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    PLEASE put me on ignore!

    Some one here said I ruined this forum.

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    The only time I make personal attacks is when I'm obviously joking and make it clear it is a joke.

    A while back a guy made a comment in favor of the genocide against white farmers in South Africa, and I was withdrawing from meth , and said some very mean things to him.

    After smoking some meth and feeling better, I apologized, and he and I actually kind of became friends, and I learned a lot from that!

    I have been off meth 10 months now!

    Since being sober, I don't recall a single personal attack other than a charitable kind correction when I see hypocrisy or bad behavior.

    Consistently I confine my posts, most of them , to the occult section, where no one has to read them.

    I encourage people to do good deeds consistently, and share what I believe to be signs or messages from the other side.

    I never promote hate, bigotry, injustice, violence (unless it accomplishes the greater good or is just), and I even condemn many of Mussolini's actions, like his giving into Nazi propaganda, psychological warfare, and allowing himself to be dragged into that stupid war on the wrong side.

    Mussolini was miraculously successful for the vast majority of his nearly 23 years in power, getting control of the cradle of Democracy in a modern first world Democracy, with no votes, kicked out of school, no bloodshed in his conquest of Rome. He inspired economic miracles in multiple countries, made short work of the mafia, lowered crime, was the greatest slave abolitionist of the 20th century like Abraham Lincoln, the greatest defender of Religion, greatest enemy of Communism and Soviet-backed red revolutions, and created a highly successful Fascist regime in Spain, that saved the country from a Soviet backed Civil War (more bloody than the Civil war in America).

    Benito spent 11 years at a Franciscan monastery, Saint Francis (founder of the Franciscan order) is patron Saint of Italy , because Mussolini got the Pope to make him this, Saint Francis was Mussolini's favorite Saint, and if Mussolini was only a terrible monster, why would he make a tree hugging, leper-hugging, poor in spirit, barefoot beggar, the patron Saint of Italy?? Click image for larger version  Name:	og-st-francis-of-assisi-90.jpg Views:	1 Size:	95.6 KB ID:	211664

    Mussolini lamented that he couldn't be more like Francis of Assisi, and in honor of Francis of Assisi's poverty of Spirit, Mussolini gave all the money he made as Prime minister to charity and making Italy have higher quality of life, surviving only off the money he made from the newspaper he had before becoming Prime minister overnight!

    Rachel Mussolini was forbidden to have fur coats, jewelry, and when his house was raided, she wore an apron with eggs, and was mistaken for the maid. Mussolini had nothing worth much value (but a collection of knives), Rachel described both of them as peasants, and his uniforms, (which the state designed and provided for him to raise people's morale, give him more of the look of a Caesar, and Romans thought their Caesar's were incarnations of God)!

    Click image for larger version  Name:	afbf26248420479dfb4f5f3b3e76cfaf--uk-history-european-history.jpg Views:	1 Size:	12.3 KB ID:	211666

    Mussolini's favorite visitor who left the greatest impression on him was Gandhi, and Mussolini created Independent Vatican City State as it remains today, and was hailed by the Pope as "Mussolini is the Man of God's providence, God has given us Mussolini". - Pope Pius XI

    I believe Mussolini was prefigured in Scripture , because Mussolini means "Jacob", Jacob and Mussolini both married Rachel, were both contenders with God and men, street fighters, both favored mother and had little love for Father, both supplanted and stole the office, vocation, and destiny of some one more qualified, both slept with multiple women, and both acted the same in many ways.



    Mussolini said " Fascism is a Religion" , and he wrote a Spiritual religious book called "The Doctrine of Fascism", which is the definition, essence, and intrinsic nature of Fascism!

    There is not a single call to violence in the Doctrine other than the statement that "Fascists have a responsibility to defend God as Bolsheviks, Communists, and militant atheists seek to efface God from the hearts of man. Find fault with this, the definition of Fascism, a "An above all Spiritual and Religious form of Government!"

