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  • All-seeing Vag-Eye-Na of the Fascist party!

    First off, Pete's Draggun's Joker supplies and anthrax arrived , which the Queens of Heaven will award him with legions of Babylon babes, Queens of dark humor, erotic Babylon dancer Goddesses, and naked Dionisia girls of theatre, intoxication, religious ecstasy, and ritual madness, will make as many of his dreams come true , East of Heaven, Island Archipelago dominated by Island girl Sun Goddesses, and Babylonian Goddesses of sex, beauty, and politics!

    I hope he will experience them in this life, but best for all of us is the reward in the next one.

    Anyway, I don't let women in my apartment anymore now that I found Queens of Heaven in 2015, unless they are homeless looking for a warm place to crash, I sometimes let a girl crash on my bed and I sleep on floor.

    It's embarrassing having anyone over largely because the wall is covered with images of people who went to their eternal reward often violently and unexpectedly, and notes , letters to all the dead souls, Capitol Hill Queens, and dead Kennedy's I pray to, with Japanese Emperors, scorpions and serpent images honoring the tribe of Dan, Lion of Judah flags with Ras Tafari, Praises to Gaddafi for being the best leader at providing everyone a home, and even prayers to Mortal Kombat characters Emperor Hirohito (ordained on Christmas. My skinny Shinto Santa Claus ) and Amaterasu created (Raidens Temple East of Heaven), where Samurai enshrined at Yasukuni and victims of Nagasaki (I live in Saint Paul, "Twin sister of Nagasaki") and Hiroshima are Mortal Kombat Kami. (I think)

    Emperor of the Sun has many sleds pulled by red nose war criminals doing their penance to bring earth grace and a Divine Wind (Kamikaze), prefigured by the Holy Spirit as a Divine Wind on the Apostles (Dead Kennedy Pentecost), to enlighten minds and open all eyes to see belief in the supernatural, which Shinto is belief in the supernatural, with no other Dogmas. (Just convictions)

    Japan is the only nation that claims to have the corpse of Christ, and I believe that was an Incarnation of a different Messiah, because the prophecies of the Messiah are in contradiction, because there are many Messiahs.

    Cyrus the Persian Polytheistic "King of Babylon" was hailed in Scripture as "God's anointed one, instrument of Yahweh" who rebuilt the Temple, ended Babylonian captivity, created Israel, and Jews even called him "Messiah". He was indeed an anointed Messiah.

    It was after praying to the tribe of Dan that I started receiving messages that we should all be praying for multiple Messiahs.

    And I can't confirm it's true, but I have conviction that the day Mary of Fatima made the Sun dance at Portugal, that was Sun Goddess of Japan, highest Divinity of Shinto who created oldest bloodline monarchy on earth, dancing to show her love for our Lady of Fatima's message to bring about the miraculous fall of the Soviet union (Japan's greatest fear that brought Communism to Asia).

    Japan's first war with Russia, Russians had better weapons , more men deployed, and better technology, but little outnumbered Japan defeated the huge Empire in less than two years, and I feel it is partially because Amaterasu could help them, as it wasn't an extremely unjust war , and they were relatively nice to and returned prisoners. When they fought the unjust war, her hands may have been tied? *Shrug*

    She certainly made short work of the Mongolian horde.

    Amaterasu is clothed with Sun and the woman in the sky , revelation 12, is clothed with Sun, standing on Moon (Fatima originally is Arab moon Goddess) crowned with stars (Inanna the Babylonian sky Goddess of beauty, sex, politics, love and planet Venus, is sometimes crowned with stars or planets.)

    One thing the tribe of Dan did was lead Israel into Idolatry and are not listed with other tribes of Israel in the book of Revelation, many argue for that reason.

    I've learned (or I'm crazy) God has made an exception now, for lovers of many Gods, ordinary deceased spirits who respond to the election, are through a new covenant turned into every God and Goddess known to man, even allowed to battle God, but they battle God as Jacob, Rebecca, and Moses did.

    Moses told God his plans were terrible, and Scripture says " God repented of the evil he planned on doing to Israel". Rebecca rebelled against Divine decree, and the man of the house, with the powerful blessing given to Abraham, stealing the Destiny in store for Esau, stealing graces, even stealing "blessed are those who bless you, cursed are those who curse you. In you the people's shall find their blessing."

    Jacob I believe to be a type of the Sun God Ra, because his Son governed the Egyptian "God of the world" theologically, and he (Joseph) dreamed Jacob was the Sun, plus Jacob fought with God like Pagan Gods fight with each other, and Scripture says "you have fought with God and men and won".

    Jacob's "Eye of Ra" are his all-seeing Israeli defense force girls 161227-model-idf-fighters-feature.jpg 8af0b2323f1e00773f529b885dfb0d07.jpg who fight his battles, for Eye of Ra are independent sentient warrior Goddesses, and when I was realizing this, people started putting signs "Eye Dea is alive" around Saint Paul, one of our cities heroes. Eye Dea means "Eye Goddess". Amaterasu, highest Kami of Japan, is thought to be from the cleansed Eye of a God.

