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    Master Fisherwoman's Ring!

    As a Shinto, nothing I say is to be taken as without error, as no one or text in Shinto is without error, and I believe myself to have some delusions.

    But not all of it is delusion.

    Last (April 15th I believe it was) I dreamed Eminem was stealing the fisherman's ring (Peter was a Fisherman) off Pope Benedict's finger. He ran away and placed the ring on the finger of a girl. I woke up that day and proceeded to walk to Capitol Hill where the Capitol building is modeled after "Saint Peter's Basilica" Rome.

    Before a statue of Hubert H Humphrey was a picture of the Pope prior to Bennedict, a Miraculous Medal (Sometimes called "MM", hence Eminem), and a 22 carrot golden ring. (Okay, it was a gold ring around a
    "Happy Mother's day plate" but still.

    I became convinced that the person wearing the fisherman's ring in the dream was

    Her name is Pamela Masterpietro

    The name literally means "Master Peter". Remember it was a "Fisherman's ring and Peter was a Fisherman." Master Peter = Master baiter, assuming he was good at catching fish.

    He went on to bait, catch, be a fisher of men.

    That is what the "Capitol Hill Queens" and the "Queens of Heaven" wish to do is not just be "fishers of men"
    but all humans, as well as fishers of fallen Angels, fishers of damned souls in Hell, and a full blown invasion of Hell to extinguish the fires , but also start a State-Shinto political party in Satan's Kingdom to supplant, remove from power, and replace the Devil.

    The best way to do this is to get Satan's own to turn on him by offering something better than what the Leader in Hell is offering to his military and citizens.

    Pamela holds the keys to the Kingdom, and the same powers of binding and loosing that Peter had. Pamela means "Pure Honey, Sweetness".

    You catch more flies through a spoonfull of honey and sugar, than you get with barrels of vinegar or salt.

    So, Master Peter has something the other Peters (Popes) didn't have going for them. She is their Master. She has sweet females with perfect bodies that make up her Vatican, and they grow more wise and beautiful, angelic, seraphic, intelligent, prudent, and Godlike each day. The Cardinals at her "all-girls Vatican" and Papal states wear red socks like Cardinals at the all-male Vatican, only hers sometimes wear just red socks, red high heels, and nothing else. Especially in their invasion into Hell. I hear it's hot down there.

    They carry rifles and blowguns with euphoric tranquilizers and laughing gas attacks and stuff similar to a love potion. I have experienced that the difference between being hateful, jealous, and angry, to loving everyone can depend on what drugs I'm on or how hard I'm laughing.

    So, the funniest anointed Comedians shall descend into hell as well. Kamikaze martyrs of love will also descend into hell to try and win converts through love and unconditional love for even the most unloveable. They shall have the Spirit of Dionisia, Goddess of wine, intoxication, ritual madness, religious ecstasy, sexuality, and the dying and rising God.

    So, if any of Hell's visitors, (offering unconditional love) get brutally executed, they rise again. They then repeat, to try to eventually reach hearts most difficult to win, establish a bond, relationship, and move them in the right direction.
    If nothing else, it gives someone who only finds happiness in violently killing someone, the relief and joy of violently killing someone.

    Some souls are anointed to be so sweet that they will do just that, and not be too bothered by pain. The Kamikaze are under the influence of drugs and Spirits as well.

    Copious amounts of chemicals , comedians, Queens of dark humor, and comfort women, will be brought to anesthetize hell. By making pain and suffering in Hell non-existent, it increases the likelihood of warfare between Heaven and Hell to cease.

    It increases a likelihood of a light and darkness alliance, and around the yin and yang axis, the planet shall then rotate.

    The main leader of the Capitol Hill Queens who hopes to get into power , is Donna Gail Manson. After she replaces Lucifer, she will go by "Lucy" which means "Morning Star" (Venus. Only planet with a female name. Why not have a female Lucifer?)

    Donna Manson was a victim of Ted Bundy who was into goth, witchcraft, magic, and excessively interested in the occult, ghost conjuring, and death.

    Donna Manson is an interesting name. Donna sometimes means "Lady". Donna usually is feminine for the name "Donald". Donald means Leader. Il Duce means "Leader". Donna was one of the names of the spouse of Il Duce. Donald Trump was compared to Il Duce, and Donna is trying to Trump the Devil. Donald Manson = Il Duce Manson = Leader Manson = Manson Family.

