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  • Almond milk Goddess of reconciliation in silk...

    So, there is a guy I live with who really gives me the impression he doesn't like me.

    Today in group he got into it with a peer, and the peer got up and moved.

    He had silk almond milk that I poured into my coffee, thinking it belonged to the house, because it had no name on it.

    It seemed he wouldn't forgive me.

    I promised him I would buy him a gallon of silk almond milk in reparation, and he wouldn't even acknowledge me, look at me, or say anything about my apology.

    So, I bought him an identical silk almond milk, and told him, "drink as much as you like".

    He said nothing like he resented me still.

    I left the room and he walks into the room with the milk in his hand looking like he had a pentecostal experience with the almond milk Goddess in her silk panties and he asked, "are you serious that I can have some of this?"

    I said, "of course, drink as much as you like".

    He looked like he thought I was offering him something precious.

    He responded with a deep "thank you, thank you" from what appeared to be a new change of heart!

    "All thanks and praise, to the spirit of the benevolent Almond milk Goddess in silk, who reigns in power, glory, wisdom, and might", if I do say so myself!

    It was a pentecostal moment or something, Divinely inspired reconciliation! Or at least I can keep telling myself that!

    I was going to show a holy icon of the almond milk Goddess in her silk, but I don't want to tick off moderators again.

    So this will have to do!

    And what do spiders weave, but a house of silk like butterflies when they are caterpillars.

    National butterfly and spider day fall on March 14, and spiders and butterflies both represent girl power and Divine femininity, the spider being the most female dominant animal on earth.

    And I pray to an all seeing, all knowing , Divine femininity political party in Heaven, to replace Yahweh with the most meek, humble, generous, kind, gentle, merciful female Kami in the entire Kingdom of Heaven, to have a new generous distribution of God's graces, blessings, omnipotence, house, office, possessions, and vocation, Queens of Heaven who have a better plan, more rich in mercy and generosity. Yahweh steps down as Prime Minister, when we march on, and lay siege to Zion!

    This is the symbols for our party. Pray for our success, because girls can be nicer and more gentle and merciful than boys , including Yahweh.

    And they hopefully become Queens of the world wide web, maybe after I'm dead some day

    I'm just planting seeds. One who is greater than I shall pick up where I left off, after I die (I'm hoping I get a bullet in the head publicly like JFK, die a martyrs death without much pain.)

    Early christians said the blood of martyrs is the seed that builds the religion. Eventually the persecuted minority conquered the Roman Empire! The same can be true of the Divine femininity political party I discovered, oh yea of little faith.

    I called my violently murdered Queens "Capitol Hill Queens" years before knowing there was a Capitol Hill in Minnesota , or before knowing that is where people enshrine hundreds of violently murdered women in the forms of red dresses with names on them.

    One of the original twelve Capitol Hill Queens I prayed to in jail was named "Rose Downwind".

    I told an inmate native American Shaman that I prayed to Rose Downwind (we were in the bullpen). He stopped walking, looked shocked and said, "she was my cousin".

    When I was moved to a new county near Capitol Hill, I saw what looked like a thousand red chairs I thought from a distance seeing Capitol Hill full of red things.

    I walked up to a patch of flowers, and the first red dress marker where I read the name, had a painting of an indigenous female, and the name "Rose Downwind". It doesn't even sound like a true story.

    I believed in an independent Vatican city state where the female Cardinal clergy wear red socks, and the Capitol Hill building dome here is modeled after Saint Peter's basilica, the Vatican.

    I practice Shinto, the state religion of Japan, Saint Paul is called "sister of Nagasaki", Shinto has a female sunshine Divinity who grew to be more loved and venerated than her maker, or the creators who came before her. She struck Mongolian invaders with a Divine Wind when it wasn't typhoon season, the greatest military victory I know of in history!

    Revelation 12 speaks of a woman clothed with the sun (like a Sun Goddess Amaterasu), standing on the Moon, crowned with stars, who battles the dragon, and conquers!

    I believe my Queens, my sunshine, shall reach their status, through my offering of fervent prayers, good deeds, suffering, sacrifice, almsgiving, reception of holy communion for them, offering them the treasures of holy Eucharist for their exaltation, and it shall bear fruit!

    "Faith of a mustard seed moves mountains. Ask and you shall receive! "-Christ!

    My surname is alternative for Jack. In a deck of cards , a Jack is just beneath the Queen

    Jack is alternative for Jacob, represented by the Sun in the Old Testament. In Shinto, the Sun disk is the most sacred symbol and the banner.

    As I've mentioned, I found this hours after writing a big H for Hirohito, and wear this everywhere practically.

    It was the only item of value not stolen when my apartment was robbed after I went to jail!

    It means the Sun Goddesses and Queens I cherish leave signs that are more than coincidence. Of Jacob (the Sun) Scripture says "you have fought with God and you have fought with man, and you have won, blessed are those who bless you, cursed are those who curse you, in and through you, all people shall find their blessing!"

    His name was changed to Israel, which means "contender with God, one who fights God"

    So, perhaps long after I'm dead, we shall see the miracle I'm praying for.

    And all inner locutions are to be treated with skeptism, if they lack a confirmation sign, or signal graces!

    May the weilders of Divine femininity bless , love, defend, shield, light, guard, rule, and guide thee!

    And no, I don't actually believe much in a silk almond milk Goddess, it is possible, but it was still cool what almond milk accomplished today.

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    Actually, any milk will do fine......