    Mussolini is surname for Jacob and both Jacob and Mussolini married Rachel and acted the same, even greatly favoring Mother over Father and illegally supplanting leadership and stealing destiny, as well as living up to every definition of "Jacob"!
    Benito-Mussolini.jpg gettyimages-107708027.jpg
    Both Jacob and Mussolini were founders of a Theocracy , a monarchy, didn't recognize Democracy, and believed themselves to be descendants of Divinely inspired leaders with a Divine anointing as a type of savior Messiah, which Mussolini showed all the signs of being just that for over 15 years.

    His alliance with Germany was like Samson cutting his hair. It broke his alliance and bind to God, destroying his grace, vocation, strength, and office, which can be restored after death

    Shortly prior to this, a strange visitor in my security hallway handed me a book on the Mummies curse, and Egyptian Religion. I was reading about Mussolini whose surname means Jacob , who buried messages beneath an Obelisk to Ra, and I had a visitor called "Ra" shortly afterwards, leading to a prayer walk to Capitol Hill to find 17 Obelisks (Ra worship).

    Jacob held onto God and would not let go when God asked him to, setting a good example for prayer.

    Jacob had a tenderness for the woman in the household, deceiving and disrespecting and betraying the man in the household, even breaking God's laws and rules in obedience to the woman. God blessed him for it!

    Saint Louis De Montfort said Isaac represented God the Father.

    It got him the greatest blessings and the Messiah to descend from him, by loving the woman, favoring her, even betraying and stealing from the male who did everything to please the father, and deceiving the Father.

    I believe this prefigured a female uprising in heaven, where kinder sweeter females are asked to reign instead of the male Deities who have been very cruel.

    It is the "New Celestial order of Rebecca" and Jacob (or Mussolini) is anyone devoted to them and the message of our Lady of Fatima.

    The female Divinities of old might be myths, but that can change through election, graces, transformation, and rebirth.

    Demontfort said the womb of Mary is where God incarnate was molded, and the place where people can be molded into Gods.

    I feel Mary is giving her Immaculate conception, graces, beauty, powers, glory, and perfection, to raise up Queens Shinto, Queens confraternity in Heaven, for a more generous distribution of God's grace, and a Religion of Divine femininity, as well as female dominant Fascist political party over God's Kingdom and house!

    Mary wanted people at Cana to party and get drunk. Jesus didn't care and complained his hour had not come and her concern had nothing to do with him.

    Yet he turned water into wine to make the right woman happy. When the right woman wants us intoxicated, God will work that miracle reluctantly for her.


    Mary cares about things like how much fun we are having, where God is more concerned we be tough and penitential.

    So, Mary is raising up female sky girls of the Apocalypse to steal graces, blessings, anointings, destiny, and salvation for their devotees. (I think)

    Jesus compared God to a judge who was scared of what a pestering screaming woman might do to him if he didn't give her what she wanted.

    ​​​​​​​to be continued....

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    Also, recently I felt like I was dying in the cold and prayed silently in agony with no tears. A female walked passed me screaming at God with tears rolling down her cheeks. I asked if she needed to use my phone and knew not what to do, but her tears had power, and God says those who sow in tears will sing when they reap an abundant harvest.

    God numbers our tears and even gave a Saint a Chaplet , honoring the tears of his mother , and offering them to him. He said his mother's tears get practically everything she wants.

    Women have a gift of tears that men are simply lacking in on average. If a judge is about to kill some one , and he's best friends with the criminal's mother, and she's begging for his life, weeping hysterically in the courtroom, that is going to work wonders for the defendant.

    I'm telling you, without my devotion to women in Heaven, my abominations, blasphemies, and lack of regard for God's law would have killed me and sent me to the lake of fire when I jumped off a three story building onto concrete in 2017, and it was heavenly mothers I felt console me, and living females who wheeled me around in my wheel chair, played cards, hung out with me while I was vomiting and urinating blood clots larger than marbles after Urologist removed the urethra scar blockage eeeek!

    I loved Spiders before knowing they symbolized Divine femininity btw, but for years my Religion consisted of making shrines in the woods to and burning incense to female spirits that were answering my prayers far more thoroughly and effectively than any male Deity.

    Since God is both male and female, made women in his likeness as well, I feel the Divine Feminine is not the weaker half, and Japan being the greatest 20th century Theocracy of modern times to exalt Divine femininity above the masculine, produced soldiers so brave that the huge Russian Empire got totally quickly defeated by a tiny Asian Island Archipelago in the first Russo-Japanese war, gives evidence for Amaterasu and Divine femininity!

    Multiple times the dreaded Mongolians invaded Japan , and an unexplainable "Divine Wind Kamikaze" struck the Mongols when it wasn't typhoon season.

