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Synagogue of Serpents and Jewish hidden tribe, East of Heaven!

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  • Synagogue of Serpents and Jewish hidden tribe, East of Heaven!

    Tribe of Dan swept me away with filling notebooks full of messages from the Synagogue of Serpents, the headquarters of the Divine dragon Dan, a lost black-sheep tribe of Israel that's ghosts govern an island Archipelago East of Heaven, only I apparently know about!

    Dan is the tribe symbolized by the Serpent or dragon, that the Hebrew Talmud states "all descendants of the tribe of Dan are Idolaters", and all wickedness and darkness allegedly comes from the Northern sections of the Kingdom occupied by Danites!

    Dan was not listed with the twelve tribes of Israel in revelation, on purpose, disowned, yet Dan means "Judge" , and back then judges were Dictators and anointed. Plus Danites lived on battle ground with dreaded giant Philistines, so had to be the fiercest warriors always on their toes.

    The strongest man to exist, that billions of people believe to be a real man, was hands down, by far the Herculean Samson who terrorized the Philistines by singlehandedly attacking and killing a thousand with jawbone of donkey, tearing to pieces a lion with bare hands, tearing down the Temple of Dagon with barehands, causing it to kill everyone inside, first successful suicide Kamikaze attack on an enemy structure I know of in history, and no other like it!

    There seems to be a persistent voice telling me a promise lives within the black sheep tribe of Israel with the craziest reputation, the strongest fighters, the tribe symbolized by the Devil, and the tribe declared to be "the judge of Israel", a promise and force lives that can be used for good or Evil!

    Dan is said to be a viper who strikes horse heel, and sends horse and rider tumbling backwards! That viper could be the most useful force for sending wicked powers tumbling backwards stunned! That force could upset the plans and strategies and completely incapacitate evil forces that harm people , better than any other!

    But I'm increasingly convinced, as I give the Serpent tribe permission to use me as their obedient instrument and servant, that their thirst for idolatry, they found East of Heaven, Independent of God, where they Canonize and Deify the kindest , sweetest, most beautiful, generous, and intoxicating souls, who bring Heaven to to all members of the Island Archipelago of misfit toys, unworthy, unclean for Heaven, cursed creatures whose curse can't be washed off!

    Dan is son of an unmarried slave woman Rachel forced to sleep with Jacob out of envy of her sister's fertility and her own barrenness. Dan is called the personification of the Devil by some, some Church Fathers say the Antichrist descends from Dan, some call him a g word that means "personification of Evil", and quotes are attributed to him which include a statement he made to his brothers about wanting to be like a leopard sinking it's teeth into a kid and drinking it's blood, expressing a desire to suck Joseph's blood like a vampire after selling him into slavery and rejoicing!

    If any of that is true, that is extremely cold blooded wickedness, but Joseph said "what you meant for evil, God meant for good"! Meaning Dan's evil was inspired by God to get Joseph to control a most powerful Empire and save countless lives!

    Dan the "Devil" could be redeemed and turned into the glorious "wounded healer" black sheep of Israel lamb of God leper Messiah who loves the most wicked, abandoned, destitute and cursed, because he shared all their darkness, wounds, and depravity!

    It was a cursed serpent in the desert that healed terrified Israelites dying of venemous Serpent wound bites in the Old testament! Could Dan be the redeemed cursed Serpent, wounded healer called to heal people wounded by the bad serpents, and the Serpent best equipped to destroy bad serpents? A consistent pestering voice in my head keeps telling me to be the hands, feet, and mouthpiece of this cursed tribe that has the great promise of being "Judge of Israel", and possibly give to their devotees Samson Hercules strength and Archangel knowledge of the dragon, the Ancient Serpent, the Devil the tribe is symbolized by, and even Antichrist knowledge and abilities, but use it for good.

    That would be awesome, and very strange coincidences are confirming that not everything I am seeing in my imagination and impressions on my mind are my own, but in fact my body has become Danny's Synagogue of Serpents!

    My name Matthew also means Levi. Danny told me to change Levi to Leviathan, and pray for the Leviathan anointing and graces. Leviathan is an evil wicked Serpent creature of the sea said to be 300 miles long.

    To be a good Leviathan who battles wicked Leviathan and protects people could be what we need. One of the Jewish girls I pray to is Lisa Levy, Levy means "Levi". I call her Lisa Matthew because Matthew means Levi, but changed Levi to "Leviathan" and moved the contents of a letter from a man named "Pete's dragon" on the envelope, under a Joker's costume with a note from God signed "Lisa" , and I know of no human being living who would write me named Lisa, no recollection of how that letter got in my apartment, and less than 24 hours after changing Lisa's name.

