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Fascist Party in Heaven, Hell, Purgatory. "Bless Mussolini and you shall be blessed"

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    Fascist Party in Heaven, Hell, Purgatory. "Bless Mussolini and you shall be blessed"

    Do not continue reading this...

    .... unless you are new to my posts. Much of this has been stated elsewhere, but I do it for my Therapy, even though I sound like a broken record. Not all of it is old news but most is. This is extremely therapeutic for my brain cells, and Dopamine receptors, and soul, and maybe it will sit in a dark corner of the Internet for a hundred years, and eventually someone finds it and it enriches them in the same way. I write this for the Kami to read and I preach to the birds because no human will listen.

    Benito Mussolini and I , are growing in maturity and rehabilitating, trying to discern what is appropriate in this foreign alien land (earth) and forum (TF). I am not aware of what is appropriate here on earth. When I read the Bible it seems God is very inappropriate and his behavior reflects someone who isn't healthy by most Psychiatric standards. Just God's command to Abraham to sacrifice his only son. If any Psychiatrist had a patient tell them a voice told them to kill and burn their only son on an altar, the Psychiatrist would have the patient placed in an institution, heavily medicated, and the child placed in foster care.

    But apparently God is very mature and healthy Psychologically. Who decides what is and is not "Mature"?

    Each day I pray for the grace to grow more mature. Each day I fight to uproot temptations to be immature.

    He is growing as well.

    The Doctrine of Fascism says we do not reach true perfection until we "reach a purely Spiritual state that only death can achieve".

    Mussolini was a lot like God in many ways, but Mussolini wasn't racist, where the God in Scripture was. The God in Scripture was for slavery and genocide, where Mussolini was a slave abolitionist like Abraham Lincoln,

    and originally condemned Hitler's racism and scorched earth policies. Even when Mussolini wrote his manifesto on race, he told leaders in his Fascist party "I agree, this is stupid. I have to do this to please the Germans." This means, Mussolini was not actually racist despite eventually compromising on policies that he put into writing but rarely put into practice.

    Mussolini was wrong for siding with Hitler, but he did it to crush Communism, establish an anti-bolshivek block, and his dream of a "United States of Europe", Revived Holy Roman Empire, that defended God and Religion, as Bolshiveks saught to efface God from the hearts of man. It was Mussolini and his Fascist Regime that is responsible for the Vatican City State existing today. Originally Fascism was a Religious movement. Pope Pius XI hailed Mussolini as "The man of Providence".

    The Very symbol for Fascism, the Fasces, is still used in the Catholic Church today, and is a Religious symbol. The largest order in the Catholic Church, the "Knights of Columbus", has the Fasces as the symbol for their order.

    Mussolini was very intelligent and a seasoned street fighter and sword dueler. He was very strong mentally and physically to take over a first world Democracy, take over the government and military overnight with no one voting for him, no qualifications, no education, kicked out of school, no government experience, and the youngest Prime minister in Italian History.

    It is my belief that he now has a Fascist party that extends to Heaven , Hell, and Purgatory , seeking to change leadership in all those realms, so that there can be a greater outpouring of grace on earth and less suffering and more strong , diligent, united, enlightened people. With the current leadership in Heaven and Hell, there is a Spiritual famine and great confusion on earth. Mussolini's party seeks to change those things.

    Mussolini means Jacob, the man who fought with God all night and won in the book of Genesis, earning him the name "Israel" which means "Contender with God". Scripture in the book of Genesis says of him "Bless Mussolini (Jacob) and you shall be blessed. Curse Mussolini and you shall be cursed. In Mussolini all people shall find their blessing".

    Saint Louis De Montfort taught me everything I knew about Jacob. He says, "Jacob represents the elect. We are called to be Jacob". Mussolini died feast of Saint Louis De Montfort, the most influential Saint I have ever studied in my life. Mussolini lead me back to himl.