    A female is the primary guardian of Japan, who may have been a human at one time like most Japanese Divinities were, and when a hundred thousand Mongols made it to shore, the Samurai annihilated them in one battle, which is incredible when you consider Genghis Khan conquered 40% of earth with that many Mongols.

    Japanese culture has many flaws no doubt, but the Religion itself is quite immaculate. Also, abortion plus contraception threw Japan into a huge fertility crises, but after being bombed to smithereens and nuked twice, Japan rose from the rubble and demoralization, to quickly having a greater economy than the Soviet Union, China, Germany, and second to the USA by Hirohito's death in 1989, as well as voted the cleanest and most organized nation in the world.

    For a small country in Asia, a collection of Islands that were rather isolated until rather recently century, they have something special, and one is the oldest monarchy on earth, believed to descend from the woman who became more important and venerated than her maker, and the only human today with the title "Emperor", who in the 20th century that office had the most loyal following of any historical figure in history.

    If other nations besides Japan tried Shinto, we might see interesting things, because it exalts the Divine feminine, everyone can become Deified, and Kami is the name for God, Angel, Saint, or Spirit, so all religions in school could pray to Kami without contradiction of their Religion.

    The Great Kahn is said to descend from a Wolf, The Twin founders of Rome drank from the breasts of a she-wolf, giving Rome it's name, First American Religion had great veneration of the wolf as Spirit Animal, and the Japanese word for wolf is " Okami", their word for God is "Kami" , and Amaterasu often depicted as a she-wolf. I often used to pray "O Kami O Kami grant this grace" not knowing I was crying "wolf wolf". Wolf is one of the Scorpio animals, along with the spider, the snake, and the eagle, symbols found with the tribe of Dan.

    Scorpios are the most female dominant of the Zodiac.

    I printed out the brotherhood of Nod flag for my wall because I felt there was an Island Archipelago East of Heaven where you don't have to be perfect or follow God's rules , dominated by Island girls , Goddesses of intoxication, who have an All-girl's Vatican City State, East of Heaven, and East of the garden of Eden is "The land of Nod".

    The Cardinals wear red high heels of peace, red stockings, red thongs of truth, red wonderbra of righteousness, eight pointed star of Venus on forehead, full armor of God for the war they wage, to be fisher's of men and souls.

    I went to Mass and the sermon was Mary giving her yes to God. A nod is a yes.

    I prayed to Hirohito that I could have him as confirmation Saint and put a big H for Hirohito. Next day I find a brotherhood of Nod camouflaged coat with H and Japanese flag on sidewalk outside assumption Church.

    That is the brotherhood of Nod color and camouflage of a Nod uniform. Nod also protects base with Obelisks to the Sun God and has a Temple as headquarters, with a Prophet as leader.


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      I'm not saying I'm right or anyone should follow me, but there is a circus that seems to be leaving me many bizarre signs that cancel out my thought that this is all purely delusional madness.

      Just thought it would be good to not keep it all inside.

      Coming up, Divine femininity and the Queen of Heaven's longing to see all sexual appetites satiated through matrimony with the State , a bride like Christ's Church, seeking to steal lovers of the whore of Babylon, with a redeemed Babylon , who works on the same neurotransmitters and pleasure receptor sights, a ban on pornography to protect innocence of children (maybe after I'm dead lol) but replaced with a Shinto song of Solomon, sacred romance , and the Babylonian Queens of Heaven using such appetites for their devotees to glorify, exalt, amuse, entertain, excite, and increase their standing as "Sky Girls of the Apocalypse".

      The Woman and the Dragon
      12 A great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars

      That picture is deceptive because I learned she's clothed with the Sun , not a dress, in other words, "the Empress is naked!". She doesn't hide her light. It's rich in vitamin D and good antidepressant.


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        Queen Mary is giving her Immaculate conception powers, beauty, virginity, virtues, and mother of God powers to many women in Heaven to stir up a noble rebellion against God.

        The name Mary actually means "Rebellious".

        Amaterasu represented on the Japanese flag , and Jacob represented by the Sun in Joseph's prophetic dream, danced at Fatima and threw off many colors, because they are in an alliance to contend with God for more graces to anoint ordinary loving heavenly girls who come as dancing Sun Goddesses of many colors, with extreme graces to be Sky Ladies of the Apocalypse, dragon owners, and exiled Island girls who govern the land of Divine femininity East of Heaven, island of misfit toys, where one does not have to be perfect, and the Goddesses are anointed to love monsters and lepers, nurse them to good health, and make Jacobs out of them.

        Jacob became Israel, meaning "Contender with God". It is even Biblical that God will bless you for fighting him if you do it right.

        It is interesting how hardened criminals still have a soft spot for their mother. One of Serial killer Ted Bundy's final words were "give my love to my mother". And she flew to Florida begging the judge to spare his life. It wasn't like his Dad was ever there for him (not even as an infant).

