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Tree Fort Forums Charity Amazes me more than Christian groups!

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  • Tree Fort Forums Charity Amazes me more than Christian groups!

    Originally posted by Jessica
    Matt I hope you have plenty now at the moment. Don't hesitate to let us know again if you need anything.
    I'm so amazed with the unexpected charity from tree fort, you people put Mother Teresa of Calcutta to shame, if you were as kind to every impoverished , unwanted, disowned, displaced, leper of society, as you have been to me, Mother Teresa's Missionaries of charity would not be a fraction of as loved, praised, blessed, appreciated by, and have the same exalted, blessed, and practically Deified reputation among the poorest of the poor Christs of the Apocalypse (yours truly), disguised in the most unloveable, unwanted, abandoned destitute!

    Lady poverty is my bride! My crown of thorns and cross is my mistress! The intimacy of her thorns pricking into my scalp shall lead to the glorious crown of a King , with great leper Messiah wisdom some day! (I've heard...)

    It's a romantic love affair when you pray for the grace to love the crucifixion, embrace the cross, give her a name, make her a Sentient being with the help of tribes of brilliant dead Jewish comedians.

    So, my tolerance to suffering is higher than most , thanks to the delight I find hanging out with people who left their bodies behind, and the incessant prayeRs for the grace to love suffering and crosses!

    But lately I realized suffering had reached limits where she wasn't my friend anymore! I was in an overdose of the cross predicament where I'm both freezing to death, too cold to even find my usual motivation to wash clothes in the shower, or eat food from the nearest dumpster , or off the sidewalk like the good old days.

    Thanks to tree fort, all my clothes and sheets , pillows, and blankets are going to the laundry mat! (Which is good because I let chicks on rare occasions crash on my bed with their boyfriend, and babysitting a neighbor's cat lead to the unfortunate problem of the cat choosing the bed for kitty litter, causing me a source of shame knowing women might pick up on that odor and think I'm one of those stereotypical psychopath bedwetters that never grew out of it! Eeek! )

    I promise no charity donations will be used to make STD transactions with prostitutes, as Divine providence won't bless that, and I don't need to get high during Minnesota winter when I'm starving, so drugs aren't much of a temptation, but I'm taking the initiative to get a job at two different places, and a volunteer leper colony close by, which tree fort charities has provided me the energy, motivation, nourishment, and grace to the long distances and wait to get the state ID , And and take the first steps in pursuing.

    If I get either job, they are both jobs serving the poor, both have names of Religious figures, and one is named after the Patron Saint of the homeless people!

    Without the extra boost from Tree fort charities, I'd be too malnourished physically, and my brain atrophying from consistent diet that a brain is not built to live off of. My brain was mentally ill and deranged age 8, hospitalized age 10 at insane asylum, overdoses that required oxygen from lack of breathing, and the lights went out from a three story fall onto concrete traumatic head injury, making it a brain that is more in need of vitamins, minerals, balanced meals, carbohydrates, fish oils, fatty acids, and God knows what else, to have something semi-normal on my shoulders, governing decisions that are healthy contributions to society!

    Point being, family have nothing to do with me, have said they wouldn't be at my funeral, mom didn't return my Christmas call, Santa didn't give me Christmas presents from family (my Dad calls because he feels it is his duty based on my interest in the Virgin Mary's message at Fatima Portugal, but he said he'd have nothing to do with me were I not his son) , so by far, BY FAR , the most charity I have received from people who weren't paid by the government to do so, were members of tree fort forums.

    These aren't Saintly Religious people, and I'm amazed they are helping a guy that even "Saintly Religious people" wouldn't be so kind to.

    The kindest family member on Christmas was Emperor Hirohito, the skinny Japanese Shinto Santa, reminding me that He was crowned Emperor on Christmas, is Shinto Samurai Saint Nick, who travels on Skis with his warrior elves and Amaterasu Sun Goddess confraternity, creating real mortal Kombat character Divinities at Raidens Temple, East of Heaven!

