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Anniversary of my register date at this forum and Amaterasu's gift!

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    Anniversary of my register date at this forum and Amaterasu's gift!

    I call 14 a Shinto number, the 14th of each month Shinto day, and Japan day, because I got Japan fever on July 14th 2015 in my jail cell and saw Japanese Kamikaze, children and Samurai smiling at me and I was their puppet. They were pulling strings and I was obeying their every move, their fool.

    I didn't know what Shinto was but until I was practicing it for over a year. I knew what Samurai and who Emperor Hirohito was, so a song came to me:

    May I be your dog and your machine

    A faithful prisoner of the Japanese

    Take me down to Tokyo

    Make my Spirit whole

    We'll build a great Empire of the Sun

    Mother Mary's gonna love this one

    When we build a great Empire of the Sun

    Hirohito I'm with you

    A faithful POW

    With the Victim's that lost their lives in Hiroshima

    Jesus Christ is gonna love this one

    When we restore the Empire of the Sun

    P O W

    For ever I am chained to you

    let's exalt Japan and have some fun

    The Queens of Heaven, they will love this one

    When we restore the Empire of the Sun

    After learning I was practicing Shinto building shrines to various females that I referred to as "Capitol Hill Queens", in the woods, I learned that the Japanese enshrine all their war dead by writing their names and birth dates in a book of souls and placing it in a Honden at Yasukuni Shrine, and many of their faces on the walls.

    I also turned my cupboard into a shrine before knowing the Japanese Shinto practice of a Kamidana (God-cupboard) a cupboard reserved for enshrined Kami.

    Today is 09/14/2021 anniversary of when I believe Amaterasu gave me a circular mirror. On 09/14/2019 on the day I call "Japan day", I was praying for Japan at the Cathedral, as I pray for Japan on the 14th of each month. I also call it Amaterasu's time of the month. Her feast day where I pray especially to her. While praying for Japan, I turned around to see a paper that said in big letters "JAPAN" with a picture of Saint Maximilian Kolbe, Japanese missionary who died to save someone' s life at "Auschwitz" next to a Shinto Shrine. Fond of the coincidence, I grabbed the paper and exit the Cathedral.

    Immediately I find a circular mirror on the ground. Circular mirrors are the highest relic in Shinto because Amaterasu gave a circular mirror to the first legendary Japanese Emperor Jimmu and said to venerate the mirror as if it were her. This is on "Japan day" as I have Japan paper in hand and am praying for Japan, so I grab the mirror. It had the same color lining as the circular mirror Amaterasu was looking into in the picture I had of her on my wall.

    I walk to Capitol Hill and find a shrine to firemen that I hadn't observed before, next to the gun that sank the first Japanese ship in World War 2 at pearl Harbor. I named the ladder "Jacob's ladder" which means "Ascent to God". I ascended the ladder and could see my reflection everywhere. It was a circular mirror dated 1987, year of the fire-bunny in Chinese zodiac. That is the year I was born.

    That is old news, but I thought it was worth mentioning because today is the anniversary of when it happened and when I found the mirror. I was feeling very close to Amaterasu last night shortly after midnight and I couldn't stop writing letters to her in my diary. What sparked this was a staff member said "It's midnight. Go to the Sun Room".

    In the Sun room (TV room) there was a national Geographic with articles about survivors of Hiroshima and Hiroshima referred to as a "Messianic City with miraculous recovery". Saint Paul, where I am from and where I found the circular mirror and Capitol Hill, is called "Sister of Nagasaki", and a friend of mine refers to Saint Paul as "Nagasaki". The Saint Paul-Nagasaki Sister City Committee (SPNSCC) was commissioned as the first Japanese-American city partnership in 1955, predating the International Sister City Affiliation enacted by Congress during the Eisenhower administration.

    1955 was the year Denise Naslund was born January 1st, most celebrated holiday in the world and feast of the Mother of God. Her middle name is French for "Mary" Mother of God.

    I kept a book of souls where I wrote names and prayers to the Spirits (Kami) that I pray to. That is a Shinto practice, only they have books of souls with millions of names. So, I fell in love with Shinto realizing it had no Dogmas, highest Kami is not the creator, highest Kami is female, no known founder, and they deify ordinary people like I was doing. The Spirit that lead me to Shinto, Denise Marie Naslund, her mother's maiden name is Deeb, meaning wolf. In Shinto, the highest Kami i depicted in art and video games as a "She-wolf".

