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Benito Mussolini and the Hunt for Red October

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    Benito Mussolini and the Hunt for Red October

    I was walking down Capitol Queen street and saw the book The Hunt for Red October. October is when JaCoB iSraeL gave his blessings to Rebbeca. Oh Rebecca, so holy, won't you GiVe Me YoUr BleSSiNgS my Capitol Hill Queen. This can't be coincidence.

    Then I thought of Rachel who Benito Israel loved, but God loved her more, because God loves sinners and I'm a sErIAl KiLLeR (ha ha aren't my jokes funny) and I'm going to kill women because then they'll be the most powerful in Heaven. And God will like me because I'm a sinner and I'll have a brothel full of hot mass murdering Israeli Air Force girls right next to TeD BuNnY in the Land of Nod East of Heaven.

    I'm like Jesus because Jesus said feed the poor of spirit and I gave a prostitute chicken pot pie. I didn't even get an erection when I put my penis in her mouth.

    Oh Rachel! Oh Hirohito! BleSSiNgS be upon thee! This can't be coincidence.



      I have been celibate since 2017 and renounce all fornication I have done as bad behavior.

      I have always promoted chastity and virtue, and my devotion to raped and murdered girls is prayers for them to be happy in heaven , blessings, that they be canonized Saints, and to a certain extent Deified!

      I sing them "happy birthday" on their birthdays (no one else does), have feast days for them, give them love when others have forgotten about them, offer up my suffering and deeds of charity for them to be happy and reach the first degrees of beauty, power, glory, perfection, euphoria, and dreams come true!

      And you see that as a bad thing or immoral practice?

      And might I ask why??

      Also, you might, as well as I might be careful, to be more respectful of, and not upset the dead. It can literally haunt you!

      I will take my own advice, as I have experienced some of the repercussions, but if indeed, my prayers for the dead, enshrining the dead, blessing the dead, and offerings of suffering, deeds of charity, praise, veneration, and labors on behalf of the dead...

      ...if those practices are actually benefitting the souls of the deceased in some way (which many signs convince me that is the case) , then your repeated mockery of it and attempts to discourage me from it, does not go unnoticed by God, and does not go unnoticed by the spirit people who are with Him.

      Now, I have a sense of humor, and can take a friendly joke. They have a sense of humor, and so can they.

      But it isn't always easy to tell.... If you meant it that way, no offense taken.

      But it is still blatantly obvious disrespect and mockery of the practice and spirituality. And almost all of the souls I pray to and bless, died in very tragic ways, so it is a sensitive issue you are making a mockery of.

      But I love you! God bless you! But God and Spirits can bring painful lessons to those who make a mockery of what is sacred , or who are very disrespectful.

      Curses are a thing as well as blessings. I had a random black guy who never gave me his name in the security hallway hand me a book about the guy who disturbed King Tut's mummified remains, and how he died shortly after unexpectedly.

      It was known in the news of that time as "the Mummies curse".

      Things happen! And lots of stuff is out there!

      I don't want bad things to happen to either of us , and I am still suffering and making reparations for the ways I have accidentally disrespected or offended the dead (or God for that matter)!

      What I have going for me, is I make repairs, and I love the dead dearly. My disrespect or bad behavior was mental illness and drug induced mainly, not with intent to do bad .

      They take that into consideration,
      which is probably the only reason I'm still alive and kicking!


        You mocked me, the living. I mocked you. It's no big deal. Try not being so verbose. Honesty is virtually silent


          The interesting thing I love about this thread, is Mussolini's conquest of Rome and his epic March on Rome, took place in October, where over night he became the youngest Prime Minister in Italian history on October 28. (Ted Bundy's final victim was born October 28, and Ted Bundy victims were the ones who lead me to Fascism , based on the Fascist censorship of sexual immorality and porn, and how that greatly lowered crime and sexual assault in Fascist Italy. Nothing like present day America)

          On October 28,
          Mussolini had no votes, no qualifications, not much education, no government experience, and took over a first world cradle of Democracy
          ( and military and police wouldn't respond to the Prime Ministers orders to arrest him because he was so strong, charismatic, and likeable, and they knew he would crush crime and make short work of the Italian Mafia, which he did).

          Totally, miraculously, without bloodshed, and unlike any other phenomenon in a modern Democracy, the Prime minister, who called for a state of siege, was asked to step down.

          Fascists filled the streets, even in America, to cheer over Mussolini's epic Blackshirt Fascist march on Rome and bloodless transfer of power to the youngster unqualified, uneducated, with no government experience.

          He quickly unraveled Democracy, replaced it with his invention, and worked economic miracles in more than one country, made Italy great again, became a slave abolitionist like Abe Lincoln, created Vatican City State, defended Religion, brought unity, lowered unemployment to roughly 1% , and became 20th century Caesar of a restored Roman Empire!

          His alliance with Germany was terrible, but he was a hero before that, and he did it to create an Anticommunist, Antibolshivek, United States of western Europe, Roman Empire, that fights Communism. He didn't know about the horrors of the Holocaust, as Hitler was keeping much of that secret even from his own people, and bombarding Mussolini with Nazi propaganda!

          But the fascinating thing about this thread, is Rachel Mussolini called Mussolini's political opponents, (the reds) and Mussolini crushed the reds and conquered Rome in October

          "Mussolini's conquest of Red October"! Nice going neonspectraltoast!
          Click image for larger version

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            Originally posted by neonspectraltoast View Post
            You mocked me, the living. I mocked you. It's no big deal. Try not being so verbose. Honesty is virtually silent
            When did I mock you recently?

            I actually complimented you multiple times.

            Also, I have never from what I recall intentionally disrespected something you held dear to your heart or even made fun of you from what I recall.

            The only times I can think of where I "Mocked" you, were actually innocent jokes where I was saying you were intelligent or gifted. It wasn't mockery in the slightest. Just exaggerating your gifts.

            Also, you are comparing my spiritual practices to putting my dick in a prostitutes mouth and calling it a sign from Heaven, and glorifying serial killings!

            That's over the top, above and beyond a small fraction of anything I have done by giving you an exaggerated compliment that you misunderstood for mockery.

            So, what you said is simply falsehood
            . I'm not saying that to mock your, but it is simply what it is:

            A factual statement!


              But you are right. Probably no big deal. I ain't tripping. Just what you said isn't accurate.

              No worries. We're human and online words are hard to sometimes interpret!