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Happy feast of Saint Andrew!

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    Happy feast of Saint Andrew!

    Happy feast of Saint Andrew. It happens to be Mussolini's middle name, and last night I prayed that Mary the New Eve offer Jesus, the new Adam, some forbidden fruit.

    At Mass today I find a bag of nerds Dungeons and dragons candy next to a book on the Pew that I opened to a song called "New Adam Joseph" next to a Song "Mary the New Eve".

    I thought that was a weird coincidence.

    Andrew was hanging out with the first Pope Peter before he became Pope, and received the Keys to the Kingdom.

    Christ said he would make them both fishers of Men.

    I had a dream Eminem stole the fisherman's ring off Pope Bennidicts (Benedict means Benito) finger and gave it to a girl last April 15.

    That day I found a 22k gold ring next to a Miraculous medal and pic of Pope John Paul 2.

    I googled Benedict to discover his birthday is April 16, next day.

    I thought the girl who received the fisherman's ring was Pamela Masterpietro, buried in Rome, Pope of Queens confraternity Shinto , all girls Vatican City State Mussolini got with a second Lateran treaty, East of Heaven.

    The first Lateran treaty got present Vatican on earth created by Mussolini.

    Masterpietro means "Master Peter." Peter was a fisherman, so she is Master Fisherwoman, Master Baiter, Fisher of Men.

    I had vision of her dismembered body grow into five new pieces, and had idea of her being represented by five pointed star fish, because star fish regenerate into new bodies when dismembered.

    The following day I found a sponge Bob 1999 shirt with five pointed star fish, dated the year she was born.

    Can't all be coincidence.

    But Andrew was close friends with first Pope, so was Mussolini, Mussolini created the Pope's independent country, and his middle name is Andrea , which is the same as Andrew, a name that means "Manly".

    neonspectraltoast has that name.

    Mussolini lived up to his first name Benito, and last name supplanter, to remove from power and replace, he removed prime minister from power and replaced him.

    Mussolini means Jacob seizer because Jacob came out of womb seizing brother's heel. Mussolini was a Caesar and a seizer.

    Mussolini means Heel, and Mussolini hung by his heels. Mussolini means contender, because Jacob contended with God, becoming Israel.

    Jacob is represented by the Sun in Joseph's prophetic dream, and Mussolini buried messages for the 21st century in Biblical language about his death redeeming the world in union with the death and defeat of Christ, beneath an Obelisk to Sun God Ra, with Mussolini written on it.

    Someone handed me a book about Egyptian Religion devoted to the Sun Disk like Shinto right before I discovered Mussolini obelisk, then immediately after I had a homeless visitor named Ra.

    But he lived up to all definitions of Benito Andrew Mussolini.

    Benito means blessed, and Scripture says "blessed are those who bless Mussolini, cursed are those who curse Mussolini, in Mussolini and through him all nations and people shall find and receive their blessing" (Mussolini means Jacob).

    Mussolini hung upside down, which in Shinto means Obon, the same thing the cross means in Christianity, and he hung on Shinto high priest Hirohito's birthday. Click image for larger version  Name:	p09wr1n0.jpg Views:	0 Size:	81.4 KB ID:	194272 Click image for larger version  Name:	8oWqjSl.jpg Views:	0 Size:	560.4 KB ID:	194273 Click image for larger version  Name:	_methode_times_prod_web_bin_611f82e8-4737-11e9-bfd2-5b366418ffd1.jpg Views:	0 Size:	116.6 KB ID:	194274
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    Originally posted by ill Duce View Post
    Click image for larger version Name:	8oWqjSl.jpg Views:	0 Size:	560.4 KB ID:	194273
    bottom right picture. and people said myspace girls invented duck face.


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