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The Boy Who Cried Wolf (Journey and healing of a Shinto Mystic)

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  • The Boy Who Cried Wolf (Journey and healing of a Shinto Mystic)


    After discovering Shinto, I often cried out to all souls and God as "Oh Kami, Oh kami....."

    Kami means "Spirit, God, Angel, or Deity". I later learned "Okami" means "Wolf". So when I was crying "Oh Kami, Oh Kami", I was actually crying "Wolf, Wolf" in Japanese.

    Wild wolfs are about as common in Japan as bigfoot from what I gather, but wolves are very sacred in Shinto.

    The highest and most venerated Kami in Shinto, Amaterasu Omikami, is sometimes depicted in art and video games as a "Wolf".

    for guests or those who haven't seen me mention it elsewhere, through dreams and coincidence, I felt Denise Marie Naslund was a soul (Kami) trying to get my attention and heal me of sadistic sociopathic tendencies through love and maternal tenderness.

    I fell in love with her and wanted to do everything I could to please her and avoid anything that displeases her. This included many deeds of charity and almsgiving + forgiving those who wrong me.

    Her mother's maiden name was "Deeb" which is Arabic for Wolf.
    I identify her as "Capitol Hill Wolf", and "Capitol Hill Queen".

    I identified her and some of her friends as "Capitol Hill Queens" before knowing there was a "Capitol Hill" in the state of Minnesota that I would live next to which enshrines thousands of deceased people (Kami), their names carved into granite.

    I have also seen Native Americans enshrine thousands of indigenous women violently murdered, with over a thousand red markers on Capitol Hill. It became a popular site of pilgrimage for me. The wolf is a very sacred animal to Native American Shamanism as well.

    A Divine "Capitoline Wolf" breastfed the Twins "Romulus and Remus" who founded Rome, according to tradition. I felt Denise did something similar to me and it was very healing. I consider her a patron Saint and healer of Sadists or those with serial killer tendencies. To bring them healing of course, through unconditional love.

    In a psychiatric hospital, after surviving a jump off a three story building (breaking multiple bones), one of the patients told me she thought my Spirit animal was a wolf, because she kept seeing a wolf when she looked at me. She also claims to see ghosts (Kami) in need of help and prayer.

    This was before the wolf became a significant part of my spirituality.

    Well, Denise had me practicing Shinto before I knew that the highest Kami in Shinto was not the creator, and was female, sometimes depicted as a wolf.

    I was in the middle of writing this testimony as part of an assignment for my counselor (two days ago), writing about the significance of the wolf in my Spirituality, and I looked to my right, and the patient was drawing a picture of a wolf.

    Her Mother, whose Maiden name was "Deeb", Arabic for "wolf" kept her possessions as relics and turned the house into a shrine to her daughter where she loved her daughter and treated her like she was still alive in Spirit.

    In Shinto, that Deifies a person when you enshrine them and are devoted to them like that.

    Capitol comes from the word "Skull" because of a skull that was found at "Capitoline Hill". All that was found of Denise was her skull. Police lost it and her mother was devastated not being able to lay her daughter's remains to rest. There was a big lawsuit.

    So she buried a corpse-less casket with a letter to her daughter, a picture of Jesus and Mary, a Rosary, and some relics.

    I feel I'm called to continue the tradition of loving Denise in all things as my spirit-mother, and Denise is my patron Saint and "Okami" "Capitol Hill Wolf" but also a type of "Amaterasu Omikami", Solar Divinity as well.

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    Feel free to leave any prayer intentions and I will post a prayer for you to the Kami.

    In Shinto, it is a Religion where you don't have to believe in any text. None of their ancient texts are considered to be without error, therefore they are not Scripture.

    . My practice of Shinto , is I pray to Amaterasu, and I have no real Dogmas about her, other then what she reveals to me through conviction, coincidence, signs, and wonders that seem to be more impressive than a broken clock being right twice a day. But I consider those beliefs to be for myself, never to be forced on someone else. If I want to believe them, or even share them, fine. But I shouldn't feel like others must embrace them.

