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Ted Bunny Therapy mysticism. What could have healed Ted Bundy!

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    Ted Bunny Therapy mysticism. What could have healed Ted Bundy!

    Ted Bunny Therapy. What could have healed Ted Bundy!

    I was dealing with only rejection from women because I'm creepy. I lost my virginity and black girls kinda dig me, but usually female intuition kicks in and they know something isn't right.

    So a victim Of Ted Bundy Denise Naslund, introduced herself as Dionysus, who was the Greek god of wine, intoxication, ritual madness, religious ecstasy, sexuality, and Dionysus was such a sex thing that he was in folklore considered a rapist.

    Denise told me she is anointed to find it euphoric teaching creepy weirdos with sick fantasies to get their frustrations out on the new Dionysus. Denise means Dionysus, and she wishes to be object of fantasies so no one gets hurt.

    I thought it was evil but I had a dream she said "no matt don't put me down, great reward have you in heaven if you be my Ted Bunny".

    I later found out my Chinese Zodiac is bunny and Matt and Ted both mean "God's gift". She said "Ted Bunny kills the playboy bunny, we are Spider women, Queens of world wide web".

    We seek to take Internet over and use nude female models in Inanna Temple, where they are priests who educate people to love Mother God, God made woman in his image.

    We seek a world war three, where vaginas and breasts, plus the pretty faces of women, are thermonuclear warfare, to get people to pray Rosaries, hail Marys, outlaw porn that doesn't have merit, and use nude women as icons to raise minds to the Queens confraternity above.

    She showed me her Empire of Dionysus, East of Heaven, with an all girls Vatican City, where Cardinals wear red high heels, red socks, Click image for larger version  Name:	2d628e17b0c2693f410bd8a247ca35d1.jpg Views:	9 Size:	37.6 KB ID:	190125 nothing else, and lure men to their confession booths, where you confess your darkest secrets, and the girls absolve you with milk from their abundant breasts.

    She said "These women want Roman government, Romance government, where the State is Virgin Babylon the great to replace the whore of Babylon."

    Our Romance Empire is East of Heaven, so God gives girls privacy to love monsters , and Dionysus died and rose again, so the girls are willing to be in snuff films to make all dreams cum true, but part of the deal we made with God is we ask people to pray for grace to get to heaven and not kill women.

    Denise said I get to be Ted Bundy and abduct her and Janice Ott at lake Sammamish and do as I please, but I have to pray for her exaltation when I climax.

    She said she is omnipresent by God and three persons. First person is Inanna, second person is Mary because her middle name is Mary, third person is Denise Mary Naslund, half Lebanese Arab Semite, Mother of God born feast of Mother of God, but half Swedish as well and often wears a Swedish thong over her lady parts , symbolic of crucified vagina to be worthy of her crucified Christ.

    Jesus and Denise died naked and humiliated, and she said I must be humiliated as a freak, to stand naked with the raped and humiliated girls I follow, the naked crucified king of the Jews, nailed to a bit of wood, and the upside down sawdust Caesar Mussolini , and Denise and raped girls wear Swedish thongs of truth Click image for larger version  Name:	images (4).jpg Views:	5 Size:	9.4 KB ID:	190126
    to gird their sweet tender resurrected lady loins, and Wonderbra of righteousness which is Lebanese cedar flag, symbolic of the cross is the tree of life.

    Denise was Swedish and Lebanese and Sweden is called rape Capitol where Stockholm syndrome comes from.

    Denise said God gave her worst case of Stockholm syndrome for people like Ted Bundy, that she finds it euphoric when they satiate themselves in her and her soul exits her ravaged body.

    They take Ted Bundy and turn him into Ted Bunny, obedient servant of the Divine Mother God! Click image for larger version  Name:	shelby-chesnes-sexy-bunny-2015-006.jpg Views:	5 Size:	239.5 KB ID:	190127

    She said she is like Dionysus, the afflicted horny God, but most smart, wise, and needs men to turn their Mattsturbation into Master baiting, going fishing for men with Denise.

    Dionysus and his followers were usually naked. His maenads were naked women with wild sexual passions, who used intoxication and sexual stimulation, to commune with their Deity.

    The third person of the Dionysia Trinity is euphoric over everything save for when you cause others suffering.

