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Do you ever feel like you're drinking a She-wolf's breast-milk?

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    Do you ever feel like you're drinking a She-wolf's breast-milk?

    [MEDIA=youtube]06H_6oI4EK4[/MEDIA]So, multiple times I dreamed a Caesar was shipping and carving many images of the Capitoline wolf and sending them to as many countries as possible for a "Trojan horse" effect, and I despaired trying to create such things, so the dream was a nightmare.

    But Japanese word for God is Kami, and wolf is Okami (Oh God = Wolf), and highest Kami in Shinto is depicted as a wolf, so drifting in and out of consciousness I have had experiences with wolves.

    Also , since 2015 I address the people I pray to as "Roman Empire" and Roman Empire got it's name from Twins nursing at the breasts of a legendary She-wolf near river Tiber.

    The spirit of the murdered girl who lead me to Shinto has a mother with maiden name that is Arabic for "wolf".

    Saint Louis De Montfort said we can be molded into Divine beings in the Virgin Mary's womb, which "molded God Incarnate", so I prayed that myself and my favorite Caesar would be molded in Sun Goddess Amaterasu Omikami's womb, be reborn Twins, and drink her She-wolf milk, in imitation of the Twins who founded Rome (and this is Twin Cities, Capitol building modeled after Saint Peter's basilica, Rome).

    Feeling the prayer was answered but having plenty doubts , I went for a walk to tell God "I don't know if Amaterasu is sometimes a wolf or Capitoline wolf", and while still in the middle of my sentence, I saw the name "Orlando" written in big letters on the concrete near smith bridge.

    Knowing it was a sign , I googled Orlando to discover it is an alternative name for "Roland". My mother's fourth husband was Roland , and my older brother called Roland "Romulus". Romulus was the more powerful Twin who nursed at the legendary She-wolf's breasts, who founded Rome.

    Returning home I discovered a tree with this:

    It's hard to see, but if you look closely it's a "wanted" werewolf, for "disturbing the peace", with an image of a man turning into a wolf.

    If I was truly reborn and remolded in Amaterasu's womb, in a Spiritual sense, werewolf kinda fits.

    Also, one side of Smith bridge where the incident took place is dated 1986, and a while back I posted an image of a dead porn star I pray to whose face I have , but whose name I've lost.

    I posted the question on a site with her face image, and went walking where I found a 1986 nickel, and felt it was a sign. I returned home to discover her name is "Yuri Luv" and to my astonishment was born 1986, and starred in the movie "Werewolf".

    Dots seem to be connecting. Maybe it all means nothing important, but something is getting my attention at any rate.

    Anyway, the experience of the she wolf at the Mississippi river was so strong I renamed Mississippi river: "River Tiber".

    At any rate, I hope God will bless my Idolatry with the Capitoline wolf, and if she isn't real, I pray he give me a real one soon. She's become a part of me, and due to her personifying Roman State, Empire, and government, I liken her to the Jerusalem lady in Isaiah 66, "Jerusalem is a woman, oh that you would drink fully the milk of her comfort, nurse with delight at her abundant breasts, be fondled in her lap"...

    Women who morph and shape shift into gigantic wolves that care for humans are even better!

    I have always thought that term, She-Wolf, is odd grammatically. Seems more like it would be described as a Wolf Bitch.


      I have never really thought about it, but here's an obligatory song on the theme.

      She-Wolf - Megadeth


        i'd go with wolfette myself.