    I believe that since his (Jacob's) second wife was Rachael, and Mussolini's second wife was Rachael, and they both acted the same in many ways, one prefigured and overshadowed the other. I believe Jacob wrestling with and defeating God prefigures God's will that Mussolini contends with him and wins, with a march on Zion (God's Capitol Holy City) and a Fascist takeover of Heaven. There will also be a Fascist takeover of Hell, where Mussolini replaces the Devil as "God of this World",

    and all Demons must serve and obey him or be confined to laughing gas chambers where they laugh hysterically, don't suffer, but humanity protected from them. It certainly is a more merciful idea than some lake of fire where people and demons burn for eternity.

    There is also a third person of the "Mussolini Trinity", who is "The Blessed Virgin Mussolini". The Immaculate Conception and Perpetual Virginity of Mussolini has been defined by the dead Popes. He is the Fascist Paraclete, the Holy ghost of Blessed Mussolini, ever Virgin. (Benito means Bennedict. It means "Blessed".) He is ever omnipresent, all-knowing, and one with God. Where there is the Holy Ghost, there is the Blessed Virgin Mussolini, contender with God.

    One of the definitions of the name Mussolini is "To supplant. To remove from power and replace". Mussolini lived up to all the definitions of his name, removing the prime minister from power and replacing him.

    My belief that Mussolini will replace Lucifer is reinforced by Mussolini's Fascist headquarters:

    At the bottom you see the words "LUCE". Luce means "Lucifer". Proof!

    Let it be , in Jesus name. I know that God is reading this!

    Mussolini will then use the Demons to ease suffering on this earth. For example, for people with dark sense of humor and attracted to darkness, they will stir up dark comedy, Fascist comedians,

    and intriguing entertainment, charm the masses, fill all with euphoria, provided it doesn't conflict with the golden rule. For people that insist on hurting people, they may be confined to laughing gas chambers until they reform (or find a masochist who finds getting hurt to be euphoric.)

    What I'm trying to say, is Mussolini wants everyone to be happy, including Devils and wicked people. He wants to abolish suffering even in Hell. Even in his lifetime he eased much suffering, making short work of the mafia, he put more money in everyone's pockets in Italy, lowered unemployment to less than 1%, created jobs, created more jobs and colonies overseas and in the military for unemployed Italians, resurrected the Roman Empire briefly, which included Ethiopia, Libya, Albania, and Somalia. Was responsible for the economic miracle in Germany, saved Spain from militant atheism by propping up Dictator Francisco Franco and creating a Fascist regime that brought Spain to a golden age (And was in power until 1976).

    Choose the best answer on the poll
    Mussolini is awesome
    Mussolini is intriguing
    I wish I had some of Mussolini's strengths and qualities
    I don't give a flying fuck about Mussolini!
    I hate Mussolini!
    I don't care for Benito Mussolini, but God bless him. May he rest in peace!
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    He didn't know anything close to the extent of the Holocaust (that Hitler kept secret from even his own people). Repeatedly he was criticized harshly by the Nazis for disobedience and NOT rounding up the Jews. Repeatedly Mussolini told Hitler not to attack Poland or Czeck, and Il Duce put troops , tanks, and artillery on the Austrian border to stall Hitler's annexation of Austria.

    Eventually Mussolini joined Hitler because with the fall of France, only Britain was left, and he thought he might as well enter on the winning side, rather than let all the land fall to the Germans. He was also bombarded with German propaganda. Also, he saw his dreams of a greater Roman Empire and Anti-Bolshevik block as only possible through an alliance with Germany. Only Germany had the military capabilities of standing up to the Soviet Union.

    Also, Hitler helped Mussolini defeat Communism in the bloody Spanish Civil War. Mussolini called on Britain, America, and France to help, and they didn't. So , he felt in debt to Germany. He made a big mistake for which he repented for and still continues to make reparation for with penance, suffering, and prayer, and washing the feet of his victims. In Mussolini's final will he said "I forgive my betrayers. The Italian military has won through being defeated, like the crucifixion of Christ. Jesus won by losing. There shall be a resurrection. I needed to be humbled. I have blood on my hands and shall pay dearly. But I forgive my enemies".

    On the day of his death he said,

    "If you kill me now, I shall return to head a greater Nation in need of a leader, and you (Communists) will feel the arm". He was killed in cold blood without trial. German and Japanese war criminals got fair trial. Mussolini was found innocent of war crimes.

    To be continued.....