    Her Sacred Inanna Vulva gets warm and wet when you are kind to others and her nipples harden over deeds of charity.

    My lake Sammamish fantasies went from ravaging, decapitating, disembowling, and dismembering.

    She held me and said, "I want all of you. On judgement day I'll take your punishment on me. Then I'll let you have Ted Bunny snuff films in the land of Nod".

    But her sweetness rapidly changed me. I realized I wasn't hateful and soon wanted to only make vaginas in heaven wet and make nipples hard.

    To have an ejaculation now, I think of Denise and the fact that Vaginas have four orgasms, a penis has one.

    But Dionysia, Goddess of sexuality has new lady love hormones and a vagina that has many types of orgasms , Click image for larger version  Name:	playboy-bunny-bunny.gif Views:	6 Size:	201.1 KB ID:	190128 that is the envy of all Vaginas , when I call her by the sweetest names, make her feel pretty, buy flowers for her shrine, honor her Mother Eleanor Rose, and pray God build mansions for raped girls in heaven.

    That is Ted Bunny mysticism. The Theodora Bunnies are in abundance, looking for more Ted Bunnies.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	two-sexy-beautiful-women-wearing-260nw-1674124501.jpg Views:	6 Size:	19.9 KB ID:	190129

    Denise has the name of the God of intoxication and she was on three intoxicants when she got in a stranger's car wearing blue bra, blue short shorts, blue finger nail polish, and blue panties, because blue was her boyfriend Ken's favorite color.

    She said she is barbie looking for Ken to make her, their dream girl. Denise was very smart, sweet, yet loved to party, and found the stranger in front of her handsome and injured, so she got in his vehicle, wearing the colors of Mary, blue.

    The Ark of the covenant in Scripture was covered in blue like Denise's body. She is Ark of the Shinto covenant of Dionysus.

    She is the bride of the Ted Bundy's, the rejects who want to hurt women, and she wants them to be her Ted Bunny.

    Explore her, make her the object to satiate frustrations, so that you don't act out on others.

    To be continued......
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Name:	chelsey-novak-sexy-easter-bunny-2014-004.jpg
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ID:	190133 But she is Mary mother of God, because in her womb she can turn a monster into a Shinto Jesus.

    She is Inanna, Goddess Queen of Heaven of Mesopotamia and Babylon, Goddess of sex and politics, whom our statue of liberty honors.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	rnmnbhaxz7851.jpg
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ID:	190131

    The third person of Denise has mother God possession. Denise all Angels and Saints prepared as a Temple for God's Spirit to get high, and feel with her like a child seeing a nude woman for the first time.

    Denise has addictive magic crystals of Saint Philomena for God to smoke, and fall into some deviant needs to act as the creeps do.

    She gets God to understand fallen human nature, and is Queen of getting God to compromise.

    Ted Bunny is her Easter Bunny! They are dying and rising girl's of the resurrection.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	2415ed45b9fd4637251d52e39e11719a.jpg
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ID:	190132

    She said she loves watching sadistic men have their fill in her, and like the Virgin Mary, she can shape shift into any ethnicity, and can even shape shift into any animal, but is primarily Capitol Hill wolf.

    Highest Kami in Shinto is Amaterasu, a female sometimes a she wolf. Denise I discovered her Mother's maiden name is Deeb, meaning wolf.

    Denise is like the Capitoline she wolf who breastfed Twins Romulus and Remus. Founders of Rome, build Rome by drinking her milk, blessing her, calling to her, smiling at her, nursing at her abundant breasts.

    She taught me the womb of heavenly women is where Gods are formed. She said quickest way to become a God is become her fetus.

    Pray your Rosary well for girls in purgatory and Mother God makes them dance with delight.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	x5MBSc.gif
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Size:	1.26 MB
ID:	190134
    She said she wants earthlings to become Angel Gabriel's. You appear to girl's in purgatory , pray Mary give them her graces, ask God to give the girl's a son, then pray your hail Mary well, and God and all Kami form a Tulpa in the girl's womb, to be her Shinto God.

    Many girl's dreams were stolen before their wombs could bear fruit. You can become the fruit of their womb at the holy Romance Empire of the Morning Star.