    There is no calls to hatred, no racism, and the only oppression that is needed is to uproot the errors of the Soviets and Communism, which Communism has a kill count far FAR greater than Fascism! Mussolini felt he was the anointed sheepdog with the job and vocation of protecting the flock, the sheepfold, from the errors and Communist wolves. Sometimes the best sheep dog, can be vicious to enemies of the sheepfold!

    The only thing that appealed to Mussolini about Germany, was how anti-communist they were, and the fact that Hitler's march on Berlin, was in imitation of Mussolini's march on Rome, Hitler also said that the German economic miracle, and quickly rising from the rubble of World War 1 , to become the greatest power on earth, was only possible because of Mussolini, and Benito found that flattering. Click image for larger version  Name:	gettyimages-106670795-640x640.jpg Views:	1 Size:	24.7 KB ID:	211667 In otherwords, Hitler copied Mussolini. But his racism and anti-semitism, was NOT copying Mussolini. Mussolini had Jewish lovers, his only dentist he saw was a Jewish friend when he could have seen Catholic dentists, his home was open to Jewish children, and after his conquest of Ethiopia (where he abolished slavery), , he even managed to help Jews fleeing Germany according to Rachel (and she doesn't whitewash his mistakes either), he hoped to create Israel , a homeland from the Jews, right after his conquest of "Beta Israel" (Ethiopia.

    Benito Caesar Israel took the Solomonic Dynasty which dated back to King Solomon's son, and he hoped to keep Emperor Haile Selassie in power, and they rule the Roman Empire together btw) but he had stumbling blocks with getting American Jews to support him for the creation of Israel, as well as Italian Catholics who were not interested in making the sacrifices.

    Mussolini is a name that literally means Israel, if you think about it, because all authentic Israelite Jews descend from Jacob, Jacob's name was changed to Israel, Jacob and Israel are the same person, Mussolini means Jacob!

    To be continued.....

    Nazism is not Fascism! Nazism is a huge perversion and abomination! Nazism is "National Socialism", and Fascism condemns socialism!

    Mussolini tried to stop that war, putting military on the border , stalling Hitler's annexation of Austria! Mussolini called on Britain and America to help stop the annexation! If America and Britain had responded, Mussolini would have joined the allies!

    Mussolini was wounded in World War 1 fighting the Germans, and Mussolini's favorite person in World War 2 was Eisenhower, according to Rachel Mussolini, but after Poland, Czechoslovakia, and France was basically finished, America had not entered or the Soviet Union, and Hitler was threatening to invade Italy.

    So, Mussolini put his hand on Rachel's shoulders, looking sad and disturbed and said "Rachel, wars are like avalanches, the Nazis will soon be at our gates, we must consider the future of Italy, our children's children, the glory of the Roman Empire! Only Germany can stop Communism from conquering Western Europe. Here is our chance to seize some land , rather than let it all fall to the Nazis, create an anti-Bolshevik, anticommunist block, greater Roman Empire, and prevent Communism from spreading! I am going to be drawn into this war, and if you think I'm siding with those weak English, you are very mistaken!" The British were the only ones left at that time, and had lost all battles badly, and retreated to their island , leaving most of their weapons behind.

    At that point, it seemed, it would be impossible for Great Britain to win that War, so Mussolini thought he was entering a war, that all overwhelming evidence suggested was going to be a victory for the Germans. He didn't agree with the cause, but Mussolini spent all his raw materials, many volunteers, and much weapons on the Spanish Civil War, and the Germans actually sent weapons to the Ethiopians , who defeated Italy in the first Italo-Ethiopian War, making that conquest a difficult conflict as well, so Benito did not have the ability to stop a German invasion of Italy. He said, "Rachel, you saw what happened to Poland, Czechoslovakia, and now France! The same will happen to Italy, if we don't join Germany!"

