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    Occult Kudos box!

    Shout out and Kudos to everyone, both friend and foe and the mental health team and staff at tree Fort.

    Kudos to the God of the Tree Fort. I will work on more human interaction in real life and all that good stuff though.

    Kudos and shout out to my current Therapist. I talk about my relationship with Benito and Rachael Mussolini, and the Fascist Paraclete and party, and he says he doesn't think it is delusional thinking (as a general rule).

    Not sure if I will make it, but my experience at Tree Fort has been one that leaves myself and Mussolini in debt with better mental health.

    Kudos to Benito whom I look to in times of darkness and misery, and the pain becomes a good thing, a cross that leads to a resurrection.

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    Mussolini was always a firm believer that you can win in defeat and it is in dying that we are born into true lasting beauty, power, glory, and perfection. Before he died, he declared with confidence his faith it was a military victory that Italian military was humiliated and crucified, to be resurrected. He promised he would return.

    He as
    an Empire in the world of the dead , and is Emperor Obon God of the Samurai.

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    We are trying to rehabilitate, and most people have zero tolerance for what I have to say about helping the Caesar evolve, heal, growth, and rehabilitation. Tree Fort, despite hostility from many, has offered us a home so that I can express myself here , plant seeds, and water the gardens of souls, rather than get into trouble out there.

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    I even give Kudos to my nemesis rolling for repeatedly calling my kind "toothless tweakers."
    Even though I have my teeth and see the dentist in less than a week, I meet people daily missing their teeth through drug addiction to my poison.
    ​​​​​We can learn from those who test and challenge us. I thank those who criticize and make fun of myself and Benito. It gives us thicker skin for the real world.

    Shout out to Rebecca, Amaterasu, and the Capitol Hill Queens. Shout out to Rachael Mussolini , who is like the Virgin Mary to me and holds me like I'm baby Jesus, in times of trial and affliction.
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    Safe in Mamma's arms I rest in the storms.

    Shout out and Kudos to Hirohito , Francisco Franco, the Fascist party in Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory, the morning star Fascist State Goddesses, Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary, Saint Anne Frank, and the Holy Roman Empire of The Rising Sun! ⛅

    I'm so grateful for this life of mine.

    Shout out to Doctor Linda Healy the Healer, my Spirit-psychiatrist, Denise Naslund, Saint George Hawkins, and Saint Philomena and Bernadette.

    Shout out to Ra the Sun God!

    To the ones I didn't thank, may you be richly blessed by my prayers and sufferings and deeds.

    Does anyone have Kudos to place in the box to the living or the dead? In group today the sermon was on finding what you are grateful for each day.

    Shout out to Don. I still have the Bible he mailed me. I keep it in my Honden as a Goshintai where I place prayers and relics.

    I love you Don! I love you ? Tree Fort!?

    I have kudos but rather just keep it all to myself.

    Yeah, i know, i'm selfish.