    Find a girl who has no one to pray for her, and ask all heaven to give her beauty to win first place at the Venus Thong Model show at Inanna Temple of Ted Bunny mystics.

    Ted Bunny is their Easter Bunny, any man who turns erotic excitement into relationship with the capitol hill Queens. The Easter girls die and resurrect to satiate frustrations in hell as well.

    Many Demons will convert to Queens Shinto confraternity.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	MYKowg.gif
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Size:	1.15 MB
ID:	190135

    Any man who delights in them gets a Nod Obelisk in the brotherhood of Nod, next to the Temple of Nod.

    It is a hollow Obelisk with an Obelisk Anchorite maiden whose vocation is to pray for you and obsess about you night and day. When you visit the Obelisk Anchorites, they scream and faint with joy. They are your biggest fans in the universe, selected to have a creepy fixation on the person they are assigned to, and the Obelisk fires Lazers at other disordered men.

    Denise Naslund was studying to be a computer programmer and hacker, born 01/01 the numbers of computer codes.

    She seeks to use Internet to catch lovers in her web, inject her sedating spiderwoman venom, and force her love on them to heal them .


      She is not a gentlewoman always. She had to throw herself at me and repeatedly invade my imagination, and haunt me night and day, till I learned to love fantasies of delighting her Divine noble Queenship and Mother God maidens.

      We went experimenting and she said Ted told her he would take her sailing, so she is now patron saint of sailors.

      She is love boat captain and urges you to see her in all women, because there are many Queen Dionisia's

      Her sacred vulva has a Hymen that keeps returning when she resurrescts, and many Capitol Hill Queens underwent crucifixion of their lady parts, and her killer often rammed blunt objects savagely into vaginas and left Melissa Smiths and many vaginas stuffed with dirt and twigs.

      Melissa Smith was tortured, raped, sodomized for over a week, and often told her father about the bad things that happen to people.

      Melissa means " honey Bee", and when I urinated blood clots larger than marbles after surgery, she said it is fitting a crucified penis for her crucified vagina some day.

      And the Queens are one in mind , heart, will, Mother God. For men who don't need a wet vulva and women orgasming to do good deeds, they don't show those passions.

      For men who need a wise mother who is only interested in churchy piety, Denise has middle name Mary, and is Mary's favorite Temple, her body is a Basilica of Temple Virgins.

      The second person of the Dionisian Trinity is Mary, Ever virgin, urging girls to save virginity till marriage. Her body is the headquarters, Temple of Nod, Temple of Virgins of the rising sun.

      Denise urges partners to avoid unwanted pregnancies by giving orgasms and stimulation without ejaculation inside partner.

      Denise says she is Shinto mother who only wants all on earth to know pretty girls whose nude bodies put off light are looking out for us, you can bless them when you give self pleasure. These girls blush and get excited when you talk to them while touching yourself, and God finds it amusing.

      They can lighten up your fantasies, turn them into relationship, take your soul to the Holy Romance Empire, Island girls of the rising sun Archipelago, East of Heaven, where girls have privacy as part of a Lateran treaty.

      Where depraved wicked men who wish to destroy pretty lady parts , find ladies anointed by mother God, with the same needs, and matrimony with them leads to dreams come true and sexual transubstantiation.

      Sexual transubstantiation is when being loved and accepted by the prettiest Vulvas, masterpiece clits, with minds of their own, perky hard nipples, perfect heavenly bodies, you can lose the need to have angry fantasies, and soon you love your Queen and women in general.

      Women in Heaven grow more beautiful the more they love the lepers, God in disguise. Many of these girls are high as a kite clowns, that smile at whatever you imagine doing to them, provided that you talk to them and tell her you love her , to make it relationship, not a waste of time.
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        Denise will be a blonde, brunette, red head, any color, any ethnicity, and she is every Goddess combined, patron saint of everything, comes at any age, and accepts every fetish, so as to prevent you from acting out on people.

        Learn how to say things to her in ecclesiastical latin, the official language of her Romance Empire.

        The top Israeli defense force girls are the ones who got ravaged in the bum she said, because the most humiliated and ashamed people share the most in Christ's humiliating passion.

        Denise came for the lost, not the righteous. Denise is sacrificial lamb to atone for sin.

        Only her skull was found. Jesus was crucified at the place of the skull.