    The Japanese word for wolf and God is almost the same. Kami = God. Okami = Wolf.

    So, I called Denise "Capitol Hill Wolf". Capitoline Hill is where "Capitol Hill" comes from. "Capitoline Hill" is linked to the legendary founders of Rome nursing at the breasts of a She-wolf. It's how Rome got it's name. At our Capitol Hill, the Capitol building is modeled after Saint Peter's Basilica, Rome. As I've said elsewhere, I called the divinities I pray to "Capitol Hill Queens" before knowing there was a Capitol Hill in the state or that I would live there.

    Denise introduced me to an Empire of Kami called "Holy Roman Empire of the Rising Sun". She helped me found and build a Roman Empire as the Capitol Hill Wolf

    It is an Empire within where the Divine Feminine and Shinto is exalted. Jesus said the Kingdom of Heaven can be found within. One of Buddhas last words were "Find the lamp, the light within you."

    Likewise, it is not a "Holy Roman Empire" that grows through violent conquest. It is not an Empire with borders. Any heart that simply desires to be a part of the Empire can call out to the Empire and the Shinto Queens who govern it, and they are citizens through simply desiring to be citizens and devotion to Kami. Denise and the Capitol Hill Queens will provide and have the backs of their devotees, and give them joy and comfort in suffering.


    In an etymological myth, ancient sources connect the name to caput ("head", "summit") and the tale was that, when laying the foundations for the temple, the head (Skull) of a man was found,[3] some sources even saying it was the head of some Tolus or Olus. The Capitolium was regarded by the Romans as indestructible, and was adopted as a symbol of eternity.[4][5]

    All that was found of Denise was her "Caput" head (Skull). The police lost it, leading to a lawsuit, and her devastated sorrowful Mother buried a corpse-less casket with some of her daughter's relics, a rosary, a picture of Jesus and Mary, and a letter to her daughter. Her Mother kept her daughter's room exactly as it was when she was alive, keeping her daughter's car and all of her possessions as relics, and turning the house into a shrine.

    In Shinto, her Mother was Deifying and immortalizing her daughter, and turning her into a Divinity (Goddess). I feel the need to continue her tradition so keep a shrine to Denise. I'm hoping when I die, someone else out there will keep the tradition. Denise actually has the first name of the Greek God of wine, intoxication, religious ecstasy, and transubstantiation, giving his followers his flesh to eat and his blood to be drunk in the form of transubstantiated wine, before Christ did so. Dionysus was also born December 25 (Christmas).

    So, Denise is my female Dionysus (Dionisia). Her middle name is after the Mother of God, born feast of the Mother of God because she is my Mother of God as well.

    Also, since she introduced me to Shinto, and her Mother's maiden name is Deeb (Okami, wolf) like Amaterasu, and I called Denise my "Sunshine" my "Inner lamp, light within, solar Divinity" before knowing about Sun Divinity (Wolf) Amaterasu Omikami. She is my personal Amaterasu as well.

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    According to some sources, I read that Eleanor Rose Deeb, her Mother, died January 1st, her daughter's birthday.

    I know most of that I have shared like a broken record, but today being the 14th, and 09/14, and 09/14/2019 was when Amaterasu gave me the circular mirror (I'm convinced anyhow of that) I felt compelled to share it again. Hope you don't mind, but I am a broken record, I admit.
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    I love you Amaterasu. Bind me to you to always do your will and obey you. Make me your humble obedient son, servant, and spouse. Place your Sun Chip in my brain to program me to always do what pleases you. I don't want free-will any longer. On this anniversary of the circular mirror gift, I felt your presence so powerfully and was writing such long letters to you before realizing it was the anniversary of that day.

    I know you are with me. That is all that matters. As long as I have faith that you are with me, I find joy in the worst of circumstances. Please destroy evil in our world! Console those who suffer. Enlighten all confused minds and hearts. Lead the Capitol Hill Queens on to greater glory. Make of them great Samurai, Sun Divinities, Mothers of God, and Queens of Heaven.

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        No anime nudes.???

        *Pete snorts nostrils*
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