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Il Duce, Hymen Caesar, Guardian and Temple of Virgins!

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    Il Duce, Hymen Caesar, Guardian and Temple of Virgins!

    As I Shinto Prophet , I don't claim to be without error, as Shinto says there are no inerrant texts or Prophets, so don't follow me if it goes against your conscience.

    But I'm still convinced the " Blessed Virgin Mussolini," third person of the Mussolini Trinity, Fascist Paraclete , and Holy Ghost of Terza Roma, is raising up a Fascist Virgin militia to sieze, conquer, manipulate, overpower, and Govern God, his Kingdom, his house, possessions, and graces, after a Virgin March on Zion, God's Washington DC (Rome), on the anniversary of the Fascist March on Rome (the Eternal City).

    Mussolini wants at least one day a month to attend Mass, receive Holy Communion , and offer up prayers and the treasures of the sacraments for his Shrine maiden Temple Virgins to receive their Hymens, Virginity, innocence, and purity back.

    This is because in Scripture Mussolini was "Contender with God". Best to find out God's weaknesses, and one of them is Virgins. God favors them so will give more to Virgins. Jesus reluctantly turned water into wine so people could party harder, at the request of a Virgin.

    He didn't want to work that miracle, but it was because of who was asking.

    So, Mussolini will present Virgins to the King of Heaven to hopefully get him to compromise and be nicer. It is like Queen Esther's beauty saving a nation from extermination.

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    Before becoming a loser and sharing in humiliation and crucifixion, girls wrote letters to Benito stating that they dreamed the host they received on their tongues at Mass was the body of Il Duce rather than the body of Christ.

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    One of these girls stuck with him when his closest friends betrayed him , and she shielded him from bullets shouting "No!". She hung upside down with him. Even Jesus during his lifetime didn't seem to have that kind of loyalty from men or women.

    Well, the Blessed Virgin Mussolini is the Immaculate conception, with all the purity and virtues of the Virgin Mary.

    Newspapers reported that when Mussolini was around women, he "gave them the itch". As an omnipresent being, the Blessed Virgin Benito is a Spirit connected always to the Spirit of the creator.

    This connects him to the Spirits of all females whose dreams haven't come true, and he is infinite in his capacity to fulfill them. The body of Il Duce is Fascist Hymen Headquarters, Temple of Virgins, where Hymens, purity, innocence, and Virginity restored.

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    The perpetual virginity of Mussolini means he will never lose it, but he is programmed to give "the itch" to the Blessed Virgin Mary as her favored Marian Dictator.

    I also feel it necessary to define the Dogma of Mussolini's Immaculate conception.

    He is also Guardian of Virgins and children. He can also appear as any ethnicity, as the Virgin Mary has often done.

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    His Shrine maidens are allowed to sunbathe and wear bikinis though, he just hasn't discerned whether the Virgins should march on God's Capitol dressed like that.

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    We are trying to conquer God by getting him intoxicated and delighted, so that he compromises, and drugs are going to be involved as well.

    You can give a girl her Hymen back by receiving Holy Communion at a Catholic Mass and offering up the treasures of the Eucharist for a girl in purgatory who is forgotten.

    That she gets her Hymen and bond out of purgatory. It will unite you forever. You make her more beautiful!

    Scripture says we are one body in Christ, connected.



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