    The man made a huge terrible mistake! But I don't promote the bad things he did! I am impressed very much with all the good he accomplished, and how much the guy is hated, how much his good deeds are unknown, and how Fascism is the ugliest word in politics. It is the most misunderstood and misused word I can actually think of! Which is why, out of love for Rachel Mussolini, my favorite author, I feel the need to do what she did (She has my birthday, and her name means "Ewe" (like you]), because she suffered so much tremendous heartache, knew Benito since she was 7, didn't know where his body was for twelve years, saw images of him hanging upside down, mutilated, and used as target practice, so I feel I owe it to Rachel, to say some of what she says.

    Rachel DOES NOT WHITE-WASH BENITO! Rachel was a Fascist till the day she died, yet she was against some of Benito Mussolini's actions very much! She despised all wars of aggression, and both of her books open up with her criticizing Benito for his love for Napoleon, warning him he would have a similar fate!

    Rachel begged Benito to retire after 15 years in power, devote himself to family, was enraged that Benito had mistresses!

    But nobody whose favorite Saint is Saint Francis of Assisi , who makes Francis of Assisi the patron Saint of their country, whose favorite visitor is Gandhi, whose favorite poet is the Indian Nobel Prize winner Tagore, can be an entirely bad person I don't think!

    And regarding Mussolini's mistresses, he sometimes made their dreams come true, to such an extent, that Clara Petacci... she laid down her life for Mussolini when she was half his age, and everyone despised him. When his men betrayed him, everyone despised him, she remained faithful to the end!

    Benito wasn't the young streetfighter, sword dueler he once was, he had no power, his Empire was destroyed, he was defeated, his reputation terrible, his health no good, yet Clara his mistress still loved him so much , that she wept and told Rachel, "I am ready to die for Benito"! And everyone warned her she would.

    When guns pointed at Benito, she jumped in front of the guns shouting "NO!" She laid down her life for him and hung by her heels with him.

    The Apostles of Jesus Christ fled, all but one when it was time for him to be crucified. Clara Petacci loved Benito so much that she laid down her life courageously for him, not expecting any reward for doing so.

    It's hard to make such a sacrifice even for God with eternal reward in mind! Clara would NOT have done that if Benito was a total pig!

    So, Rachel actually said she loves and prays for the souls of Clara, who paid for being Benito's mistress with her life, a loyal faithful

    Also, the closest follower of Benito's favorite Saint Francis, who founded the female Franciscan's (The poor Claire's), was named "Clara" in Italian, and Benito spent 11 years at a Franciscan monastery! All coincidence? Mussolini is a Franciscan brother by now methinks!

    Anyhoo, If anyone here does not like me for posting excessively about how people should love one another, love and bless and honor the dead, and try to overcome vices of pride, Lust, anger, covetousness, envy, laziness, gluttony, unforgiveness, hatred, and sin (what 99% of my posts roughly contain), and if that is so much, too much to bear, annoying, or offensive, PLEASE be mature and put me on ignore! ​​


      It's too late you're ridiculous threads have already ruined this forum... thanks to you it will never be any more successful than it is right now... they are laughing at us over at hip forums and it's your f****** fault


      What should I do about my dirty pillows Matthew?


        Originally posted by neonspectraltoast View Post
        What should I do about my dirty pillows Matthew?
        Put them through the washer?


          Originally posted by rolling View Post
          It's too late you're ridiculous threads have already ruined this forum... thanks to you it will never be any more successful than it is right now... they are laughing at us over at hip forums and it's your f****** fault
          My threads contain rational thought, promoting virtues and higher moral standards, as well as promoting faith in Heavenly beings, and they are almost all confined to the occult section.

          I also promote a lot of historical facts as well that interest me, because it is therapeutic. I would bet anything, nobody ran away from the forum because of my posts, when they could just put their big boy/girl pants on, be mature, and put me on ignore if they didn't like me. I didn't ruin anything! Please grow in maturity and rational thought!


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            you made a prayer post and I commented you was on drugs without actually reading the prayer. I apologize

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            It's no problem. I never had a problem with you!