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Rest in power and peace, Violet Rain!

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  • 6-eyed
    I stumbled on this article, and it reminded me of Matthew’s thread.

    Apparently this was a well known and “reputable” porn site. But it turns out it was a trafficking ring that hoodwinked several young women into signing up for porn, when they thought they were signing documents for clothed modeling jobs.

    Many of these stars suffered, and some wound up committing suicide due to the sexual abuse and shame of having explicit videos and images online against their will.

    It’s scary to think that there are many other porn sites that could be doing the same vile human trafficking tactics that are still operating today.

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  • Karen J
    The happiest women in porn are the amateurs who do it for free, just because they enjoy it.

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  • Matthew Mussolini

    Oh wow! This is too cool, yesterday, staff took us for a walk to a store I have not been to before. I saw this from a distance:

    Today I decided to return to that location to get a closer look at what it says.

    I felt strongly it is a sign from violet rain, because I shared song "purple rain" and saw that rock from a distance anniversary of violet rain's tragic death!

    I'm so glad something told me to go for a different walk route than usual today, to go see what the stone said on it!

    Thank you violet rain, thank you for the sign, help me to always remember you every time it rains! The world cannot survive without rain! Let's be friends in close companions for all eternity!

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  • Matthew Mussolini
    started a topic Rest in power and peace, Violet Rain!

    Rest in power and peace, Violet Rain!

    I think the death of violet rain is tragic, as is any unexpected death, but she entered the adult entertainment industry in 2018, and was dead March 15, 2019! So, today, March 15, is the anniversary of her death!

    I pray for the souls of living and dead porn stars, because they are often enslaved to an addiction, pressured, brainwashed, fed a bunch of lies, mistreated, humiliated, and some studies suggest the average female porn star dies in her thirties! They die, average out at mid to late thirties some studies show.

    I gave up looking at porn because it is a terrible thing to be absorbed in lust. I'd rather be a drug addict than a porn addict, even though drug addiction kills you quicker, the latter is more shameful and destructive, in my opinion.

    Very sadly, I have dealt with both addictions, and fornication, (for newbies I have successfully caught two STD's, and successfully been caught by another man, in his apartment, in his bed, with his girlfriend! People get killed for that! Fornication and sexual perversions, lust, and sins of the flesh don't just hurt the people that are committing them).

    The STDs I had were curable, but one in five Americans catches an STD, many of them not curable!

    Fortunately, with many Hail Marys, the Rosary, and women in heaven, who are pure of heart, chaste, noble minded, and wise, whose intentions I pray for, and souls I pray to, they have given me freedom from porn, and sexual sins of the flesh + porn just aren't even a temptation anymore. I know I didn't do that on my own. The temptation and addiction, "thorn in the flesh", was taken away.

    And some of the porn I have seen is not just people having sex. The ways they humiliate and abuse these women some times is going to leave permanent trauma and psychological, mental, and emotional damage, and wounds that last the rest of their lives.

    From what I gather, porn stars die so young, usually from suicides and drug overdoses (overdoses which may or may not have been suicides. You can't always tell.)

    Either way, that industry should be censored, and anything that is stirring up lust will cause an increase of human trafficking, prostitution, sexual assaults, predators, perverts, immaturity, lack of self control, break up of families, spread of sexually transmitted diseases, infidelity and cheating on spouse, broken hearts, teen pregnancies, unwanted pregnancies, and abortion, single mothers, and Fatherless children!

    Anyway, may God and all Angels and Saints bless and exalt violet rain, make her Angelic, Seraphic, give her dreams come true, all that she could desire be given her, and healthy good desires may she have, and may she rest in peace, power, glory, perfection, and euphoria!

    Violet rain, I pray your dreams come true , and I do not judge you sweet heart! You always seemed humble, faultless, blameless, and innocent to me, in your interviews and such, despite your line of work. If I do not judge you, neither should God or anyone.

    Help me make a difference! May your death be avenged, the media and adult entertainment industry censored, and may people wake up to see the dangers and harm done, when we live in a pornographic, hedonistic, perverted, sex-crazed, immoral society! Especially the danger and damage it does to children!

    It's so sick! Please help me be obedient to the wise, pure, powerful, just, and benevolent Kami, pray diligently for, pay homage to, redeem, exalt, sanctify, and glorify the loving dead with my prayers, sacrifices, sufferings, and good deeds, that the dead become more alive, awake, powerful, happy, fun, and virtuous, than the living.

    In Jesus name, in Mary's name, in Joseph's name, in Sita's name, in every holy name I pray, Amen!

    I love you violet rain, little seraphic Angel you! I offer up to God all my prayers and sufferings for you to be happy and a Saint! All entities and God bless you, and you have my blessings sweetie! Keep me forever a child, forever pure as a lily, and may those graces be granted to all who seek them! Be with me on the journey, and I feel you have!. ((hugs))