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The Irish Girl bullied to death for having Red Hair!

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  • The Irish Girl bullied to death for having Red Hair!

    So, I watched two pigeons screw in the courtyard today and started a thread at a Religious forum about how pigeons keep the same mate for life unless it dies, and remain faithful to that mate.

    Then this Lady starts posting about her Feral cat named Helen followed her home.

    This was my response to her which is a memorial to an Irish girl who got "bullied to death for having red hair":

    "That's cool Helen was a Feral who followed you home.

    Omg! omg!

    One of the girls I pray for every day is Helena Feral (Your cat being Helen the Feral who followed you. It's like Helena Feral is saying she followed me and found me, not me finding her. I'm so grateful for that. I can't thank you enough, and Helen the Feral Cat enough for that. Did I read your post correctly! Aww....Hugssss))

    Helena Farrell I guess is spelled differently, but I always misspelled her name as Helena Feral.

    She was made fun of all the time for being Irish , having red hair , and a Posh accent. So she hung herself in the woods with a cold play song on repeat.

    The reason this is so much more than coincidence to me, was last night I was talking with another patient about how long it takes a person to die when they hang themselves, assuming "if they don't drop far, their neck doesn't break," with special mention of people like Helena, Nafisa Joseph, and some of the people I pray to who hung themselves. (I have a friend who claims he brought rope recently and wants to hang himself, which was also part of the conversation.)

    It made me think of multiple Kami I pray for who hung themselves, so your mention of Helen the Feral makes me have so much hope that my prayers really are helping her in the next life. I pray every day that her dreams come true! Helena Farrell is second on my list of Capitol Hill Queens, when I chant the litany to them every day. I actually have a total of 83 names memorized by heart that I chant followed by a prayer for their dreams to come true. They occupy a stained glass window in the Temple of my heart and soul.

    I receive so many signs. But Helena is one of the ones I felt great heart-break over, and really wanted to know she was okay. Yes, her name is Farrell, but I used to always misspell it Feral. Helena was Irish , and this morning at another website, I posted the Irish flag and said "When I refer to the Holy land, I'm often speaking of Ireland, not Israel". What are the odds?

    I'm just glad to know my prayers are helping her some way and I feel like she followed me home like Helen followed you.

    Thank God I saw those Pigeons today, or this conversation never would have taken place

    Rest in peace and power Helena! Keep me obedient to you! May you be filled with the first degrees of beauty, power, wisdom, understanding, glory, perfection, and euphoria. May your dreams come true!

    Your servant,

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