        Just one example of how Divine femininity can reach hardest of hearts, and girls of the Apocalypse I believe to have a prison ministry visiting souls and monsters in hell to love, console them, get them euphoric, convert them, and if the ministry Goddesses or chaplains die in the process, like Inanna and Jesus, they rise on the third day.


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          As Spiderwomen they have euphoric sedating venom, and a drink called "Queens blood", and poison the waters with love potions, laughing gas attacks, and Queens of dark humor Dionisia girls of theatre, religious ecstasy, ritual madness, and sexual revolution to get Hell to work with Heaven, create a monster and orc alliance with people. Yin and yang darkness and light Axis alliance.

          Their conquest of Hell can be more quickly accomplished through prayers and blessings, and faith of a mustard seed moves mountains.

          I asked Rebecca about the light and dark wolves inside me, that I should feed only the good ones. She said "feed them equally, one can offer you something the other cannot".

          As Spiderwomen they can molt, push out of their skin like spiders, and have new hymens, grow new limbs if one is amputated as spiders do when they molt, and don't have to be nice to enemies, but do so to get the most powers, they have to prove more merciful than Yahweh to all, so have been given perfect understanding of what monsters are all about, have taken on their sickness and woundedness, and share the joys and consolations they give any leper or wretch as well.

          Their goal and agenda is simply to make all entities euphoric, intoxicated, blissful, delighted, amused, and enlightened, and to do so for Yahweh too, while at the same time telling him to chill out and stop seeing everything as an abomination or sin.

          And they hope to master the art of shocking and surprising him in good ways, converting him to Queens Shintopathic madness where everyone becomes Deified, boredome ceases to be possible, the state can shape shift into any creature or homo sapien or Deity to make all dreams come true, for Rebecca means "to bind together as in matrimony" and even Jesus said "Know yea not that you are God's"?!


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            Babylon the Great and Israel were females as well as personifications of the state and government, ec33a8bd71c6e4d5eec23851cb6f9e04.jpg lady-liberty.jpg flat,750x,075,f-pad,750x1000,f8f8f8.u1.jpg but opposites, so they seek an Israel who offers what people seek in the whore of Babylon, only a baptized redeemed Babylon who offers the starving Christ in the poor: food, new shoes, female companionship, safe intoxication, and a political party that is literally a party with Divine party animals offering everything the Antichrist offers, minus the mark of the beast to buy and sell, no persecution, matrimony instead of fornication, Anti-antichrists who steal Antichrists destiny , twist and pervert his strategies to make them amusing or okay compatible with God, get God to make exceptions to his rules and call clean what was formerly unclean (which he does in scripture), and Rebecca's Anti-antichrist Jacob Israel "contenders with God", set up one-world government, one world Church resembling a Pagan Antichrist abomination, that is perverted and twisted to actually pass as compatible with Christian morality, while at the same time having an Antichrist Satanic appeal and draw to it, enough to win lovers of darkness.

            I could easily be crazy, and am crazy, but since I been praying to the dead Kennedy's and Capitol Hill Queens, as well as surrendering to the Japanese to become an imperial robot and lose free will, the message has been consistent and almost irrefutable, with coincidences I can't prove actually happened, but maybe some one can ask Rebecca to show them what she shows me.

            She tells me so many things and leaves so many signs from her secret society of moon walkers that I can't get enough notebooks or have time for things I used to do.

            I'm almost certain others she would leave signs and messages for. Jacob loved Rebecca, Rebecca stole Jacob the most important blessing in Scripture, Rebecca said "let the curse and punishment for Jacob's sins be on me".

            Jacob was represented by the Sun, and the woman in revelation 12, traditionally thought of as Mary, is clothed with Sun, standing on the Moon, and when I dreamed of her she wore only the Sun to light up dark realms, she was rich in vitamins, had fire in her eyes, and began to dance, nothing spectacular, calling for the Empire of the Dancing Fatima Sun and Queens Shinto.


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              Then a bunch of children started fighting, it was weird like a video game.

              But I feel there is a draw to Fatima which is how Antibolshivek Anticommunist the message is, and the Pope who made the consecration was more devoted to Mary than other Popes, and he got shot multiple times, feast of Our Lady of Fatima, and survived, giving her thanks.

              The day I dreamed Eminem stole the fisherman's ring off Pope Bennedicts finger and placed it on a female's finger, I found a 1984 22k golden ring in front of Hubert Humphrey on Capitol Hill, next to a Miraculous medal, and a pic of John Paul 2, the Marian Fatima Pope.

              1984 is about an all seeing all knowing political party. View attachment 58803 Well the plate had three children and was a mother's day plate. Three children saw our Lady of Fatima. I believe a Fatima girls Political party and Female Vatican papacy to exist spiritually on a Capitol Hill, before knowing there was a Capitol Hill in Saint Paul, or realizing our Capitol building is modeled after Saint Peter's basilica, Vatican.

