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Ethiopian history in less than 10 minutes and Rastafarian experience!

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  • Ethiopian history in less than 10 minutes and Rastafarian experience!

    On my to do list before I die is to resurrect the Solomonic dynasty of Ethiopia and honor Emperor Haile Selassie as the Rastafarians do.

    King Solomon converted the Queen of Sheba with his wisdom and they had a Son who began a dynasty and "house of Solomon" that lasted thousands of years until 1974.

    The Ethiopian Empire managed to fend for themselves when the rest of Africa was colonized. The greatest victory of an African nation against modern Europeans with greater weapons, was the first Italo-Ethiopian war, where ironically, Ethiopians gave their credit for their victory to Saint George, a Roman soldier, for help defeating the Romans.

    The Italian return to colonize Ethiopia in the 20th century doesn't count as them defeating Ethiopians on the battlefield, because using mustard gas is terrible and cheating (in my book).

    They fended for themselves well on the battlefield, even with far inferior weapons, even in that second conflict ( prior to the gas).

    They also claim the son of Solomon with the Queen of Sheba stole the Ark of the covenant, which Ethiopia claims to still have to this day.

    Haile Selassie was called "Lion of Judah" and believed by many Africans to be an Incarnation of Jesus Christ.

    For many centuries they boasted of being the surviving piece of the David Kingdom, a dynasty with more blessings and promises attributed to it than any.

    It was also a Christian Empire with a dynasty dating back to King Solomon, something very unique, and the final Christian Emperor.

    On many of their banners they had a star of David with a cross in the middle.

    The first day I printed out pictures of Haile Selassie, I had a plant I bought for my shrine to George Hawkins, who I call "Saint George" after the Saint George of Ethiopia, only a modern female version in my spirituality.

    An Ethiopian immigrant offered me a few dollars when I told him the plant was for a shrine to a girl in heaven.

    When he told me he was Ethiopian, I was shocked, because I just exited the library where I printed out images of the final Ethiopian Emperor, Lion of Judah, Lion King!

    I handed him one of the pics and he handed me a few more dollars. I'll never forget that.

    I also keep an Ethiopian flag I found on the ground. It's the only non American flag I have found on the ground that I can recall.

    So, Ethiopia, Haile Selassie, and the Solomonic dynasty are precious to me.

    Also, I'm named after Saint Matthew, who was executed by an Ethiopian King in Ethiopia, my last probation officer and current therapist are Ethiopian.