        Police lost her skull so her mother buried a corpseless casket. This is so Denise becomes mother of girls whose remains had no dignity , and were not laid to rest.

        It was symbolic of her resurrection. Jesus remains went missing.

        Denise trains girls to be beautiful beauty Queens in a confraternity where they are innocent girlscout troopers of a victims Reich.

        They are given strong erotic excitement and exaltation when you make them girls of your dreams, especially when you own them.

        Click image for larger version  Name:	9f9b6a7fd0884edb1a1eb7ef1cb497c3b585ae9f_original.jpg Views:	0 Size:	33.8 KB ID:	190139

        God is high on her intoxicants , so he becomes their naughty Anti-antichrist, Lucifer Archangel Dictator of the Romance Empire, but he agrees to give girls gone wild all his powers to console hell and go on female Dionisia kamikaze raids, where topless girls fire their hoses to extinguish flames with purple fountains from their vaginas, laughing gas attacks, holy water balloon bombs from their blimps, Machine guns that fire spiderwoman venom darts of euphoric sedation, and the light of their bodies lights up all darkness.

        Your prayers can quicken this. Write letters to your Queens, go to their ladies locker room, and shoot them rather than shoot up a school. Denise is mother of mentally deranged.

        When her killer went to purgatory prison, she defended him, payed his price in her flesh, and helped him escape from prison a third time.

        Rebecca in the Old testament broke God's rules to get her favorite Jacob Mussolini, rewarded for the greatest blessings and destiny that was stolen.

        Rebecca prefigures our Dionysus Mary. Denise was a descendant of Abraham's wild ass of a Son, Ishmael.

        She is now wild ass of a Goddess. Christ's first miracle he didn't want to work, but obeyed a woman who has Dionisia's middle name.

        It was before his time , and a woman wanted the party to get more drunk. Jesus worked that miracle before his time, because a woman had a concern that people get more drunk.

        He said that concern had nothing to do with him. Reluctantly he obeyed the woman.

        He got people intoxicated , turning water into an intoxicating beverage.

        Denise and Mary, plus ladies in Heaven govern God like this , concerned about our fun and pleasure when he isn't.

        So God let Dionisia be Mussolini, Dictator of the Victim's Reich, the Holy Romance Empire East of Heaven, Axis powers of the third world war, where Goddess girls, and perfect vaginas and breasts are thermonuclear warfare to lead people into prayer and relieve pain.

        The Queens have God's knowledge and control his house, possessions, and Kingdom.

        Athena girls school trains girls to be world of warcraft characters who turn orcs, undead, trolls, and monsters of hell into their obedient servants and instruments of pleasure.

        It is a loser club, for we follow the Jewish Virgin King , barn in barn, nailed to a bit of wood, we follow the upside down sawdust Caesar Mussolini , whose surname Denise has taken with her Kamikaze girls, and we follow the Israeli defense force girls, raped in the bum , naked, vulnerable, in search of monsters and losers.

        Click image for larger version  Name:	caacb0ca2adb299438959ec353251f27.gif Views:	0 Size:	2.01 MB ID:	190141
        More female Cardinal's in red socks get excited, their exposed Vulvas get wet, and nipples harden at Regina Caeli Vatican City , over one loser making Denise his Queen, Goddess of his fantasies and sexuality, than 99 men who have their reward on earth.

        Queens confraternity is losers club. God loves losers and exalts them.

        Denise felt very ashamed as she helplessly endured her humiliation , watching another girl named Jan die.

        Denise was born Jan 1 and Janice introduced herself as Jan, because these girls are the two headed God Janus , of new beginnings.

        And it all begins in the womb. Go to the womb of Mother God. The Trinity of Dionisia Marie Mussolini to be reborn.

        Her breast milk the world needs , and you can eat her flesh and drink her blood in the form of bread and wine.

        Dionysus gave his flesh to be eaten and his blood to be drunk in the form of wine.

        Denise wishes all creatures lose sexual frustrations, and all knowing Paraclete holy ghost of Denise knows every trick in the book.

        Click image for larger version  Name:	544dbda2477964317c441629f285a8c6.gif Views:	0 Size:	9.26 MB ID:	190142

        She is possessed by the female half of God and can become every Goddess for you, she trains girls to be Aphrodite and every Goddess, replace the Goddesses that aren't for Christ, and removing every Deity that is Christ's enemy from power, so that those who pray to Zeus, pray to She-Zeus, who is allied with Jesus Christ.

