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Mother God seeks matrimony with all people!

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  • Mother God seeks matrimony with all people!

    Mother God seeks matrimony with all people, bind them together into one body with her and the Babylon Babes who replace the whore of Babylon with a one world Government of Divine femininity, in an alliance with Jesus Christ superstar.

    Mother God seeks the reign of the Anti-antichrist instead of the reign of the Antichrist, a sexual revolution where all sexual appetites and fantasies are satisfied and satiated by matrimony with women in Heaven and Mother God's romantic Roman Empire East of Heaven, Island Archipelago of the rising sun, run by Island girls noble Queenship, Queens confraternity of Inanna.

    Inanna was Mesopotamian Babylonian Goddess of sex, beauty, and politics, and Inanna means "Lady of Heaven". The female half of God is replacing Inanna, and Inanna is baptized naked in miraculous waters to become an ally of Jesus Christ!

    All Pagan Divinities that will not be baptized and redeemed and reborn, and form an alliance with Mother God, will be overthrown and replaced by victims of Ted Bundy and other ravaged victim souls, so that everyone who prays to a Pagan Divinity, prays to a Spirit that is an ally of Jesus Christ.

    People that got raped and violently murdered get Deified, because they carried a heavy cross and crucifixion, so as to have a more glorious resurrection!

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