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Statue of liberty represents naughty Rebecca!

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    Statue of liberty represents naughty Rebecca!

    Statue of liberty represents Georgann Hawkins, President of the USA, and Queens of Heaven.

    As Mussolini's Blackshirt Fascist militia seized Rome, the Fascist black Thong Mussolini troopers seek to seize God's Capitol and enthrone women and Divine femininity, Queen of Heaven confraternity, for a more generous distribution of God's grace to end suffering and create a euphoric and enlightened New World order of Rebecca.

    Mussolini means Jacob Click image for larger version

Name:	p09wr1n0.jpg
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ID:	192809 and Jacob fought with God all night and won, earning him the name Israel, which means contender with God.

    Mussolini and Jacob , and other contenders , continue to contend with God, to try and get God to be more generous and give his omnipotence to more generous, more merciful Kami.

    Rebecca got Jacob the blessing that belonged to Esau that says "blessed are those who bless you, cursed are those who curse you, in you, Jacob Mussolini, all the people and Nations shall find their blessing". He got that blessing because of his love for Rebecca, and you can get similar blessings through your love for Rebecca, the Blessed Virgin Mary, and the women in Heaven who are certified Rebeccas, Queens of Heaven, Israeli defense force girls!

    Click image for larger version

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    All the Jews and Messiah descended from Jacob Mussolini , instead of Esau, because of Jacob's love for Rebecca, and Rebecca's ideas, scheming, and work, got Jacob the blessing.

    Rebecca represents the blessed Virgin Mary and the women in Heaven. In the end times, those who are devoted to Mary and the women in Heaven will steal blessings and graces unintended for them, that they haven't earned, and stolen destiny unintended for them to have.

    The Virgin Mary and Queens confraternity shall seize and govern Heaven and God, in a New Celestial order of Rebecca.

    Those devoted to Mary and Rebecca (the Queens of Heaven) are Jacob Mussolini, said Saint Louis De Montfort, and Benito Mussolini died feast of Saint Louis De Montfort!

    Rebecca means "to bind together as in matrimony". A Fasces, the symbol for Fascism is many rods bound together to form one strong unbreakable symbol of unity, authority, and weapon.
    Click image for larger version

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ID:	192810 Click image for larger version

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    The New World order of Rebecca is a plan in Heaven where girls prevent the reign of the Antichrist by raising up Anti-antichrist's who resemble the Antichrist, but twist everything the Antichrist does to make it compatible with Christ, amusing to God, entertaining, or non offensive.

    Naughty Rebecca in Scripture broke God's rules with Jacob and God blessed and rewarded them both for it. Rebecca knows how to break God's rules the right way and pull the right strings.

    Click image for larger version

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    Rebecca said, "let the punishment and curse for Jacob's sins be on me not on him". Those who take the women with the certified Rebecca anointing as their Spiritual mothers, Israeli defense force girls, Queens, and patron Saints, will have Rebecca take the punishment for your sins upon themselves on Judgement day if you are fervent and strongly devoted to her.

    This was prefigured by a woman being faithful to Mussolini after everyone betrayed and abandoned him, and she died shielding Benito from bullets and shouting "NO!"

    The Israeli defense force girls will shield their Jacob Israel Mussolini from all attacks of enemies.

    You get to be Jacob Israel Mussolini, because Saint Louis De Montfort said the elect are Jacob Mussolini, and Mussolini died feast of Louis De Montfort, and Mussolini and Jacob both married Rachel and acted the same.

    Mussolini means to supplant, to remove from power and replace. Mussolini removed the Prime minister from power and replaced him.

    Mussolini means seizer, because he came out of the womb seizing his brother's heel, and Mussolini was a seizer and a Caesar.

    Mussolini lived up to all the definitions of his name.

    Mussolini also means heel, and he hung upside down by his heels like a caterpillar to be transformed into a butterfly. Mussolini is a new creation, reborn through the womb of the Mother of God, benevolent Marian Dictator of Heaven, faithful devotee of Rebecca.

    Jacob was given the greatest blessings in Scripture, and Benito means "blessed". Mussolini's Fascist party in Heaven, Hell, and purgatory , doesn't seek to put Mussolini in power, but exalt Divine femininity, and keep female Kami who are more generous and merciful than God, in control of God's grace, house, possessions, and omnipotence, to end suffering on earth and in Hell.

    We pray God give his omnipotence to Rebecca that she paint a better picture and destiny for earth

    Click image for larger version

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    That Rebecca will stop the doom and gloom prophecies of Scripture and the reign of an Antichrist, and instead a one world Government, New World Order of Rebecca, where Rebecca's Anti-antichrists reign in place of the Antichrist, using the Antichrists powers and strategies, and tactics, but twisting and perverting everything the Antichrist does, to make it compatible with Christ.

    Rebecca has Queens Shinto, a Religion without dogmas, where the highest Kami is female like traditional Shinto, and the certified Rebeccas are Amaterasu Solar Divinities, ladies of light, clothed with the Sun, their naked bodies putting off rays of healing life-giving light, and their abundant breasts long to suckle and mother all people's, all nations, all Religions.

    Queens Shinto is compatible with almost all Religions and doesn't ask anyone to leave their Religion.

    Rebecca is the author of the Anti-antichrist spirit, so she shall have a dragon to counter the wicked dragons in book of revelation, and he is a Japanese dragon named Frankie 3 fingers, because Japanese dragons have only three fingers, and he was born Dictator Franco's birthday.

    May Rebecca be given a Great beast of the Apocalypse, almost identical to the one in the book of Revelation, only this beast is a good Monster, Mary's Monster, Rebecca's obedient beast and servant , to destroy or convert the beast of the Apocalypse, and as Rebecca got Jacob to steal the destiny of Esau, may Rebecca's devotees steal one world Government and one world Religion from the Antichrist!

    Click image for larger version

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