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The Fascist State has abundant breasts, sacred Vulva, female sentient being Spirit!

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    The Fascist State has abundant breasts, sacred Vulva, female sentient being Spirit!

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    God is female too.

    It is being revealed to me gradually that the female half of God will triumph over the male half, because the female half of God is more merciful, gentle, compassionate, and she will contend with God so that instead of the reign of the Antichrist, Mother God seeks the reign of the Anti-antichrist and his Babylon Babes to replace the whore of Babylon , and have matrimony with the world.

    ​​​​​​The Antichrist resembles the Anti-antichrist, but the latter seeks to eliminate all suffering on earth as most as is possible and doesn't persecute Christians, but still uses many of the strategies of the Antichrist like pleasure and erotic excitement.

    However, the Anti-antichrist uses intoxication not like the whore of Babylon through fornication and prostitution, but through matrimony between the people , and the female Fascist State of Divine femininity , and the Babylon Babes!

    As Jacob stole the destiny of Esau, and Mussolini means Jacob, Jacob stole the blessing and destiny because of his love for Rebecca.

    Rebecca represents the Virgin Mary and the women in Heaven. They will supplant and replace the Gods and goddesses that are not in an alliance with Christ, so that people who pray to Pagan Gods and Goddesses, actually pray to Deified brides of Christ, Mother Goddesses, Rebeccas, and those devoted to them become Jacob Mussolini, and of Jacob, scripture says "blessed are those who bless you, cursed are those who curse you, in Jacob Mussolini, all nations and people shall find their blessing." Book of Genesis!

    It is a New World order of Rebecca. The name Rebecca means to bind together as in matrimony. That is the symbol of the Fasces, symbol for Fascism, many rods bound together to become one symbol of unity and authority.
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      Originally posted by Verbe View Post
      To restrain God's wrath from striking earth, to prevent doom and gloom prophecies about a reign of an anti Christ who kills a bunch of people and makes people receive a mark of the beast, to make peace between heaven and hell, so that the two Kingdoms stop fighting and work to relieve suffering on earth, and for God the Father to be replaced by Mother God for a more generous distribution of God's grace.

      And for more joy and pleasure on earth.

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        God doesn't give a shit about earth, is that not blatantly obvious??

        When I talk to the creator they really do not give a flying fuck about humans. They have better things to do

        Earth is a prison hellscape that we all have to navigate our way out of. it has nothing to do with tits and pussies. but nice try I guess