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My new friend Nero!

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    My new friend Nero!

    Nero did some bad things no doubt, but on a day I was praying to Cleopatra and some other suicides, I saw a bust of Nero on the cover of a magazine and mistook it for a bust of Cleopatra I was looking at earlier that day.

    Turns out Nero was a suicide and that was a day I was praying to and blessing suicides and "Charlemagne, the Ottonian Dynasty, and Holy Roman Emperors"

    I felt a closeness to the spirit of Nero like he wanted to be a part of the "suicide squad" I pray to and bless.

    Anyway, he had redeemable qualities.

    Supposedly Nero won over a thousand rewards for his singing and abilities as an actor and athlete. His final words were that a great artist dies within his body.

    He labored incessantly for his Empire to be more beautiful and there is little evidence he set fire to Rome.

    He sang and played a musical instrument while Rome burned to console and calm the people.

    He actually worked overtime to stop the fire and provide relief. So his playing the fiddle while Rome burned was not indifference anymore than playing the violin while titanic sinks. Yet he is demonized for it.

    The article suggests he may not have been responsible for his mother's death, but many people wanted her dead and the boat was created to collapse and drowned her. When she made it to shore, people ran her through without Nero willing it.

    Many others blamed Christians for burning Rome, and Nero had next to nothing to do with the persecution of Christians according to the article, but was simply listening to the popular testimony of the people, and mistakenly believed it to be true. Who knows? He made mistakes no doubt, but I'm just saying he wasn't the demon people say he was.

    Either way, he may have changed since then.

    There were relatively few Christians killed under Nero, as Christianity was more a middle eastern thing, and not big in Rome at the time (according to the article), and his focus was more on Christians in Rome (allegedly).

    The article suggests Nero let other people control what was responsible for killings, while he devoted himself to being an actor, singing, art, making gardens, aqueducts, monuments, and people resented and used him as a scapegoat somewhat because of that and his lack of statesmanship.

    Also, his name followed by "Caesar" = 666 which lead to many conspiracies in writings of Christians.

    The people in charge after Nero, uprooted and destroyed evidence of Nero's good contributions, and Christian writers blame him for the deaths of Peter and Paul, neither of which Nero had anything to do with, the article insists. Paul died before the great "Nero persecution", and the article said Nero had nothing to do with it.

    Nero never fed Christians animals and he declared that he preferred chariot races over watching people die. When Nero was before executions, he covered his eyes.

    Nero is thought to throw Christians to lions. That is popular falsehood. The Colosseum hadn't been built yet and Nero hated violence, remaining in his box with curtain drawn when protocol demanded he show up at a gladiator game.

    He said, "I would rather not watched two armed men slice each other up".

    My point being, the guy may have been better than many Roman Emperors who did love gladiator fights and brutal executions, and feeding people to animals.

    According to this article, the author is convinced Nero was a poet, an actor, an artist, a singer, and a demonized scapegoat.

    Whatever the case. Rest in peace Nero. May God bless you and love you. You were young and didn't know what you were doing probably, becoming Emperor age 17.

    You deserve another shot or chance at being a Saint. If Jesus is your judge, he preached love enemies and forgave those who crucified him. May Jesus follow his advice and love his enemies.

    May he love and forgive you and you be reunited, reconciled with your mother, whether you were or were not responsible for her death.

    Shinto demands we love even malevolent spirits when they visit us. If we hate them, they can retaliate. Love can transform bad Kami into good Kami in Shinto tradition.

    I was praying to Cleopatra and suicides and writing letters to holy Roman Emperors less than an hour before I found the article about Nero and his suicide age 30 with a sword.

    He died very scared and in a lot of pain, and now is trampled upon as the worst Roman Emperor who played the fiddle while Rome burned.

    He provided all sorts of emergency relief and people said he started the fire (which is likely a falsehood)

    I don't know the truth. But I believe this "Monster" and "Antichrist" contacted me and wants my blessings, prayers, love, and for me to come to his defense.

    I also have to make a Shrine for him and burn incense to him and Tiberius , Julius, and Caesar Augustus.

    The Roman Empire lives on in my heart. Hail to the Caesar!

    I don't care what the haters say. As Phil Collins says "you'll be in my heart".

    (I love Caesars and Pharaohs. Theologically their office and vocations as a God-Incarnation were very similar. After Egypt was absorbed into the Roman Empire, Egyptians considered the Caesar to be a Pharaoh.

    I just never liked Nero. But that was then, this is now. I love any Kami that wants my blessing and friendship, especially Roman Emperors. They are like family.

    Even monsters can become Saints. Isn't the persecutor Saint Paul, who oversaw persecution of Christians and the stoning of Steven, proof of that?

    I live in Saint Paul btw. I'd say I'm proof of a monster becoming compassionate lol )

    You don't know them. It's true, neither did the christians that hated on him after he died. But neither do you.
    Nero likely did abominable things during his reign, just like leaders as Mussolini and Hitler.
    They're not all falsely attributed to him by haters.

    Also.. just because we can acknowledge these people liked good things too, and at times did things with good intent as well, doesn't suddenly make them good people. It just makes them humans. Humans who unfortunately had a disastrous and unforgivable impact on a lot of other humans.