    Her goals are to set up Queens of the underworld to be Trump cards. A trump card is when a card of a lower rank or qualification, takes all the higher cards on the table of a different suit. In the Old Testament, Rebecca was a similar type of trump card. She was also blessed by God for breaking God's rules and rebelling against her husband, who had authority by Divine decree. Through scheming, deception, manipulation, and theft, Rebecca had her way, and ruined the plans of Isaac who had the greater strength, favor with God, and authority (Whom Saint De Montfort said represented God the Father. Rebecca represented the "Queen of Heaven. De Montfort seems to indicate that the Queen (s) of Heaven will eventually rebel against God and have their way").

    Donna Manson, with the help of her friend, the political sorcerer "Rasputin" and others, will turn her followers into a Manson family. All of Hell will hopefully become a Manson Family. The Demons and damned souls that insist on killing or hurting people (that don't want to be killed or hurt) will be confined to luxury cells and laughing gas chambers, where they are completely high and free off suffering, but people protected from them.

    When the all seeing Eye of Divine Femininity, that can read their hearts, and the all-knowing mind of the great Mother God, sees they wish to rehabilitate, she will give them new hearts, and when it is clear they are ready to leave, they can exist. They are encouraged to try to get out of hell altogether.

    What is taking place in Hell, or what will take place to accomplish these objectives, is called "Red Revolution".
    It was started by Nafisa Joseph, Saint Joseph for modern times. The day I enshrined Nafisa Joseph in Red Bikini, I found a Red pack of cigs that said "Smokin Joe". Smokin means Sexy. Chief Joseph was called "The Red Napoleon".

    (Here she is in her red bikini):

    She is Nafisa Joseph Stalin, her female comrades and followers (to establish this new preternatural order) are her Soviets for Rebecca. She is one of the chief Cardinals of Master Fisherwoman's all-girl's Papacy of "Sweetness and Honey" (Pamela). Hence the reason for the red bikini but also red is the color most men find to be most sexy on women, the first human "Adam" allegedly, is a name which means "Red". And, Cardinals wear red. And red is for both the Republican and the Communist party.

    In Hell, everything belongs to the Community. Nothing belongs to the residents individually. If you don't like it, behave and get out.

    The Cardinals of the female Papacy wear

    Oh yeah.

    Pamela Masterpietro was killed by Migrants from Africa. Her arms and legs were cut off while she was still alive, then her head, then stuffed in a suitcase. and I had a vision that each piece grew into a new five-pointed star-fish. Star firsh regenerate into completely new bodies when you cut off arms and legs.

    To me it meant that Pamela grew five times more powerful after death.

    Well, the next day, near assumption Church I found a sponge Bob shirt that included a five-pointed pink starfish, next to a pink bra. The shirt said over and over again 1999 1999 1999. Pamela Masterpietro was born in 1999.

    What are the odds?


      On Master Peter (Fisherwoman)....

      Earlier I stood on a big green chair I called "The chair of Saint Peter Parker", and said:

      On this Rock I will build my League of UR, and the forces of Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory, shall be unable to resist it.

      UR stands for "United Religions"

      But Ur was also the city that Abraham, the founder of the roots of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam was from.

      The League of UR seeks for Shinto to be the common bond that all Religions have in Common. The league of UR seeks for all Religions to cease fighting and arguing, judging, and condemning, and using an ancient text that contradicts itself to stir up fear and judgement. Cut it out!

      Shinto is simply "Belief in the Kami (Spirits. That would include God). The dead become Kami and can continue to influence us."

      There are no other Dogmas to Shinto, no Scriptures that declare themselves to be without error, and no known founder. Therefore, there is nothing to fight over.

      Shinto is about what you do, and following your conscience, not what you believe.

      Another thing I like about Shinto is the highest Kami is not the creator of Heaven and earth, but she came a while later. I like the fact that it is a Female Divinity. She is sometimes depicted as a wolf, and the ghost who introduced me to Shinto, her mother's maiden name was "Deeb", which is Arabic for "Wolf"

      I was ready to be an atheist, but signs and wonders, and graces coming from females, helped me far more than praying to the male God. Plus I was practicing many Shinto traditions before I even knew what Shinto was.