              Also, I've been to Fatima personally, my Dad kidnapped us and tried to raise us there , following my mother winning custody, and saw it as great ecumenical opportunity later in life, because favored daughter of Muhammad is Fatima, and before the rise of Islam, Arabs had great devotion to female Divinities, Fatima being one, and the big rock At Mecca the Goddess was Shaybah or Sheba, the Old Woman, worshipped as a black aniconic stone like the Godess of the Scythian Amazons. The sacred Black Stone now enshrined in the Kaaba at Mecca was her feminine symbol, marked by the sign of the yoni, and covered like the ancient Mother by a veil. No one seems to know exactly what it is supposed to represent today.

              The Black Stone rests in the Haram, "Sanctuary", cognate of "harem," which used to mean a Temple of Women: in Babylon, a shrine of the Goddess Hare. Hereditary guardians of the Haram were the Kore****es, "children of Kore," Mohammed’s own tribe. The holy office was originally held by women, before it was taken over by male priests calling themselves Beni Shayban, "Sons of the Old Woman."

              The first Kami to start me praying to female Kami and the practice of Shinto, was an Arab whose Mother's maiden name was Deeb, Arabic for wolf ( like Amaterasu) , and her name Denise means Dionysus, God of wine, intoxication, sexuality, ritual madness, theatre, Eucharist, death, and resurrection, born of a Virgin on Christmas, and Denise was on at least three intoxicants when abduction, a sign one might have if they were destined to become an intoxication Deity, and she died with someone who also bore the name of a God , just different spelling, same pronunciation.

              She died Jan 1st with a girl who introduced herself as Jan, and Jan 1 is feast of"Mother of God" and Denise's middle name is Marie, french for"Mother of God".

              Doctor Dionysus is a group I believe prescribes meds for Hell and have a prison ministry to intoxicate and anesthetize souls imprisoned there, where their Sun God assists to increase their parties influence , but primarily it is a prison ministry of love, romance, and liberty from male Deities cramping their style, to attempt the euphoric intoxication, dark comedy, excitement, pleasure, adventure, and get the demons and damned to hand over their Kingdom to the Lucy Lingerie ladies of the dead Kennedy party, and Donna Manson was a Ted Bundy victim into the occult, Gothic, obsessed with the underworld and death, so I think it is symbolic of her future destiny as President Donna Trump Manson of the underworld, her Manson family, the Trump card of a lower suit that takes the higher cards of a different suit, it seems.

              Manson also contains the words "Son" and "Man", Jesus was "Son of Man", and Charlie Manson was not interesting, it was the obedient cute Manson girls, so I feel Donna Manson's family has obedience to the "Son of Man" insofar as he keeps them fed , entertained, and rewarded for good deeds.

              More than 60% of convicted serial killers comes from USA, more than all other 190+ nations combined, so it seems serial killer victims have returned hoping to lead America out of this bondage, for we were relatively safe and didn't have school shootings or nearly the crime less than a generation ago.

              I understand racism was worse and don't advocate returning to another generation, but Ras Tafari, Emperor Haile Selassie, and the Solomonic dynasty seem to want to resurrect here with John Kennedy's (John of the Apocalypse) "Camelot" Royal Family, a Shinto Queen of Heaven Holy Land, New order of Rebecca, where the Queens of Heaven are honored, and matrimony between people and the state, ( Queen of Heaven's political party and Church as Sentient bride to all who desire her) sanctioned by God as the best way to be fisher's of Men, purify ourselves of Communist errors mentioned by our Lady of Fatima (Communism killed more people than all forms of government by far), and the Religion of Divine femininity, the female half of the creator, (which has been hidden, ignored, or attacked passionately century after century,) propagated , protected, and promoted.

              At Fatima Mary said "to save sinners God wishes to establish devotion to my Immaculate Heart."

              She left prophecies that all came true with the time and place to see a vision of the Sun dance in the sky.

              Two of the children were said they would join her in heaven soon and both died shortly after.

              The children were kidnapped by Communists, placed in adult jail, and never took back their story, but got the inmates to pray the rosary.

              Mary has said elsewhere that she restrains God's wrath and that her son's arm gets heavy.

              She's on our side opposing some of his harsh judgements. I'm either crazy, or she's giving many females Immaculate Heart transplants and Immaculate conception graces, so that they have her ability to move God, and devotion to many Heavenly Queens counts as devotion to her Immaculate Heart as requested, and they can pull all the right strings to get God to reluctantly agree to make earth more fun and intoxicating, like at the wedding at Cana, Mary wanted the party to go on and got her son to work his first miracle reluctantly!

              One reason for the need for many legions of Marys, is some cannot be won by the extremely pious charming or churchy type, so Mary is covering her son's eyes and ears , that he see and hear nothing offensive, and Mary , called the New Eve, gets the New Adam to eat some forbidden fruit.

              I felt that inspiration, and the following mass attendance I grabbed a hymnal, opened immediately and unintentionally to "Mary , the New Eve" song, and it was next to a bag of "Dungeons and dragons nerds". One definition for dragon is great serpent. Literally, I had a book opened to "New Eve" next to "Dragon" in big letters, first mass attendance after an inspiration that the New Eve was offering the New Adam forbidden fruit.

