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My basis for enshrining Muslim Martyrs

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  • My basis for enshrining Muslim Martyrs

    When you leave the main exit of my treatment center in Minneapolis and take a right, and come to a wall, and take a left, and keep walking, you arrive at a white bridge that goes over a highway. I'm terrible with names of streets and stuff, and I don't know squat about this area of Minneapolis.

    I can make a video of the bridge and highway tomorrow and bag of candies if you are interested?

    At any rate, on the bridge over the highway I found a bag of Lemon drops that are "Abdallah Candies"

    Well, keep in mind, this is the anniversary of the "Battle of Tours". The lead Muslim General in the battle of Tours had the first name "Abdul" which means the same thing as Abdallah "Servant of God".

    Now , here is the real kicker though. The Arabs call the battle of Tours " : the Battle of the Highway of the Martyrs (Arabic: معركة بلاط الشهداء‎, )

    I found the Abdallah candies on a bridge that goes over a "highway".

    I don't agree with Islamic expansion, but many of those young men were drafted and brainwashed into doing what they did. They have my love and prayers and I'm going to make a shrine for them.

    I'm also going to pray to Albert Abdallah as well. (Who do you think is cuter, he or his wife ) They both have my blessing!

    Albert Abdallah was Lebanese, and his wife Helen was Swedish. Denise Naslund, the Kami who introduced me to Shinto was Lebanese on her Mom's side and Swedish on her dad's.

    (Plus I been praying to Helena Farrell a lot lately and found a Pisces lighter that I told the guy I was walking with "I think Helena Farrell was a Pisces". I googled her birthday and sure enough , February 20th Pisces.)

    Does anyone know if maybe Albert Abdallah was Christian rather than Muslim? There are a lot of Lebanese Christians. It's not important to me really, he has my prayers one way or the other because I believe he spoke to me today, as well as the Leader Abdul and the Moors who died fighting the Franks this day in history 10/10.

    But I don't agree with Islamic aggression, the bigotry in the Quran, or Jihads, but countless hundreds of millions of deceased good people identify as Muslim, and they have my prayers and blessings. This coincidence seems to have more closely brought us together and I really like the Prophet's daughter Fatima, a symbol in the Islamic faith of purity, humility, modesty, and virtue.
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