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666 My surname = Mussolini, JFK, Antichrist, and Purple Dinosaur Babylon!

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    666 My surname = Mussolini, JFK, Antichrist, and Purple Dinosaur Babylon!

    So, John F Kennedy died the birthday of my favorite living person on the planet, causing me to discover something about my surname, which is Janes, which is plural for Jane, which is feminine for John.

    John Kennedy was called Jack, another name for John, which is another name for Jacob.

    Jacob is the definition of Mussolini. Jacob and John are my name, which reminds me of a song:

    John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt
    His name is my name, too
    Whenever we go out
    The people always shout
    There goes John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt
    Da-da-da-da la-la-la-la
    That comes from a purple dinosaur song who many believe to be the Antichrist!

    The Cute Purple Dinosaur

    1. Start with the given:


    2. Change all the U’s to V’s (which is proper Latin anyway)


    3. Extract all the Roman Numerals

    C V V L D I V

    4. Convert these to Arabic values.

    100 5 5 50 500 1 5

    5. Add them up.


    There you have it—proof positive that Barney is the Antichrist, and clearly, irrefutably, I am Matthew Mussolini, the Incarnation of the beast of the Apocalypse!

    Also, JFK had 666 votes and died of a fatal headshot wound. The beast rises from a fatal head shot wound and reigns from the city of 7 hills. Mussolini was shot point blank in the face and it didn't phase him, and he reigned from the city of 7 hills!

    It was actually my dream that ghosts would resurrect John Kennedy's "Camelot Presidency", I referred to many ghosts I pray to "Capitol Hill Queens" as "dead Kennedy's" through adoption into a Spiritual political party, before I realized that my name is the plural feminine surname for John, and for that matter "Mussolini".

    I doubt I have much destiny here in this life, but when the two political figures you promote more than others, and practically worship, both have links to the Antichrist, and both you suddenly realize years later, have your surname, (and I have Mussolini's wife's birthday), it definitely has to be a little more than coincidence, even if it doesn't materialize into me having any special destiny.

    My defending Mussolini was entirely based off of his stance on faith and morals and discovering what appears to be my favorite Scripture figure prefiguring him and overshadowing him (both married Rachel too).

    It was an attraction completely independent of later realizing I have his wife's birthday , and I didn't even know I had the same Mussolini surname alternative until yesterday.

    It is total predestination if I've ever seen it! Plus, JFK was the first President who adhered to Mussolini's Religion , and the Vatican State that Mussolini created.

    JFK is the only President to belong to a group (Knights of Columbus) that uses the Fasces (symbol for Fascism that the word Fascism comes from) as the symbol of the order! Also, JFK defended all the faith and morality that the Italian Fascist regime defended
    prior to Mussolini's big mistake of siding with Germany .

    Siding with Germany was a terrible mistake, and Benito believes he deserved to hang upside down to atone for it (the Benito I know), but he promised the day of his execution that he would return to head a greater nation in need of a leader!

    This has me even more strongly believing forces beyond just my imagination or wishful thinking could be at work to make that a reality, as well as behind my repetitive defense of Mussolini and promotion of the Jacob Spirituality!
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    I also call John Kennedy "John of the Apocalypse" prior to making this connection, and his wife Jackie would wear her garments which had his blood on them from him getting his brains blown out next to her.

    She was criticized for never washing the clothing, and she wore his blood like Christians wear the blood of their Messiah (to important political events). Also, something to consider!

    Also, Jackie is another alternative name for Jacob or my surname Janes, and this new years day, a random cell phone with the name " Jackie" wound up in my security hallway!