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Dead Kennedy Dynasty...who killed JFK??

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  • Dead Kennedy Dynasty...who killed JFK??

    I nicknamed many of the ghosts of the Apocalypse that I pray to "the dead Kennedy's" , as I believe that family to be America's royal family, adopting me and other Kami into the Royal dead Kennedy dynasty.

    Plus JFK was assassinated on my favorite person's birthday, and he was sometimes called Jack, an alternative name for Jacob, my favorite Biblical figure, and his wife was Jacqueline, same name just feminine.

    I received mail for someone named Jacqueline, a cell phone of all things on New Years day, shortly after enshrining Jackie Kennedy on my wall.

    She has to be the best looking first lady and most incredible, with greatest renovations, and turning the white house into a school for children with professional teachers.

    I put her on my wall on Christmas actually!

    I write her letters and burn incense to her Holy Ghost!

    She referred to her husband's presidency as "Camelot" and after his brains were blown out right next to her, his bloody remains got all over her clothing, which she never cleaned off, and often wore to public gatherings, receiving much criticism for it. That is my kinda lady.

    Reminds me of Christians who consider themselves wearing the blood of their Messiah!

    John Kennedy I call "John of the Apocalypse" due to his epic solving of the missile crisis in Cuba, his belonging to the knights of Columbus and the main symbol for that order, and receiving 666 votes at a Democratic convention, then dying of a Head wound like the beast of Revelation, and becoming the single most controversial assassinated person in history, with a family that has what many , (including Ted Kennedy) called "the Kennedy curse".

    I would like to see that curse turn into a blessing and am praying for a dead Kennedy Pentecost for America and restoration of Camelot, resurrection of the noble beast with the fatal head wound and his Dynasty!

    When I run for President, the symbol for my party shall be the Behemoth "Elephant monster in Scripture that defeats the sea serpent Demon Leviathan" , and we shall be the Dead Kennedy House of Solomon, to bring the Ras Tafari "House of Solomon, Lion of Judah Dynasty" to the White House and restore Camelot. Pray for my success!

    Sorry dear Kennedy's if you find that disrespectful, but I find John Kennedy's association with the Antichrist to be amusing and endearing, praiseworthy, not disrespectful!

    I literally read three Presidents most accused of being the Antichrist, and him , Donald Trump, and Obama were the top three in the article.

    I keep him taped to my wall. Do you know what it's like to be taped to my wall?. It means you become a Deified God!!

    I'm assuming CIA was behind the assassination, but I'm definitely basing that off of what I hear people say and what I've read.

    I don't know. Do you?

    Kennedy was also fascinating to me because he was a Democrat , but stood for what present day conservatives defend, so he could potentially reach Democrats and republicans, and both him and his wife bear the name of the man in Scripture that it says "blessed are those who bless you, cursed are those who curse you, in and through you, all people shall find their blessing.". The man Scripture says " fought with God and won".

    (Well, that is, When John goes by Jack, which is what his wife Jackie called him).

    The blessing of the Dead Kennedy's and the dead Kennedy Kamikaze (Divine Wind of the Holy Ghosts), and Dead Kennedy Pentecost be with us all!

    The Virgin Mary joined the Royal Family I think. She's "Mary Kennedy" now. Kennedy means "Helmeted Chief" , implying a Knight and leader + warrior, and the most important piece of the armor of God in Scripture is the "Helmet of Salvation" because malevolent Spirits attack the mind.

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    The symbol for the Catholic Religious order that Saint John Kennedy belonged to is the Fasces, which the word Fascism comes from, and the symbol for the Fascist party!


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      I believe Ted Bundy and his victims , the Capitol Hill Queens, are dead Kennedys through adoption and consecration to Saint John Kennedy!

      He's Ted Kennedy now, and was very active in the Republican party when he wasn't violently murdering innocent people. Maybe a guy who could escape from prison twice and tunnel through the ceiling to steal cars and travel across the country can use such talents for good and be redeemed, patron Saint of the Republican party maybe?

      I hope everyone including Joseph Stalin and Mao, my least favorite people in history, convert after death and do good noble deeds following an illumination, enlightenment, repentance, and freedom from the flesh! I hope to give Mao a hug some day and pray for a "Saint Joseph Stalin"!

      *Shrug*. My ideas though strange, are more merciful than traditional Biblical teachings of massive amounts of souls being tossed into a lake of fire. Am I more merciful than God?

      "Dead Kennedys, I consecrate myself to thee, binding myself to do thy will, and blindly obey thy instructions and inspirations.

      Place thy chip in my brain that I be thy mechanical man, mechanical boy, Jackie Kennedy's toy! Amen!

      Anyone can join the Dead Kennedy (cult) party by welcoming the entity (legion for they are many) into one's heart, mind, and soul!


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        Dead Kennedy's would be my favorite American family, even if it were not for the coincidence that Jack and Jackie are alternatives to Jacob, which is the meaning of surname "Mussolini".

        I wonder if that is more than coincidence.


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          Anyway, nothing new in my world, but Yesterday, Jeffrey Dahmer, a baptized born again Evangelical Christian seemed to speak as a sweetheart, and told me I'd look good in his freezer. I responded that one serial killer winding up in another Serial killer's freezer is a unique scenerio. I wonder if that ever happened? ‚Äč

          (Just kidding, I don't kill people)