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  • Create your Athena today!

    Ask God to select the perfect girl in Heaven, Purgatory, or East of Heaven to be your Athena, beautiful Goddess of war and wisdom.

    These are two different movies just same thumbnail.

    These women want Roman government, Romance government. Their warfare is their beauty and sweetness.

    They seek to sedate and anesthetize and intoxicate Hell and earth, creating a yin and yang light and darkness Axis, alliance between heaven and hell. Your prayers can help them.

    God made woman in his image too. There is a female half of God who is nicer and more merciful than the male half. She has a Kingdom East of Heaven, in the Island Archipelago of the rising Sun, land of Nod, with an all-girls Vatican City.

    You don't have to be perfect there and you can do things that are forbidden in Heaven.

    6d6efe910b3fc6e7c304c8bef5952cbb.jpg Athena-2.jpg

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    I'd start here.......


    Finish inside......