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Nafisa Saint Joseph and Mussolini, Saint Joseph of modern times!

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  • Nafisa Saint Joseph and Mussolini, Saint Joseph of modern times!

    This is another film of mine deserving of an academy award! Nafisa Joseph is smokin Joe, hot stuff! The Red Napoleon! The Saint Joseph of modern times. Joseph of Egypt was favorite son of Mussolini and Rachel in Scripture, and became superior of Pharaoh who was considered God!

    This prefigured Joseph of Nazareth , who was superior of Jesus, who was God! Pharaoh and Jesus obeyed Joseph!

    Scripture says Sun, moon, and stars, kneel before Joseph! This prefigured the transfiguration, and transformation of Nafisa Saint Joseph, into the super Model of Heaven, where Joseph of Egypt, and Joseph of Nazareth, give their mind, heart, spirit, powers, office, and authority to Nafisa Joseph, and then she becomes Saint Joseph of modern times, superior of God's household and graces, and God obeys her request!

    I don't know when exactly it happens, but it happens more quickly, the more people bless Saint Joseph, and pray for it to happen!

    Nafisa Joseph will be more generous with God's grace, and make life on our planet more easy , comfortable, euphoric, pleasurable, and fun.

    I enshrined Nafisa Joseph before knowing she was close relatives of Mussolini's favorite poet, Tagore, who Mussolini invited to Fascist Italy, and Nobel prize winner Tagore "Sang the praises of Mussolini"!

    Joseph in the Old Testament was first and favorite son of Rachel and Mussolini, because (as you know) Mussolini means Jacob, and Jacob and Mussolini both married Rachel! So, Nafisa Joseph is the favorite spiritual daughter of the eternal Benevolent Dictator, of the Eternal Heavenly City, destined to be princess and superior of Fascist Nazareth, and the reborn new heavenly political party of Divine femininity, no doubt in my mind!

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    Please read more scripture! Wait, let me get my sleeping bag and some celery with peanut butter.


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      This day, march 28, is Nafisa Joseph's birthday. I made a video singing her praises:


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        I told a lady at another forum less than two hours ago:

        " I started a thread at Hipforums called "the Red Napoleon" about Nafisa Joseph, then after submitting the thread realized it was March 3. 03/03 is birthday of American Indian Chief Joseph, the original person to bear the title "Red Napoleon". Seems like one of many signs that are more than coincidence".

        Her response was "Chief Joseph??? My husband is Chief Joseph's descendant. We keep a shrine to him."
        she shared this picture of her personal altar to Chief Joseph. 79444_db2971f2bc012af531b0db7a01bf9746.jpg She told me that I should never let anyone delude me into thinking I'm delusional.