    But being schizophrenic and repeatedly hospitalized, I don't know if the Hirohito visions of the sexy sun goddess , or Santa's Oriental elves of the Apocalypse, and the Mortal Kombat Guardian Angel defense force , is even something I should be taking seriously.

    But charity from tree fort, has joyfully shocked me, to the point I won't see that again in my life, when I consider all the stupid worthless things I have said and done to destroy my reputation here, I'm not an easy person to love or even pity!

    And members of tree fort are willing to be more kind, but I'll let you know that I'm good until the snow is melted, and I always get a job in spring and summer. Thanks though!

    I swear I have seen greater charity than Mother Teresa would have for me if I begged her for a portion of what she had, following her rise to power. Yet people that never met me , who might be labeled an online leper colony regarding the immoral talk and images here sometimes, have shown greater generosity to me than all the religious people I met combined.

    And that comes from people who actually met me, family even, where tree fort did not. Saints had Religious incentives, merit, and treasures , and mansions above to consider. Tree fort charities had true charity as motivation, without needing some great promise in Scripture!

    I guess, in the end, most don't care, but it spoke a sermon to me unlike anything in Scripture!

    Christians teach "God is love" , and that's in scripture , along with the teaching that anyone who does deeds for the lowest of God's people, does it for him. People who are great sinners and unbelievers sometimes are helping Christ in the despised deranged lepers of society, better than the religious people who won't compromise their purity by getting near them, and find it impossible trying to understand them.

    So, for the tree fort special forces for Christ, you know who you are, if you are too fond of things too unclean for Heaven, there is an Island Archipelago East of Heaven where different islands are different heavenly manifestations, to satisfy different appetites. (I'm convinced).

    I will offer up my life of crosses and nightmares and death for you to have the Heaven and comrades who look precisely the best, perfect chemistry, and are down to do precisely what your beyond wildest dreams come true would entail, require, and demand in "the land of Nod".

    Land of Nod is called the land of dreams after you Nod off. Land of Nod was also land East of Paradise for Cain to go to following killing Abel. It's perfect name for a Land that isn't Heaven, Hell, or purgatory, you don't need to be perfect, dominated by the female half of God who wants to make even monsters have their Heaven, because Scorpio is the most female dominant symbol of the Zodiac, Scorpio is the symbol of the brotherhood of Nod, and assigned to the tribe of Dan, their other symbol a serpent, the Jewish tribe not listed as a tribe of Israel , the black sheep of Israel whom Rabbis and the Talmud say all depravity comes from and Church Fathers say the Antichrist comes from.

    I prayed to Ghosts of the tribe of Dan , and the idea for a Nod Messiah who is an Anti-antichrist Ghost King of the Apocalypse who serves the good and rewards God , Saints, and the wicked, to save all from eternal suffering and get forces of light and darkness, to work together in a yin and yang axis. Light and darkness forces all receive euphoric reward and hysterical laughter and entertainment and pleasure in the end.

    I Then discovered that the Eagle (Another female dominant animal) is assigned to Dan, which is the symbol of the enemy of the brotherhood of Nod, GDI, indicating the Eagle and Scorpion , GDI and Nod working together, each achieving things that reward the other side as much as their own.

    Time shall tell, but one thing I know I'm not totally nuts about is tree fort forums has people who deserve to be on stained glass windows of Cathedrals and Temples centuries from now, more than many of the Canonized Saints, imho.

    I'm sorry if my way of giving a compliment is too weird, but I'll be the first to remind God to give the promised eternal reward to people such as thee, and I'll be the first to get pissed at and pester and annoy God for not doing so quickly , thoroughly, and effectively hitting the spot, as soon as possible!

    Words do not express my gratitude or the sermons tree fort speaks through example.

    ( Perhaps I should avoid words and shut UP! )

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    We don’t care that you’re a fascist, Duce. We’re happy to help a forumer in need.


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      I also applaud your lifestyle improvements to combat addiction. We are here to support you