradle, being uneducated, and kicked out of school, having criminal history, then taking over government and military overnight without bloodshed, in a country on the verge of Soviet backed Civil war, as the youngest Prime minister in Italian history, was impossible.

      To then get 99% of votes after dismantling Democracy (for a new invention of Theocracy and Roman Empire revival) seems far fetched in view of Italy's attitude of resentment to the Papacy ( that Benito exalted more than almost any Saint).

      He also said "Fascism is a Religion and a Religious concept, where a higher society of Spirits connects with and controls our inferior material state. A purely Spiritual state that only death can achieve for us, is the greatest glory of a true Fascist".

      Originally, he had all the appearances of being under the influence of unseen sentient beings , supernatural, Preternatural, or Alien. He had something other than himself.

      He has left me with chronic signs and convictions that his ghost and Rachael's influences me more than anyone or anything.

      I tried many times to forget about it and Im aware it's ridiculous, but there is something there, a closeness, an unbreakable bond, a Fascist bond (Rebecca), an addiction, a rush. Click image for larger version

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        Click image for larger version  Name:	have_you_ever_imagined_how_a_female_joker_would_be_like_1571124170_725x725.jpg Views:	0 Size:	91.8 KB ID:	173776

        Joker's fourth Rome exalts fools, failures and half-wits. You are Leonine, and upon this park i will set up my Cyrus Circus Shinto of Babylon the Great, and the gates of Heaven and Hell shall not prevail against her agenda of turning the UN into a Circus, and a total mockery of Apocalyptic literature.

        A Whore of Babylon shall coexist with a Virgin of Babylon. Jesus was a friend of sluts and whores, always criticized for hanging out with them.

        I will give you the keys of the Fascist State. What you bind shall be bound. What you loose shall be loosed.

        You shall found a league of UR, which stands for "United Religions" but also Ur was the name of the Homeland of Abraham, father of Nations, and Monotheism.

        May Mussolini's Shinto confirmation name be "Abraham Lincoln" for Benito was a slave abolitionist , and is Patron Saint of the United Nations, patron Saint of World peace, Religious unity, and the Father of God the Father. May he become the perfection of what Abba would want to see in a Dad.

        Click image for larger version  Name:	download (26).jpeg Views:	0 Size:	10.5 KB ID:	173777 Click image for larger version  Name:	download (27).jpeg Views:	0 Size:	8.9 KB ID:	173778

        Every Clown has a silver lining!

        Click image for larger version  Name:	female_joker_by_royalastray_d68gk7f-fullview.jpg Views:	0 Size:	76.3 KB ID:	173775
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          Me thinks she'd be a good match for you.

          Click image for larger version

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            Originally posted by Pete's Draggun View Post
            Me thinks she'd be a good match for you.

            Click image for larger version

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            I wrote this hymn to a girl I identify as the female Joker:


            I'm wearing your joker costume to treatment today ?

            I can't thank you enough. The Joker Messiah uniform will be a source of tremendous grace and strength and inspiration in my life, whether I ever succeed at becoming Joker.

            I needed the grace you have given and I treat the outfit like it is a priestly vestments or mantle of the Prophet Elijah.

            It also is an item I believe to be blessed by Heath Ledger.

            I'll have to fail first. Heath Ledger was a great success. He had to die first though. At least his dying made him more popular and the dark-night sell more.

            Saying there should be no evil is like saying "who would batman be without the Joker? Bad guys often glorify their maker".

            But Joker isn't all that bad either.