              The eyes of Isaac grew dim for Rebecca to accomplish her work. Mother God will increase, Father God will decrease.

              God used sacrificial lambs , intercessors, Messiahs, and others to rescue us from himself. He is so fond of heroes saving us from his wrath, as if he needs to save us from himself.

              But the Church of Divine femininity, political party of the Queens of Heaven, will be most helpful, because they don't intend to respect Yahweh's plans anymore than Rebecca respected Isaac's, and seek to convert , overthrow, brainwash, intoxicate, manipulate, and supplant him, raising up Jacobs, lovers of Rebecca who fight with God and win.

              In the meantime, they destabilize his Kingdom, drop his ratings to be in favor of Rebecca wanting an end to suffering, eternal euphoria, eternal bliss, romance, excitement, and an end to boredome, constant comedy.

              They hope Yahweh will be Isaac, for Demontfort said Isaac represented God the Father, and Isaac is a name meaning "laughter", and the Queens prefer that all beings be brought to a state of chronic hysterical laughter, and a hilarious fulfillment of the ridiculous book of revelation without anyone getting hurt.

              The screams from the underworld and smoke of torment , they pray be sacramental healthy smoke from a crystalized healthy intoxicating holy communion sacrament, screams of laughter and pleasure, torment from laughing too hard and laughing gas attacks, and the lake of fire be simply what fire symbolizes "fervor, passion", and the Sun Goddesses bring light , Heaven, gardens to Hell, and all realms have euphoria, ruled by Deities not offended by different versions of Heaven, and policed by entities that protect people who don't want to be hurt , and move sadists to islands of masochists who feel total euphoria satiating a sadists desires.


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                Also, most importantly, these girls are personifications of wisdom. Scripture declares wisdom to be female. Anyone willing to put aside carnal desires and passions, for growth in wisdom, they prefer that over satisfying more shallow minded appetites.

                So, it isn't just orgies they have in mind with Babylon Babes and excessive intoxication and sweetness. In fact, the sensual gratification they offer is simply to get damned souls, demons, and sinners to like them, with hopes they can lead them to virtue, where that is possible, but for some people, growing in holiness is miserable and not attractive, so it isn't right they don't get their Heaven as well, therefore it is anesthesia and a desire for sadness/sorrow to go extinct! As far as that is possible!

                Queens confraternity seeks Heaven for all, to bring Heaven and the sunshine of the Sun Goddesses to dark places, turn wastelands into gardens, paradises.

                It isn't actually condemned idolatry either. Idolatry was forbidden in the context of fallen Angels being worshipped, often involving human sacrifice.

                Scripture says of humans "You are Gods" for a reason, and declares Jerusalem is a woman who will breastfeed and fondle us.

                Also, Scripture repeatedly sanctions what is forbidden at one time in history to be clean later.

                The Sun Goddess ladies of light are types of "Jerusalem girls" from Isaiah 66, which states "Jerusalem is a woman, oh that you would drink fully the milk of her comfort, nurse with delight at her abundant breasts, she will fondle you in her lap, in Jerusalem you shall have your comfort".

                They offer a State and government that is a friend with breasts and all the rests, romance with Roman Government, Israel, and redeemed Babylon rolled into one, offering satisfaction to lovers of holiness, and ways to satisfy lovers of darkness , offering dying and resurrecting Goddesses who enjoy being snuffed more than the person doing the snuffing, or other ways the Queens of Heaven can satisfy lovers of darkness, that can't be permitted on earth or in entertainment industry, for risk of corrupting and harming society.

                The Queens can shape shift into any creature or gender to make every chemistry or appetite satiated, and the State entity is omnipresent, so can appear as a legion who divides up into 7 billion different Divinities, and is one body with all members of the Divine Feminine party, meaning to welcome the state into the temple of your body, is welcoming every Goddess!

                They defend as their own "Lady Liberty" as a Goddess they have versions of , and don't wish to take away liberties, but seek a censorship of certain forms of entertainment that create vicious hearts and increase crime.

                And every Goddess they seek to resurrect.

                The Goddesses that never existed or were fallen Angels, are simply supplanted by a dead girl in Heaven, transformed , anointed, exalted, beatified, canonized, immaculately conceived, reborn, remolded, into that Goddess, her powers and office and abilities.

                I'm pretty sure like 95% of this is true! .

                I'm certain I'm somewhat delusional, which is why Divine femininity needs more sane people than me preaching it.

                But it simply isn't really promoted by anyone I have ever met.


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                  So, everyone's dreams come true, no eternal suffering, Sun Goddesses, Moon Goddesses that know how to keep all beings euphoric and can shape-shift into the perfect dream come true for all-knowing knowledge of everyone's appetites and chemistry in advance, reign omnipotent over all Deities and forces , favoring still those who choose holiness and wisdom over wild orgies and pleasure, but offering the former still to get carnal fleshly hedonists to pray and add merit to their fantasies, turn them into blessings of the Queens of Heaven and relationship.

