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Feed Both monsters! Each offers a different blessing!

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    Feed Both monsters! Each offers a different blessing!

    I found it interesting the day I wrote about the people feeding children the Dragon, so that the Dragon blessed the the village in Lebanon as was the tradition of the dragon blessing the village or terrorizing the village based on whether or not the villagers offered a child to the Dragon to eat, was the day I posted a crusader child (saying children were greatest in heaven) not knowing the child's armor had a dragon on it till the day after.

    I wrote about children who serve the Dragon , so that the Dragon blessed humanity not long before that.

    Saint George slaying the Dragon of that village has to be the goofiest story of a Saint, that turned the Saint into the greatest soldier Saint ( that the Solomonic dynasty of Ethiopia even gave the credit for their impossible victories against Europeans for), so who knows?.

    So, my ability to believe the story is tough, but Scripture mentions dragons in many places, and people, entire advanced Empires like the Aztecs even, used to offer countless amounts of public human sacrifices so that dragons or monsters or whatever would bless the people and avoid punishing them.

    Catholics eat their Virgin Messiah lamb of God who becomes present at an altar, symbolic of the altar Isaac the son of Abraham, was almost sacrificed to Abraham's monster at. A lamb sacrificed instead, prefiguring the virgin lamb of God sacrificed to the angry God, to pacify his wrath from striking humanity. When Hebrew's slaughtered the lamb and put it's blood on their door posts they had to eat the lamb, prefiguring the devouring of the Messiah and drinking his blood as is done at my Catholic Cannibal and vampire rituals I cherish!

    The only reason God lets me mock him with posts like this is because Rebecca told Jacob she would take the sins, punishment, and curses of Jacob upon herself, and I have discovered some certified intercessors who help me in similar ways, that I identify as "Jacob's Shield" and "Jacob's ladder", an ascent to God and shield from consequences , in an attempt to fight God like Jacob did, and win, similar concept (I'm guessing).

    (and Jacob actually defeated God , refused to let go of God when God asked him to, and forced God into unconditional terms of blessing his bad behavior when it accomplishes the greater good)

    What I see is, God demands human sacrifice, not just from Christ in Christianity, but demands penance, suffering, and martyrdom from his people (early Christians called "blood of martyrs the seed of Christianity"). If Yahweh is fed his reward, feed the dragons and monsters their reward, then monsters on both sides bless humanity.

    Anyway, I'm not suggesting anyone ever literally sacrifice a child to a Deity like Abraham almost did (unless the law sanctions it like Planned parenthood legally giving unwanted children to the Canaanite God Molech or whatever) but one of the stories of Saint George is George was already decapitated and it was his ghost battling the Dragon, but the Princess didn't know he was a spook, and told him to run away and let her get eaten. This was save George, but also so that the Dragon bless the village. If so, she's so cool!

    If God would permit the dragons to be fed , and him be fed , split the reward 50/50 , then both monsters on each side , dragons, and the people ( who eat Jesus Christ at Mass ), all have thorough satiation.

    Just not everyone has an appetite for Jesus, so we need more Princesses offering themselves to be eaten by dragons (her Father the King had to consent to it ) and then earth gets the dragons blessing and Yahweh's blessing.

    Oh yeah, and Job speaks of Behemoth being a monster that looks like an elephant who can guzzle the river Jordan. He battles a 300 mile long Serpent of the sea named Leviathan, and Leviathan is fed to God's people.

    The Republican party elephant should evolve into Behemoth mammoth monster for the end times Apocalypse, a good Monster battling evil, (just another thought from that still small voice inside )


    I told my princess I have a white wolf and a black wolf inside me, and I'm told to only feed the white one. She told me that sounds prejudice, feed them equally because one offers what the other doesn't have.

    I gave her a high-five for her political correctness!