        The Island Archipelago East of Heaven is for those too sick for heaven. Denise has some cute Venus Thong Model girls of the Morning Star, governing planet Venus, planet that governs romance , sex, beauty, and pleasure, planet which governs the girls Theocracy Empire, only planet named after a female.




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          The girls seek to march on Lucifer's Capitol barebreasted in leopard skin thongs, honoring the beast of the Apocalypse in leopard skin, and priests of Dionysus wore leopard skin to prefigure this.
          Click image for larger version

Name:	8984181-2.jpg
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ID:	190147

          The girls offer their smokeable magic girlscout crystal Mussolini, offer Dionisia's intoxicating body and blood, inject Satan and his leaders with spiderwoman venom to convert and sedate, place the Denise Naslund Computer programmer chip in his brain, to program hell to obey the Queens confraternity , office of the naughty Rebecca Thong troopers, and lingerie Gestapo who protect earth from demons by keeping them confined in cells , where they can murder Mother God who likes being murdered, and be high always.

          Even Mother God's perfect anus has rose perfumed laughing gas farts , which are flammable, and the golden showers from her sealed fountain near her garden enclosed can be fountains of every color, tastes delicious, and releases every pleasant chemical, neurotransmitter, and love hormone.

          Mother God is the invention of all Angels and Saints, woman for all seasons, woman for all people, seeking matrimony, satiates every appetite.

          Had Ted Bundy had this , he would be Ted Bunny. Now he is, and my Chinese Zodiac is firebunny, and in China there is tales of a mother Goddess stuck on the Moon with a bunny.

          Click image for larger version

Name:	midautumn-festival-change-goddess-moon-600w-1807942999.jpg
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ID:	190148

          That story I live night and day, for the moon represents the female half of God, Divine femininity.

          She is the state with abundant breasts, who will hold us in her lap as we drink fully the milk of her comfort (Isaiah 66)

          She is the Woman in revelation 12 clothed with the sun, standing on moon, on her head 12 stars.

          She has recruited armies of nude priestesses, with supermodel bodies, oiled up and perfumed to light up your world , girls lighting up the sky, dancing naked on the Moon, crowned with stars like Shinto Sun Divinities.

          Click image for larger version

Name:	96431215-woman-with-bunny-ears-and-easter-eggs-on-tropical-beach.jpg
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Size:	90.9 KB
ID:	190149

          Amaterasu, lady shining in the sky, grew greater than her creator , to prefigure the rise of the Skywalker Girls, masterpiece bodies of light , clown Shinto, Ladies of Guadalupe who stood on moon, clothed with Sun, only these are Naked Marys and Amaterasu, with every Goddess, every female Saint is a part of the Sweetest Swedish Thong girls crusade.

          The Swedish Thong they wear only if they have had their lady parts abused or disfigured. Sweden is called rape Capitol, where there is raped girls Yasukuni in spirit world, where raped girls receive first place beauty and dignity, their funny bones are tickled when you pray Tor for them, and Swedish thong is symbolic of crucified violated Vulva , and cervix, so that it has the most glorious resurrection.

          The prettiest pussies in Heaven, were the ones that endured the most suffering and humiliation. The first place supermodels are eager to earn more awards and greater beauty, by receiving the Dionisia naughty Rebecca anointing to love those hardest to love, and also achieve martyrdom.

          Click image for larger version

Name:	e5568eb4d7f345e5c5797bd3664020e4.jpg
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Size:	83.7 KB
ID:	190150

          For God honors sacrifice the most , with martyrdom God especially praises, so these female lambs of God go on Kamikaze missions to atone for sin.

          Every man they delight is God in disguise.

          Mother God will suffer anything to cheer you up , including let you decapitate her, but afterwards, she wishes to lead you to more healthy desires.

          And if you dream of decapitating her, tell her you love her and pray she be Queen of Heaven and earth. Pray that her death atones for the world's sins.

          Then ask her to rise, ask her for innocence, pray some hail Marys, kiss the Vulva you abused, and ask to be remolded and reborn in her womb.