    Dogmas can never be proven and lead to arguing and bickering as we see in Abrahamic Religions. Scriptures cause the same problems. Shinto is about your relationship with the entity or entities you feel called to be devoted to, without doctrine getting in the way of love for your Kami. If you want Scriptures, write your own and pray for the Kami to guide you.

    But no Scriptures, Prophet, or Shaman, in Shinto, are considered to be without error. These are the things I love about Shinto: 1. The highest Kami is not the creator 2. The highest Kami is female. 3. There is no known founder of Shinto 4. No Shaman or Prophet or Sacred text is without error 5. the only Shinto Dogma is "Belief in the Kami" (so nothing to argue about, judge, or condemn. Follow your heart, conscience, and inner conviction above any "sacred text" that contradicts it.)

    Like, I believe Amaterasu to be a friend of the Virgin Mary at the end times, and that she got baptized last Easter. But I would never tell someone they need to believe that , or that I am without error.

    I pray to the Kami. I pray to Spirits. I pray to the dead. I love nature. I pray to all the soldiers enshrined at Yasukuni. Every soldier that dies for Japan gets enshrined as a Divinity at Yasukuni and their name and birthday written in a book of souls. There are more than 2 million four hundred thousand soldiers enshrined there. Before a kamikaze mission, the kamikaze said "We will meet again at Yasukuni shrine and return home honorably".

    I don't believe Doctrine or Dogma or Scriptures to be important or guaranteed to be without error.

    If they are helpful, then do by all means believe them. But in Shinto, they don't send people or missionaries to preach that you have to believe their doctrines to be saved , or that their Doctrines are without error.

    The only Doctrine is: "Belief in the Kami".

    Shinto is about what you do. Not what you believe. Follow your conscience and heart. Honor the dead. Do what brings you peace and what you find enriching spiritually. Don't argue about Dogma, it distracts you from devotion to the Kami (Spirits). It's a great Religion.


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      Capitol Hill Wolf is a perfect name for Denise , other than her Mother's maiden name being "Deeb" (wolf, Okami like Amaterasu).

      The Capitoline Hill Wolf suckled the Twins who founded Rome , and I live in the Twin Cities, where the Capitol building on Capitol Hill is modeled after "Saint Peter's Basilica", largest Church in Rome.

      Rome got it's name from the wolf that nursed it's founders.

      Before I knew Denise Naslund's association with the "Wolf" or knew I was practicing Shinto, Denise introduced me to a Spiritual Empire of Kami, known as "The Holy Roman Empire of the Rising Sun".

      Jesus said, "The Kingdom of Heaven is within".

      As Buddha was dying he said "Find the light, the lamp within you". Amaterasu is a Goddess of light that can be found within.

      I feel Denise saying that any of us can be founders of Rome. You must find the Roman Empire within. It isn't about conquest through violence. It isn't about power. It isn't about borders or things acquired through violence or material gain. It is found within.

      The "Holy Roman Empire of the Sun" can be a light, a Kingdom within, available to anyone who seeks it or calls out to the Kami who are perpetually enshrined there as a Holy Necropolis of sorts "City of the dead", or rather "Empire of the dead", which includes God, his mothers, Angels, and Archangels, all who go by the name "Kami" in Shinto. Shinto is compatible with Christianity. Jesus would simply be "Kami".

      You can also become a Kami while you are alive.

      Not all branches of Shinto are Christian. Butthe intrinsic essence of Shinto doesn't contradict Christianity, because Christians believe in Spirit-beings (Kami). Shinto is "Belief in the Kami". It is compatible with Christianity.

      Compatible with almost any Religion really. Shinto is beautiful Religion and exalts the Divine Feminine. All Theistic Religions believe in the Kami, therefore are practicing Shinto in it's essence.