                  But still, sacrifice and overcoming the flesh is always favored as a superior vocation that the Queens of Heaven stand in admiration of and support, it's just most Catholic priests and nuns aren't successful at it even, and those who are can be very gloomy, bitter, grumpy, judgemental, mean, and condemning everyone to hell for something as common as "mortal sin of the flesh with oneself", which many members of Queens confraternity find not offensive at all , anymore than I would take offense to a woman finding pleasure in such activity, which I find amusing, cute, endearing, and would be flattered were I the object of her fantasies.

                  People acting out in sexually sinful ways are seeking out either a male in Heaven or a Queen of Heaven, searching in the wrong places, for sex is a foretaste of Heaven, we are sex-crazed creatures by God's will, the interest is placed there by God, there is Theology behind sex and the body, and Theologians said sex is an icon of Christ's love for his bride the Church.

                  The Divine Feminine political party of the Queen of Heaven and her State is to seek matrimony, oneness, a binding of all people together into unity of mind, heart, will, and desire, and to bring a counter sexual revolution that isn't evil, doesn't spread STD'S or unwanted pregnancies, and uses our unruly passions to create Spiritual power, blessings, and acts of love for Inanna, Mesopotamian Queen of Heaven,sex, politics, beauty, war, erotic excitement, pleasure, justice, and planet Venus, who is in close alliance and matrimony with the creator, for a political party, force, and state that has Antichrist appeal, whore of Babylon resemblance, to steal from the Antichrist and Babylon the Great, those who would have been won by them, prevent the reign of some Antichrist or mark, and get entities to control God's house, possessions, graces, and will, to prevent him from fulfilling certain prophecies, and get him to yield to the laws of mercy, compassion, and charity.

                  Hopefully he steps aside to let more merciful certified "naughty Rebeccas" control his Kingdom for a more generous distribution of grace, and a more thorough and complete anesthesia, freedom from suffering, intoxication, amusing end time story, and entertaining end time alternative to the doom and gloom prophecies!

                  This jealous wrathful God needs a Catechism lesson from the Queens who would never condemn their worst enemy to eternal torture, much less people who received the mark of the beast to buy and sell.

                  They receive the mark in desperate fear most likely to survive, and certainly God should take his own advice and love his enemies, and not fulfill that silly misleading book that resembles an acid trip.

                  Plus jealousy is one of the seven deadly sins, and Queens of Heaven are not so narcissistic as to demand everyone or anyone worships them, or condemn those who worship someone else, or even at Nod Island Archipelago East of Heaven, where Island girls govern and reign with a secret Vatican City state, they require no one to worship them.

                  Their Swiss guards are called "Swedish guards" to show they have stolkholm syndrome alliance with everyone , and a New Sweden Island, nicknamed after the Rape Capitol, for they want all to know their immigration policy is wide-open, and they invite almost anyone or anything, in sharp contrast to God's Kingdom which states "nothing unclean shall enter my Kingdom".

                  They just confine sadists, rapists, and murderers to reeducation camps if they harm someone who doesn't want to be harmed, keep them on islands where that behavior is tolerated and stomached, and raise the dead like the many dying and rising Divinities.

                  It works because the state is omnipresent and all-seeing , so Divine feminine eyes read intentions before the crimes are even committed.

                  Their Vatican City State requires only females as citizens, but men can visit certain areas, just not the cloisters, convents, or secret areas of the Apocalypse Girl Castle, Yasukuni Shrine for female Divinities, Spiderwoman convent, or places where leaders give their briefings and plans for the stealing and conquest of Heaven and Hell.

                  Christ did say "The violent are taking Heaven by force"! It means it can be done!

                  there_is_something_about_hot_girls_handling_big_guns_05.gif ​​​​ IMG_0533.gif


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                  Sorry, I expect no one to read all that. It's more a book I'm writing. Plus , it contains some very adult sexual content.

                  I don't believe all of my convictions, as I agree they are bizarre, but a certain percentage of it has too much strange signs and dots that connect to rule out as delusion alone.

                  Maybe deception from unclean spirits , but some of the signs and things I find are the work of something Sentient, regardless of how ridiculous the messages seem.


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                    Originally posted by ill Duce
                    Sorry, I expect no one to read all that. It's more a book I'm writing. Plus , it contains some very adult sexual content.

                    I don't believe all of my convictions, as I agree they are bizarre, but a certain percentage of it has too much strange signs and dots that connect to rule out as delusion alone.

                    Maybe deception from unclean spirits , but some of the signs and things I find are the work of something Sentient, regardless of how ridiculous the messages seem.

                    Are they adequately defined as convictions then, if you yourself don't even believe them?