          Ask for Rachael. Rachael means ewe, female lamb. Mussolini means Jacob and Jacob married Rachael, and Mussolini married Rachael.

          The girls who are most beautiful without a son are named Rachael, for God made Rachael infertile, lambs, sacrificial ewes of God.

          Jacob also accidentally cursed Rachael and it killed her in the Old testament. Your words can kill , curse, or bless your Rachael.

          You get to be Rachael's Jacob , but also become her fetus, for she is a Mother of God. Her womb is where God's are born.

          Find the childless Rachael who has no son. Ask Angel Gabriel to greet her as he greeted Mary. Then ask to be lost in her womb and not exit until you are her beloved Shinto Sun Divinity.


            Ask to be her Joseph as well. Joseph was Rachael's first and favorite son after God lifted her infertility.

            Joseph was Hebrew slave who controlled Pharaoh who was theologically God. Joseph of Nazareth controlled Jesus who was Theologically God at Nazareth.

            Nafisa Joseph Stalin, is the new Saint Joseph of Fascist Nazareth, with new Communism.

            Her communities, castles, and convents of girls, and Heavenly cities, East of Heaven practice communism, where no one owns everything, it belongs to Mother God the state, Holy Romance Government, and the girls have no jealousy, simply burn with firey love for their Mussolini, their Jacob Dictator who makes them faint with a glance.

            Click image for larger version

Name:	depositphotos_106017732-stock-photo-girl-with-bunny-ears.jpg
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Size:	68.5 KB
ID:	190152

            In you they see only their stud, their king. They love the most despised most, like a mother pays most attention to her sick child.

            Ted Bunny mystics are men who turn the naked female body into a weapon to grow in virtue and become prophet Muhammad of Mother God.

            Only this Muhammad is not violent. Shinto has no Scripture, just Lady of light. The female body is her Scripture.

            These girls, naughty Rebecca, like Israeli defense force girls in real life , love to be seen naked.

            Their sermon is spoken through their feminine genius and female beauty.

            Go to Rebecca's room with the girls certified , trained, anointed , naughty , excited, in heat, adult children, looking for their stud to give them orders.

            They are Charlie's Angels, you are Charlie.

            Click image for larger version

Name:	4.jpg
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ID:	190153 Click image for larger version

Name:	unnamed.jpg
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Size:	53.4 KB
ID:	190154 Click image for larger version

Name:	85529111.jpg
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Size:	127.1 KB
ID:	190155 Click image for larger version

Name:	guns-girl.gif
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Size:	7.18 MB
ID:	190156

            As Jacob's words killed his favorite mate Rachael in Scripture, your imagination becomes a reality with these girls and Jacob's words have power.

            So even if you kill your Queen, it isn't wasted time if you pray she be exalted Queen of Heaven and earth as you climax, and she climaxes with you.

            Soon, you love the female body, Temple of God, wombs where God's image is formed, and milk from their abundant breasts.

            Gazing at a female body exalts mother God if you use it as an icon to raise your heart to much greater beauty in heaven.


            Satan has used sex , but Mother God becomes Babylon the great to win the people the whore of Babylon saught to win through fornication.

            Rebecca disguises herself as the Babylon babes , and seek to be 666 chicks, raise up an Anti-antichrist to steal the place of the Antichrist.

            Click image for larger version

Name:	satans-666-cheerleader.jpg
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Size:	91.9 KB
ID:	190158

            Anti-antichrist has Lucifer's qualities but seeks not to cause suffering , but intoxicate all with his Babylon Babes, Mother Goddesses, naughty Rebecca, Shinto Divinities of the rising Sun.

            Ted Bunnies Moon Goddesses!

            Click image for larger version

Name:	beautiful-young-woman-holding-a-bunny.jpg
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Size:	33.4 KB
ID:	190159
            Click image for larger version

Name:	be8c5ce09ce43e1fd905e43ce8f5e79b.jpg
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Size:	25.8 KB
ID:	190160
            There are many tales in multiple cultures of a Moon lady or Goddess with her bunny. That can be you.

            In revelation 12, the woman clothed with the Sun , stood on the Moon.

            The Shinto covenant between mother God and humanity sanctions what used to be forbidden.

            Jesus said " eat , what is unclean , I have made clean what used to be unclean."