    Lisa was murdered at Chi-omega Sorority house, and I keep her tombstone with star of David and Menorah candles near my bed next to painting of Hebrew child and Rabbi.

    Chi Omega, where she was murdered, are two words that can be translated multiple meanings, but one translation is "End time Dragon Messiah"! For Chi can mean Dragon, and Omega can mean "Christ, anointed one"!

    Her killer broke out of prison twice just so he could kill her, tunneling through a ceiling into a cold blizzard, getting new clothes, stealing a car, moving to Florida where he felt he would go out with a bang and went into that house he said to "murder all those sleeping college girls".

    Approaching one of the sleeping girls, he saw her holding a Rosary, felt an unexplainable terror, need to flee the scene of the crime immediately, and an inability to continue what he intended to be his most epic unglued savage massacre of an entire sorority house of sleeping College girls.

    The two girls that died there had the surnames "Levy " and "Bowmen"! To Levy Bowmen is to gather them for war! Wonder woman was inspired by a Goddess of the bow and archery, and warrior Goddesses are often depicted with bows!

    The message seemed to be "Levy the bowmen for the End time Omega battle with the Chi Dragon."

    But I have Lisa Leviathan on my side as my Chi Omega Dragon Messiah, Queen of the tribe of Levi.

    And at that house, another Jewish Queen, lady of the Rosary saved lives, and I read a testimony of a survivor there that a ghost of one of the murdered girls helped her.

    When I moved into room 17 at higher ground shelter Saint Paul, 17 died and 17 were wounded, which I knew was a sign because Italy doesn't like 17 floors, because 17 is on so many graves because of what it says in Roman numerals, "I had lived" or something, a number associated with ghosts, and one was a beautiful Jewish girl from the same tribe as Lisa Levy, whose Father was a Jewish author who wore a Donald Trump shirt to the site of his daughter's murder, met with the President, and had a strong voice.

    He received enormous criticism and strongly definitely went against the herd in a time a great grief and loss of a daughter to a school shooting. Right or wrong, his zeal for what he believes in and his strong Religious convictions I admire tremendously, along with his having the blessings given to descendants of Jacob. His daughter died using her body to shield another student!

    I contacted her Father on Twitter, and it was he actually who informed me that he belongs to the tribe of Levi. My name Matthew and Levi are same names. The only other girl I hail as my female Hebrew Messiah and Queen is from tribe of Levi and same state of Florida!

    The victim of the school shooting was "Meadow", so I herd a voice tell me to say, "thou art Magic Meadow, upon this Beautiful Magic Meadow I will build my Synagogue of Serpents and Black Sheep Church of Danny the Dragon! The gates of hell shall not prevail against her! You Meadow, are the highest levitical priest of Leviathan tribe, with the keys of Danny Draconem's (Great Serpent) Empire! What you bind shall be bound, what you loose shall be loosed, your Church and State shall be a female personification of wisdom, Goddess for all appetites, all seasons, woman who offers far more than Babylon the Great, but who is a Jesus freak who pleases God , and pleases Devils, in an attempt to win them all, reward and feed everyone, get everyone serving and in matrimony with Church, excited beautiful bride the State, keep everyone entertained and laughing hysterically, bound into sacred matrimony that binds us all together into one Empire through being one body with Lia Leviathan Chi Omega Church, and Meadow Pollack's State, prefigured by Jerusalem Girl in Isaiah 66 , where Jerusalem is a woman with abundant breasts who feeds us comforting milk and fondles us in her lap!

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    Dan has great promises though in the meaning of his name alone and the anointing of Judges of Israel back then, the power they had over their people far greater than a president or prime minister, the militant gifts the Danites needed more than other tribes living on disputed battleground lands with giant Philistines much larger in size constantly attacking them, their anointing as leaders , teachers, politicians.

    Even their involvement in the occult , sorcery, and leading the other tribes into the worship of other Gods, I see it as a thirst for something Yahweh wasn't offering that they really needed, that one day Yahweh would satiate, satisfy, and bless that yearning of the Danites for many Gods/Goddesses , through a New Covenant where Dan has an Independent Kingdom, Island Archipelago East of Heaven with Dragons, Island girl Sun Goddesses, Synagogues of Serpents, that are not fallen Angels but deceased Spirits that the tribe elects to be Deified with that office, and every possible God or Goddess to satisfy every possible appetite for a Deity, and omnipresent female state and political party of Divine femininity that is a great Goddess with abundant breasts , comforting milk, fondles us in her lap, and suckles humanity with nutritious , comforting, intoxicating, Messiah milkers and milkshakes! ‚Äč

    To be much more revelations from the entity I am becoming, a legion of Ghosts controlling me I identify as the "Synagogue of Serpents"!......


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      Good God man. Shut up.