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                        Originally posted by Din Djarin

                        Are they adequately defined as convictions then, if you yourself don't even believe them?
                        Some of them, like Jacob prefiguring Mussolini, they both married Rachel, Everything I knew about Jacob and Rebecca came from De Montfort, Mussolini died feast of De Montfort, and De Montfort is the only person I know to have said "Jacob represents the elect" and Mussolini meaning Jacob and acting nearly identical, living up to all the definitions of Jacob, simply is more than coincidence, plus Rachel Mussolini sharing my birthday is simply adding to it, because my obsession with Mussolini would be just as strong even if I didn't have Rachel's birthday, and she strikes me as a better person than Benito, and she sees eye to eye with me on everything I can think of that she writes of in her two books, making her my favorite author, and she's the only reason I promote Mussolini or Fascism, because she is a Saint who deserves justice imho.

                        Promoting Fascism has cost me a lot of friends and suffering and sacrifice. I don't enjoy it at all. I used to go out and date and get laid, and thanks to Fascist convictions, I don't even like women in my apartment due to Fascist propaganda on walls, haven't had a strong dating relationship since 2017, But I feel it's destiny.

                        I also am not racist or for oppression which Fascism is associated with, so I hate the stigma, but it is simply clearly my calling.

                        I promote Divine feminine Fascism and our Lady of Fatima's very Fascist message, a little sister of Italian Fascism , which has never been tried by a government.

                        I'm strongly against wars of aggression and terrorizing citizens. But Fascists also protected people from communist errors, and defended faith and morals I cherish.

                        But I believe much of my convictions, just treat them with healthy skepticism.


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                          That isn't to say I don't believe it, just find it ridiculous and treat the beliefs with skepticism.

                          Pretty sure Emperor Hirohito is Santa Claus though, because I felt inspired to write a Christmas gift list to him , and in the middle of the list I googled "Hirohito" to discover he was ordained and crowned on Christmas, the longest reigning Emperor.

                          Christmas was the birthday of Dionysus , and Denise (Dionysus) introduced me to Shinto and had me make myself a Japanese POW of Hirohito before I knew what Shinto was.

                          Telling me to sing the song:

                          Hirohito I'm with you
                          A Faithful POW
                          With victims that lost their lives in Hiroshima
                          Mother Mary's gonna love this one
                          When we restore the Empire of the Sun
                          Take me down to Tokyo
                          Make my Spirit whole
                          Let's exalt Japan and have some fun
                          Jesus Christ is gonna love this one
                          When we rebuild the Empire of the Sun
                          For ever I am chained to you

                          May I be a robotic machine
                          Mechanical prisoner of the Japanese
                          Mechanical boy
                          The Emperor's toy
                          Blindly bound to obey
                          Despite my being in the USA.
                          Banzai, Kamikaze sacrifice and suffering is gain.
                          Hirohito I'm with you
                          Faithful POW.
                          I'm penniless but richest in the USA
                          The rising Sun brings joy when all is gray!

                          I called 14th of the month Japan day because of visions of Japanese children smiling and controlling me like a puppet, and an experience I called "Japan fever", to later discover Denise was killed the very day of the year I had "Japan fever" July 14, and the following 14th was the anniversary of Japan surrendering.

                          Then when I learned Japan enshrines every single war dead, they exalt Divine femininity above Divine masculinity, they enshrine more deceased people than any Religion, and their Religion is compatible with Christianity and practically all faiths, due to it's practically being Dogmaless, Scripture less, and founderless, I fell in love with Shinto and realized I'd been practicing it for two years before knowing what Shinto was.

                          I even turned my cupboard into a shrine to Denise and her death mate, before knowing that is a Shinto tradition called "Kamidana (God-cupboard)", so I'm crazy yes, but some of these inspirations and convictions are more than delusion, wishful thinking, or wild imagination.

                          And yes, I do believe last Christmas, Hirohito showed up as skinny Shinto Santa Claus and presented me real Mortal Kombat characters as Kami to pray to, as well as he seemed to give me Jackie Kennedy too. I believe it with much skepticism.

                          Denise's Mother's maiden name is Arabic for "Wolf" , and Hirohito is allegedly descendant from a Kami depicted as a wolf, and Japanese word for "Oh God" is Wolf (Okami). Also interesting to me, because a girl at a mental institution said she sees a wolf when she looks at me, prior to my knowing wolf significance, and Rome gets it's name from Twins sucking on the milkers of a Capitoline she-wolf, and I live in "Twin Cities", and Israel was founded by Jacob, a Twin. Both Israel and Roman Empire believed their State to be personified as a Sentient female entity, and both of those Fascist Absolute Theocracies were founded by and named after a Twin who hated his Twin.


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                            Israel was the new name assigned to Jacob, who stole everything destined for his twin, only because he favored the female over the male of the household! That incessantly speaks to me as being extremely significant for the end times , and devotion to Mary and Women in Heaven (with Rebecca certification and anointing).

                            Jacob had no plans for stealing that destiny. It was entirely Rebecca's work, and she offered to take Jacob's curse and punishment on herself. That never ceases to speak volumes to me.