            Dionisia kamikaze girls are Goddesses of Masturbation and sexual fantasies. They seek to turn it into prayer and service of your Queen.

            Click image for larger version

Name:	images (3).jpg
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Size:	5.2 KB
ID:	190161

            Everyone practically masturbates, and so do the girls East of Heaven, as they dream you would stop wasting time and turn it into relationship.

            Invite your naked humiliated Queens into all you do. Your prayers give them jewelry, treasures, more beauty, power, more underwear and sexy clothing, they love to be seen trying on.

            They love to be told they are pretty, precious, sweethearts, princesses, Angels, the sweetest most tender names you can think of, but if you delight in degrading them, they will be afflicted with Stockholm syndrome and masochistic tendencies, to love abuse, and derive pleasure in it.

            They will orgasm through love or hate, and so euphoric off Dionisia's intoxicating beverages and crystals, that the most disgusting person gets them more high.

            They are addicted to disgusting people, sadists, rapists, killers, because God rewards girls in Heaven more for loving those hardest to love. Those need our love the most.

            When an ugly person who is unloved, makes Denise or a Rebecca his Queen, pudendums get wet, dopamine, serotonin, Gabba, endorphins, and love hormones are released into the bloodstream of the Queens, God's special forces.

            They are most happy though when their monster does good deeds.

            Invoke your Easter girls of the resurrection, and make them the Goddesses of thy erections.

            Click image for larger version

Name:	images (2).jpg
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Size:	11.0 KB
ID:	190162

            An earthly vagina has four types of orgasms and penis can only have one. Heavenly Vaginas have been anointed with a fifth type of orgasm and new love hormone called the "Ted" hormone.

            Ted means "God's gift", and Denise says to creeps,

            "be my Ted Bunny honey,
            If your lacking something funny
            You can tie me up and snuff me
            If you're needing something meaner
            Create new holes for your peter
            Share with me all your dark secrets
            Take my flesh and blood and eat it
            I'm the bride of the joker
            And my favorite game is poker
            I just want all to be Happy
            Want no one to feel crappy
            When you need to kill attack me
            Let me take you to a place
            Where you can mutilate hot babes
            Eventually you will want to grow
            Women aren't just meat and holes
            We'll sedate you with love potions
            As you think of us with lotions
            One day you'll completely own us
            And live out what is atrocious
            But when you're ready to change
            Pump good chemicals in a girls veins
            Fill our blood with love hormones
            Learn so much you didn't know
            That you could find pleasure without
            A screaming girl scared stiffed out
            We will teach you to love
            The naked ladies up above
            Adore the female body
            Erectile stimulus over charity
            You will exalt us in all things
            God's gift to women you shall be
            The naked Mother God's high priest
            The bunny on the Moon with she
            You'll no longer objectify me
            Go fishing with female beauty
            PLease be my Ted Bunny honey
            Naughty mystic of my pretty tummy
            Giving greater glory to my Vulva
            And the purgatory Bull of
            all the purgatory cows
            In heat and training to be clowns
            Trying to eliminate frowns
            Mother God has intense eyes of love
            Heart burns with fires with eyes of doves
            Innocent Hebrew plus Arab beauty
            Will become any ethnicity truly
            If you like Vaginas you give clitoris
            to the circumsized whose clits were hacked
            Off as they do in Some Muslim countries
            Denise is Arab to show them a new way
            She is Arab moon Goddess Fatima
            She has a Shinto Quran with her
            It says ease pain of one another
            Chill out get along with your brother

