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Mussolini wants Physicians to be aware of trauma's link to health problems!

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    Mussolini wants Physicians to be aware of trauma's link to health problems!

    Doctor Mussolini's Greek equivalent is Appollo, the Greek God of the Sun and healing + curing diseases.

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    Mussolini and his wife Racheal are Doctors. He is no longer a Dictator but a healer, overflowing with love and compassion for all God's creatures. (Including those who hate him).

    Mussolini wants Physicians to be aware of trauma as a child and health problems as an adult that are caused from childhood trauma. I'll get the statistics later, but the higher your childhood trauma score is, the higher your risk of mental and physical problems as an adult will be.

    As someone with much exposure to early adversity , I know Mussolini to have worked wonders in my Amygdala , the response in the brain to fear and adversity. By accepting Mussolini as my Caesar and caregiver, I have more peace, joy, less fight-or-flight responses to adversity, less cortisol which is very damaging to Health..

    Excessive exposure to childhood trauma affects the immune system, causes increased risk of cancer, addictions, and all kinds of problems, as well as how DNA works.

    Mussolini gives me security and healing from a childhood full of abandonment, abuse, neglect, institutions, and trauma from unhealthy peers and parenting.

    Mussolini is a Doctor , and his wife Rachael specialize in dealing with victims of trauma and childhood neglect and abuse, as well as mental illness and people struggling with addictions.

    Rachael (who has my birthday) impacted me more than anyone, with her meek, humble, spiritual, and unbiased writings. My hope, love, and joy is in Rachael and Benito Mussolini ( Doctor Appollo).

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    Appollo, Doctor Appollo, my light, healer of mankind. Hope and security in times of adversity!

    Mussolini teaches me to love fear and adversity as an opportunity to make of it an offering to him and Rachael for their Roman Empire to grow and triumphy.

    Mussolini I also identify as Egyptian Sun God Amun-Ra (Because Mussolini means Jacob, Jacob's second wife was Rachael, and the Old Testament uses the Sun to represent Jacob, and I practice Shinto , where the Sun (and sun divinity) is the most holy Symbol, and Mussolini hung upside down. In Shinto, Obon festival is dedicated to souls which "hang upside down" (Suffer greatly).

    Mussolini is a type of Osiris as well. Every dead Pharaoh becomes a type of Osiris if (God of the dead). Mussolini is Caesar of the dead. And Egyptians recognized Caesars as "Pharaoh's" after Egypt was absorbed into the Roman Empire.

    How well we choose our parents can heal the damage our biological parents have done. By choosing Rachael and Benito Mussolini as mother and Father,

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    I have chosen a Mother and Father I can love and cherish more than my initial parents. Rachael and Benito Mussolini are good medicine, and always there for me.

    I have countless problems. Mussolini is my solution.

    I know not what course others may take. But as for me, give me Mussolini or give me death!

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