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Fascist Fashion Thong Model Troopers of the Morning Star!

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    Fascist Fashion Thong Model Troopers of the Morning Star!

    Girls in Heaven and purgatory will love anyone unconditionally who offers up all that they do for the girls in heaven, purgatory, and East of Heaven, praying that their dreams come true.

    There is also all girls Vatican City East of Heaven where girls have privacy and God knows not what goes on there as part of the Lateran treaty.

    The Cardinals wear red high heels, red socks, red thong of truth girding their tender lady loins, and red wonderbra of righteousness.

    Men are allowed to visit and be loved and cherished, and monsters are transformed into noble steeds.?

    The symbol for Fascism is many rods bound together to form an unbreakable Fasces.

    The definition of the name Rebecca is to bind together as in matrimony. These naughty Rebecca Israeli defense force girls seek matrimony with people on earth, and matrimony with the female Fascist State, a State with mind and will of her own, bride of Mussolini.

    You get to be their Benito Mussolini. Benito means blessed. Mussolini means Jacob, son of Rebecca.

    The poorest of the poor, the unwanted, are their treasures, for they see in such people God in disguise.

    Those who have their reward in this world have less treasures in heaven.

    Give your sufferings to Rebecca. She will give you many graces. Take refuge in her arms, in her lap, drink fully the milk of her comfort, nurse with delight at her abundant breasts, listen to her sweet heart pound with love for humanity, even the unloved and unlovable.

    Explore the cosmos with the Israeli defense force morning ? star troopers! They will take you special places.

    They are ladies of light and their bodies and pretty faces light up dark places. Smile at Rebecca and she smiles at you. Make her your abundant Queen. ???

    She is legion for she is many. Her Queenship is Divine nobility, lilies in full bloom, in the gardens above.

    She has mansions, castles, convents, and Island girls of the rising sun, East of Heaven for those unworthy of God's Kingdom.

    God bless!

    Their beauty is the weapon they use to tame their enemies, and they visit souls in hell to love, console, and convert them.

    God gives them authority over his house, possessions, graces, and blessings.


      are there men in heaven to love me unconditionally and walk around being sexy?


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        There are no men in heaven anyway ! only the Bitches are pure

      Originally posted by Jessica View Post
      are there men in heaven to love me unconditionally and walk around being sexy?
      Yes indeed. God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

      Plus , there is Benito Mussolini and Napoleon too.

      Click image for larger version

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        i hope Napoleon is also wearing the red Wonderbra of righteousness