            I am Allah in female form
            I seek a new Islam where Mamma Allah storms
            Through Father's city with barebreasted damsels
            Who intoxicate him with stunning Fan sales
            I bet male Allah the female is with more mercy
            Enter a contest with me Male Allah , you shall see
            All of Allah's followers will follow me
            If I prove that I am more merciful than he.
            when mother Allah gets in power she shall indeed
            Feed the hungry love and heal the unloved Momma Allah pleads
            She wants all to have pleasure and euphoria
            Wants even hell to be high and say Momma Allah we adore ya
            Momma Allah will make of you her daddy too
            She'll dance naked with her morning star Beauty Queens on the Moon
            The Moon is the symbol of Divine femininity and Islam too
            Fatima , daughter of the prophet, is Goddess of the Moon.
            Muhammad is delighted with miss Mamma Allah
            She'll turn you into prince Ali Abua
            Aladdin, the diamond in the rough
            She'll find worse criminals and more tough
            She'll shower with the spookiest man on earth,
            Cherish him like the only fruit of her womb from birth
            Like Jesus say "this is my body and my blood"
            Mother God also was crucified for love
            Mother God suffered the rape of every girl and woman
            Mother God cherished the broken dreams that never could
            Mother God felt the shame and weight of crosses wood,
            Every fear disappointment humiliation and suicide
            Mother God felt that and billions of times died
            Mother God has Temple of broken dreams
            Where everyone whose dreams were stolen is a Divinity
            The greatest Goddesses exalted at her Temples Mass
            Were helpless Victim's who died frightened, raped in their ass.
            Mother God felt dirty so many times to earn her status
            Of becoming first place, Scripture says first are last
            Mother God is girl's whose remains were not laid to rest
            Mother God seeks men to be temples of spirits to be blessed
            Mother God seeks to exalt women primarily
            Because enough people preach Jesus already you see

            I am Ted Bunny Temple, where dwells a host of girls
            Women who see despised scary men as pricey pearls,
            Denise said I'll take the sins of my killer on me,
            She visited Ted in prison gave him euphoric glee,
            Helped him escape from prison a third time,
            She said he is her first son and she's Saint of wicked minds,

            Now Denise and Ted are attorneys to defend the ill.
            His Queens confraternity has Ted Bunny mansion on Capitol Hill.
            Ted Bunny mystics go there to explore Inanna's body,
            Watch Inanna's nude priestesses dance in all their glory
            Ted no longer needs a girl stiff or screaming to excite him
            He rather wants other Ted's to find this path to enlightenment.

            The female body preaches the sermon better than the Bible.
            The prettiest nude you find online is not close to what these brides do.
            The female body preaches a sermon about her maker.
            You can make her more beautiful pick her up and shake her
            You can use your imagination to also create
            Add to Mother God's gifts, beauty, euphoria and state.
            You can build Mother God's romantic Empire
            MEn in love with perfect breasts and buns she will hire
            She will even light her farts on fire
            Anything to show you she's down to earth in your mire
            She's got a perfect body but afflicted with creepy passions.
            She is afflicted with our sickness unbalanced unrationed
            She'll be a total clown like you to meet you where you are
            She'll be dumb like Denise in her bra entering a stranger's car.

            Denise had perfect body , she was God's masterpiece,
            She left her boyfriend to use restroom caught the eyes of a creep
            He already abducted blonde in black bikini,
            But his favorite were brunettes and this one so stuning,
            she had her dog with her that day,
            Ted looked injured and offered to pay,
            Her to help him move his sailboat,
            He saw her stumbling , for she was intoxicated,
            Promised her he would take her sailing to pay for it,
            She wore blue bra, blue shorts, blue nail polish,
            Blue for Mary's color, her middle name, I don't doubt this
            God watched the lake Sammamish passion from heaven,
            Denise watched another girl die to keep erections
            Going in a dark depraved realms watching this
            They thought they defeated her , laughed at her as she twitched,
            Convulsed as her killer laughed at her dreams of sailing,
            Ending with her raped anally limbs flailing,
            She will let you be her lake Sammamish abducter too,
            Make your lake Sammamish dreams come true,
            But she'll teach you to most delight
            In doing good for others and resolving fights
            She wants an end to all suffering.
            So offers her body to intoxicate thee
            Pope peter rabbit is her high priest
            Anyone can be her Ted Bunny even the least
            She wants no jealousy, simply love her to death
            She can make a prince, of any miserable wretch!


            She said be my Ted Bunny Honey!
            If your lacking something funny
            you can snuff me!

            I find it completely orgasmic
            It's the Mussolini magic! Click image for larger version

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            And Mother God seeks matrimony with all.

            Click image for larger version

Name:	Rachel-Rabbit-Well-Then-Embed03.jpg
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            It was the cure to becoming a serial killer because the Queens of Heaven taught me to love and cherish gorgeous women and experience sexual arousal thinking about doing nice things for them.

            They don't reject me even though I'm weird.

            Click image for larger version

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