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Video for the Deification of Mussolini into Sun God Ra!

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  • Video for the Deification of Mussolini into Sun God Ra!

    article-0-16B9D2C9000005DC-356_306x423.jpg 4127.jpg Mussolini-calendar-001.jpg In this YouTube is a prayer for the transformation of Benito AmunRa Mussolini into an eternal benevolent Dictator, of the eternal heavenly city, the sunshine of Heaven and earth , Sun God, husband of Shinto Sun Goddess Amaterasu Omikami!

    ( because Jacob is represented by the Sun in the Old Testament, Mussolini means Jacob, they acted very similar, both married Rachel. Mussolini buried biblical messages beneath an Obelisk to the Sun God, with the name Mussolini on it. The Obelisk remains in Rome, the messages discovered in the 21st century beneath it.)

    ​​​​​​And I pray for an all seeing eye of Ra, and a Fascist Church of Divine femininity, New world and celestial order of Rebecca , and the reign of the Anti-antichrist to steal one world government from the Antichrist, as Jacob stole the blessings, destiny , birthright, office, and anointing from his Twin Esau.

    ​​​​​​I hope it works, and this video deserves an academy award! Screenshot_20220225-205939.png 449.jpg